Saturday, January 21, 2012

Texting Hypocrite

I LOVE to text.  Srsly. 

I would rather text someone for two hours straight than hold a five minute conversation.  
Most people find this rather ironic because I also LOVE to talk, and spend easily an hour on the phone with my 2 non-text friendly friends.
I love to text so much that I will actually put off having a "real" conversation with someone who is not in my "inner circle" for days...even if said conversation will literally last for 2 minutes. 
I hate text speak, so don't worry, any message I send is actually easy to interpret.  If my phone didn't have a keyboard, maybe I would revert to the primitive language known as text-speak, but I'm gonna say, yeah, no, not even then.
But, the problem is, I am a total hypocrite.  I love to text, and receive texts, but I absolutely hate it when you are with someone and they are texting the entire time.  During a lunch, at a Girl Scout meeting, wen you see someone random that you know at the grocery store...and it's all "hey, how are you?" and click click click on the phone...drives me nuts!

And you, dear reader?  What is YOUR hypocritical pet peeve?

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  1. I Believe that is probably one of mine, even with my kids as I am trying to talk to them. It is amazing how much time they spend texting. I agree I would much rather leave my phone in the car,purse,pocket on silent when I am with someone. It's frustrating. The other thing that would be my pet peeve is to talk to someone and they are constantly looking away from you and not talking AT you. Eye contact is a big thing for me. :) Great blog!!


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