Friday, July 1, 2011

About Me

(Updated February 2013)

Hi, I'm Jamie.  I am a stay home mom for two wonderful girls, and newly the wife of a wonderful husband.  I am a Girl Scout leader for a large troop in rural Delaware.  I am a volunteer at two local churches.  I tried to be a PTO mom but the meetings always conflict with something else.  In other words, I'm Only Average. 

I started this blog to reach out to friends and family, and talk about my daily life, and my blog has grown, and become so much more.  

I love to shop, enjoy couponing, and love to feel beautiful.  My blog reflects these loves, as well as snippets from my average daily life.  Sometimes I'm funny on purpose.  Sometimes, I'm funny on accident.  

I love trying new things, and I am very opinionated- my big mouth gets me in more trouble than I sometimes care to admit.  I am always looking for something new to obsess about, and I love to share my thoughts on whatever the flavor of the moment is.  I will never accept money for my opinion, and will never give a positive review just because I am asked to.  All thoughts expressed on my blog are my true and honest opinions; however, if I have something negative to say, I always try to give suggestions on how to improve it!

If you are a vendor and are interested in having me review your product or would like to sponsor a give away, please feel free to contact me via email.  I would love to hear from you!

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