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Clinique Mini-Haul: Perfectly Real Makeup Review AND... Gift Time at my Macy's!

Hi, everyone!

I found another awesome deal (at least for me!), and just wanted to share it with you all!  I went prom dress shopping with my bestie's oldest, and as the bridal shop we were going to go to was closed, we decided to haul ourselves over to the Mall. 

Let me point out that we don't actually have a mall to call our own.  We live in a very rural area, just outside one of the largest beach resorts on the east coast.  "The Mall" is 45 minutes away, and in another state.  Our closest Walmart is actually in another state (closer by 15 minutes), and our closest Target is 45 minutes away, and also in another state).

As we pulled into the mall, I thought we should probably begin with Macy's- they have lovely things at great prices.  As we were heading from the men's section (45 minutes is a long way to go shopping, we don't mall it often enough to know what entrances are which), I stopped short as we entered cosmetics.  Clinique was having their "Gift Time!"  Even since I worked at the Men's store at Belk in Pinehurst, NC, I've had a love affair with Clinique.  Their foundations are great on my skin, the skin cleansing system is seriously my go-to routine, and the Black Honey lip gloss?  Perfection.  

Clinique's gift time is one of my favorites, as you only need to spend $25 to qualify for the free gift bag.  Anytime I see that a store has their Clinique gift time, I try to find an excuse to get the free gift bag full of awesome goodies.  This was no exception.

Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup liquid foundation, shade 02 (VF-P) 1 fl oz, $25, available HERE

My usual foundation color is a bit off, as I purchased it mid-summer, so I asked for a foundation match.  I like what I have at home (Matte-finish), but it wasn't quite at the $25 mark to get my free gift.  So, I decided to try something new, that WAS $25, that had a bit less coverage.  My "non-summer" color is 02.  Who knew?!  

swatch on hand.  The top is where i just applied it, and below is where I blended it in.  Perfect match!

My Macy's Clinique counter has great lighting, so I asked for a foundation match, and was very happy with this- I couldn't even see it on my face, it blended so well.  I'm really happy with it! 
Clinique's Spring Gift- From Macy's
Since I spent $25, plus tax (grumble grumble.  What?  I live in Delaware, the tax-free mecca of the free world!), I qualified for this amazing free gift!  The gift comes in two different shades, Violets, or Pinks; I chose Violets.

Set of 2 makeup bags. one full sized, one brush sized.  Retail value unknown, $5

I received this beautiful bag set, a full size cosmetic bag, and what I call a "brush bag"- just the right size for my brushes to fit in, when I travel.  I LOVE the ladybug and flower design- it's so...ME!

Blusher and angled Shadow Brush, retail value estimated at $5

In the gift, I also received 2 make-up brushes.  I love the clear handles, and the bristles seem to be very soft.  It looks to me to be an angled shadow brush, and a blush/bronzer brush.  They aren't marked, but as that is the makeup that was in the compact included, I'm assuming my educated guess is correct.

Clinique Different Lipstick in Shy, tube is .14 oz (full size), retail value $15

I'm not much of a lipstick person, really- I much prefer gloss, but this lipstick might just change my mind!  Different Lipstick glides on very smooth, and has a light sheer color that can be layered very easily.

Swatch of Shy
This color is great with my skin tones, it's a little darker than what I would have picked up, but that's what makes samples awesome- you find things you might not have tried otherwise!  The color Shy is sort of a violet, a nice break from my usual pinks/nudes/reds.  Love it!

Clinique 7 day Scrub Cream rinse off formula, 1 fl oz sample size.  Retail value $5.73; full size is 3.4 oz and retails for $19.50
I also received a sample tube of the 7 day Scrub Cream.  I've never tried this product before, so I am excited to see if it works as advertises, and will "nudge away roughness, flakiness to refine skin".  

The product is a nice, clean, white. and doesn't have much of a fragrance.  That makes me VERY happy!

Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion, (3 step skincare, step 3) 1 fl oz, retail value $8.24; a 1.7 full size tube (Smaller size) retails for $14
I've used this lotion before, and it works quite well on my face.  The Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion has a pleasant smell and feel.

The yellow lotion is for very dry to dry combination skin, which works well for me.  The cost of this lotion makes me NOT repurchase it, because I get lots of samples of other brands of lotion, but it is a nice, solid lotion, and works very well on my skin.

Clinique High Impact Mascara in 01 Black, .14 oz, full size retails for $16.
I have already professed my LOVE of mascaras, and I can't wait to give this one a run for it's money: the High Impact mascara in Black.  The mascara COULD be a full size tube, I have it's weight but wasn't able to find out what a full size tube holds.  This cute, dark green tube isn't the waterproof formula, but I've had good luck with Clinique mascaras in the past, so I'm happy to try this one out too!
Clinique Eye & Cheek Colour Compact, contains Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Twilight Mauve & Brandied Plum (.02 oz each), Soft-Pressed Powder Blushes in Pink Blush (.06 oz) and True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer in Sunkissed (.06 oz).  Retail value $20.65
I absolutely LOVE the little compacts that Clinique sometimes includes in their Gifts, and this one is no exception!  This HUGE mirrored compact  fills the palm of my hand. and holds some great colors.  The eyeshadow duos retail for $20 each (0.07 oz), giving the retail value of the duo in this kit about $11.43; the bronzer retails for $25 each (.33 oz), making the retail value of the sample size in this kit $4.55; and the blush retails for $21 each (.27 oz), making the sample here worth $4.67.  Awesome value!
The sun was NOT cooperating with my home's window placement; This is as close as I could get to true to color swatches: Left to right: Soft-pressed powder blusher in pink blush; Color Surge eyeshadow in twilight mauve; Color Surge eyeshadow in brandied plum; and True Bronze pressed powder bronzer in sunkissed.
All of the shades swatched really light for me, so I layered them a bit so that they would show up in the picture.  I love these colors for spring- purple shadows are awesome with my blue eyes, so I'm excited to use this palette!

That's about it for my quick mini-haul from Clinique- I'm so thrilled that I chanced on these items!
Financial breakdown: 

Cost out of pocket: $25 plus tax (grumble grumble)
Value of items:  est. $75.62 (gift) plus $25 (purchase).  $100.62- Holy cow!
I would definitely call this an ABOVE Average deal!  The best reward ever was helping my friend's daughter pick out a prom dress.  You know it's the right one when the shopper starts to cry when it's tried on.  Best feeling ever.

Until next time, my beautiful friends, stay gorgeous...and OnlyAverage!

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Disclaimer: I puchased the qualifying item with my own money, and received the gift items because of my purchase.  I was neither asked nor required to review these items, and any links in this post are NOT referral links.

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  1. That was an awesome purchase. I absolutely love the colors, and the lipstick color is definitely amazing. What a great deal and review. The colors are going to look amazing on you. Another Great job!

    1. Thank you so much! I was thrilled when I saw the signs at Macy's, and happy I was able to receive the gift with the minimum qualifying purchase. The colors are great, and I look forward to trying everything out thoroughly. I'm working on a post of my very first Ulta haul, so stay tuned :)

  2. That bag is so cute!

    New follower :)

    1. Thanks, Miss Dalisay :) I can't believe how awesome the Clinique gift is this time!
      Thanks for following; I followed back :)


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