Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Influenster Vox Box- Reese's Spreads Unboxing and Review

Hello, my lovelies!
I promised I wouldn’t be gone for very long this time, and see?  I’m back!

I very recently received a package in the mail from Influenster.  Remember Influenster?  It’s a product review site that sometimes sends fun things to it’s members to try out and review, at no cost.   They are called VoxBoxes, and it’s always great to be chosen and receive one.  If you aren’t a member yet, and would like to be, just let me know, and I’ll get you a link to sign up!

Ok, on to the goodies!
That is one ORANGE box!

Once I cracked the lid, I was very excited to see a full sized jar (13 oz/368 g) of Reese’s Spreads, peanut butter chocolate.

Reeses Spreads, peanut butter chocolate, 13 oz, retails around $3.38 per jar, and is available at Walmart HERE.

The insert card is super cute, too, it’s got some suggestions for use on the back.

Insert Card

Once I cracked open the jar, I could smell the distinct scent of peanut butter cups, wafting up at me.

Yeah, the picture is post taste.  Sorry.  We couldn’t wait.

I swiped the top with a knife and took a taste.  Oh. My. Lord. In. Heaven.  This spread is AMAZING.  It tastes like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  Only better, because you can put it on ANYTHING!

We tried it on Nilla Wafers (think sandwich cookies!), apples, strawberries, bananas, graham crackers, toast, and even in a milkshake (God bless the Ninja inventor!).  I quickly learned something- if I put Reese’s Spreads on something, my picky eater kids will eat it.  I have yet to find something that Reese’s Spreads DOESN’T make taste good!  It’s like Nutella, but with peanut butter and chocolate, not just chocolate. 

Here’s a quick pic of what we tried it on.  I had to recreate it because the kids kept picking at it while I was making it!

Reese’s Spreads is definitely a win for me.  Of course we can’t indulge every day, but this little orange lidded jar has earned a place in my snack cupboard- the best fix for a bad day that I can think of right now.  The price is very reasonable and it’s just SO good!

So, tell me, my friends- have YOU tried Reese’s Spreads?  What do you pair it with?  Until next time, my lovelies- stay Average!

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DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me compliments of Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions expressed in this review are true, and my own. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm Alive, I Promise.

Oh my goodness, it's been so long since I last wrote a blog post, and I'm so sorry, my bloggy friends!

Since we last "spoke", I have...
-moved to a new home. It's in the country (even more so than our last home), nearly 100 years old, in need of lots of repairs, and we absolutely love it.
-changed internet providers.  With this move, we were no longer in an area that was serviced by cable internet.  Apparently, we are not eligible for DSL, dial up, or any other service, with the exception of satellite.  So, we have satellite internet, with a data cap (really?), and slightly spotty some days.  This is a BIG change for our family, and has taken a bit of adjustment.
-sent my youngest off to school.  That's right-tiny love is in Kindergarten, and she absolutely loves it!
-done a whole lot more stuff, that is perfectly valid, but is kind of mundane in details.
-started and finished a feud with the post office.  
-watched a lot of tv.  Yep. With having a different television provider means different channels, and now we have BBC America.  I. Am. In. Love.

I will do my best to be here more often, and post some fun stuff.  Miss you all, and thank you for hanging out while my life has changed. 

What's been going on since I disappeared?  I'd love to hear an update!

Until next time, my lovelies- stay Average!

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