Saturday, March 26, 2011

Play Doh, Bane of My Existence

I hate Play Doh.  

I'm not even entirely sure WHY I hate the stuff, but I do.  Maybe it's the smell my hands smell after playing with it (even after you wash them), or the texture.  Maybe I hate it because it becomes neon pink super glue in the carpet, and won't come out.  Ever.  I guess it doesn't matter WHY I hate it, I don't buy it.  Not even as a gift for someone I don't like and want to annoy with obnoxious toys for their kids.  

I know it's mean to deprive my children the joys of molding stinky plastic putty, but I just hate the cleanup.  Club soda is *supposed* to get the stains out, but I don't think it works well.  But I digress.

My daughter won a barrel of Play Doh at Trunk or Treat this past Halloween at our church.  Katie was chosen because of her awesome costume and got to pick a prize.  There were tons of stuff, and she chose a barrel of Play Doh.  I think she did it just to drive me crazy.

Ok, probably not, but I still hate it just the same.  

So, she brings the barrel o' Doh home, and plays on the coffee table.  Rebecka is infatuated with it, and surprisingly enough doesn't even try to eat it.  They have fun for a while, until I declare "bedtime" and clean up commenced.

We choose to store the Play Doh barrel in Katie's room, as it is her toy, and I think nothing of it.  

Until, that is, when I go to pick up her room, and the NEW carpet in front of her book shelf is covered in neon pink, flaky, dried in Play Doh goodness.  I scrub it out, and speak with my beloved child about responsible messy toy maintenance, and how that does NOT include playing with Play Doh on the carpet, particularly NEW carpet.

Months pass.

I find, while packing for a family trip to Virginia, on her bed, under her covers, the barrel of Play Doh again.  When I ask her about it, she tells me, with a straight face, "Well, you told me not to get it on the carpet".  Apparently my discussion to her did NOT include that the stinky substance is also not appropriate for her new purple down comforter.

Well, now I think we are clear that the ONLY place to play with Doh is the dining room table...I'll let you know how that works our for us...

As we continue our vacation, I must speak briefly on the majestic quality of the mountains in this area.  ...was that brief enough? No?

It is really beautiful here, particularly the sunset and sunrise over the mountains.  If I didn't love the ocean so dearly, I would be completely tempted to pack up and live here.  

So in closing, here is a special note to the disappointed burglar that may or may not currently be staking out our quiet home: You won't find much worth your time to resell; but if you DO feel the need to break in, I didn't have time to mop the you mind helping out?  Also, feel free to take the barrel of Play Doh...

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