Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Giraffe Tongues Really Are Black, and They Are Slimy Too

I love the State fair. 

It was like 103 degrees the night we went, but it was still totally awesome.  There was a trailer for Pampers, where they just handed out handfulls of free diapers (win!), lots of freebie raffles, and the Geico guys were total douchebags. Just sayin'.
The Crocs booth was awesome- they gave Becka a little toy that she calls "Frog" and I call "Crocman".  If I ever go back to work, I am totally stealing Crocman and putting him on my desk.  He is that awesome.

Crockman and the Ketchup Covered Baby
(Sounds kind of like a comic book from the 70's doesn't it?)

We get something to eat, and check out all the animals, and hit up the crafting tent (which is my favorite part of the fair, I love to see what-all everyone has made) and I see this:

Fight Like a Girl!

There was a whole table for Breast Cancer awareness-themed flower arrangements, but this was my favorite.  I took a picture with my camera and send it to my mom (for those of you who don't know, my mom has Stage IIA Breast Cancer.  I'll post more on that another day).

Finally we make our way back around to the front entrance again, and head over to the petting zoo/pony ride tent.  That is when I saw this:

I know the picture is dark, but it was getting late.

Oh, you know I HAD to go see him, and Becka was all "giraffe!" so we went in the tent.  It was so crowded, but we managed to get close enough to see that there was a lady selling carrots to feed the animals in the tent.  So I buy some, thinking that Becka would like to try to feed him, and yeah, NO.  Since I didn't want to wast my $1 worth of carrots, and hey, how many times in your life do you get to say that you fed a giraffe so I totally did.  Apparently, he liked me, and I was licked by a giraffe.

 See?  Black tongue.

Me, getting licked by the giraffe, after feeding him a carrot.

So all in all, the fair was pretty cool, and we didn't spend a ton of money, which was a good thing.  And hey, I got licked by a giraffe.  That doesn't happen every day. At least not to an Only Average Mom.


  1. LMAO Loved it. You totally got licked by a big, nasty, black, slimy tongue.. GROSS.. haha. I am glad that you had a good time, I love "crocman" and of course the pic of Becka was cute. AMEN to fighting like a girl.. that was an AWESOME display with gorgeous flowers.. <3 them!!
    So glad you had a good time..:))

  2. wow! I love the fair too. My name is Catlin Hickerson and I made the brest cancer flower arrangement; I am glad you liked it I worked very hard on it. I compete in think pink every year and donate the arrangement to the delaware breast cancer coalition! Anyway I am seventeen and have lost some family members to breast cancer and my Aunt is a survivor:)God Bless!


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