Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two Cosmetics Gel Liner

Ipsy and Two Cosmetics partnered up to have an unbelievable deal- 25% off your order, free shipping, PLUS a free lip gloss.  Well, let me tell you, this OnlyAverage girl could NOT pass up a deal like that- especially when Two Cosmetics products are SO affordable!

I LOVE gel eyeliner, but I don't want to spend a fortune on it- particularly on a brand I've never tried before.

Two Cosmetics sells their gel liner in 4 shades: Electric (bright blue), Passion (purple), Royalty (bright teal), and Up in Smoke (pretty grey); for $5 each.  They also carry a gel liner brush, for $6.50.  

First of all: holy cow- that's an awesome price!  Paired up with Ipsy's 25% off, it's a phenomenal deal- $3.75 for gel liner!!!  Count me in!  In addition to this awesome deal, Two Cosmetics donates a beauty product to a local (to them) charity for each product purchased!

I only ordered one, and now I'm sorry that I didn't get more- Ipsy's 25% off deal only works once.  I wish I had read the small print first!

Super Cute packaging- and I LOVE the sticker on the back of the envelope!
My order arrived today (pretty quick, considering that it came from California), less than a week after I placed my order.  When I opened my package, I was pleasantly surprised.

My Two Cosmetics Order: Gel Liner in Royalty, #4 Brush- gel liner, and Gloss in Sunkissed  Total out of pocket: $3.75
I was really surprised to see not only my gel liner and free lippie, there was also a complimentary gel liner brush in my package!

Two Cosmetics Gel Liner in Royalty; net wt. .21 oz/6g, Retail price $5; Two Cosmetics #4 Eye Liner brush , Retail price $6.50; both available HERE.

Once I opened my packet and saw the eye liner brush, I hopped online and checked Two Cosmetics website to see if my liner was SUPPOSED to come with a brush, and as it doesn't say that it is, I assume that this was a special extra or a mistake (or maybe they put one brush in with each gel liner order?).  First off, I LOVE the color.  

Two Cosmetics gel liner in Royalty
This liner is a gorgeous teal color, and exactly what I was hoping for.  The liner glides on smoothly, and I had to work to wipe the swatch off my hand.  I am very impressed by the quality, especially for the price: $5?!!  Now I am REALLY sorry I didn't pick up the other shades, too!  The brush seems to be of a very good quality, and came with a plastic brush guard.  The bristles aren't flat, but kind of domed, and for me, it will take a bit of practice to get a good line with it (absolutely fine with me!).  

Two Cosmetics Two Lips gloss in Sunkissed; .22 fl oz; Retail value $6.50, available HERE.

My gift with purchase, courtesy of my Ipsy code, was the Two Lips gloss, in the shade Sunkissed.  I was not able to choose the color of my free gloss, but this is a pretty coral color.  I tried it out, and it has pretty sparkles in it (micro glitter, not big chunks!), and it is not sticky at all.  It's rather sheer, and adds just a hint of color:

Swatch of Sun-kissed gloss from Two Cosmetics

I layered it over pink lipstick, and it gave my lips a really pretty multi-tonal look.  I'm not sure if this is my new go-to gloss, but I think it will definitely make it into my beach bag this summer!

All in all, I am absolutely THRILLED with my purchase from Two Cosmetics- I just wish I could use the 25% off code again and get more!  (I'd be totally fine with not getting another free lippie- I'm thrifty, not greedy!) 

If you would like to score this deal, go HERE;and use the Ipsy code I used, from my April Glam bag (my review is HERE): IPSTER (valid until 5/20/13, while supplies last).

 If this is up your alley, head on over to Two Cosmetics and check them out.  I know that there has been controversy in the past, but it seems to me that they are working to resolve past issues and provide excellent service, and great prices. 
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So, tell me: have you ordered from Two Cosmetics, or tried their products before?  Leave me a comment, and let me know what YOU think!

  Disclaimer:  The products listed above were purchased by me, with my own money my husband's money.  I was not asked nor required to write this review, and the thoughts above are my own.  The links are NOT affiliate links, and go directly to the company's websites.  I was not compensated in any way for writing this review.


  1. What a great deal! I still haven't received my ipsy bag yet, but I'm hoping for the two cosmetics eye shadow duo. Did you have to pay for shipping on your order?

    1. Hey, girlie :)
      I am SO sorry that you don't have your Ipsy bag yet! Have you at least received the tracking?
      I originally wanted the MicaBeauty shimmer shadow, but I am really happy with the Two Cosmetics shadow. Two Cosmetics did not charge me any shipping, and if you want the duo, it's on sale on their website right now, in addition to the coupon from Ipsy. Hope you get your bag soon, and score some awesome deals!

    2. I finally got it on the 20th! I'm going to post a review once I test the products on my face lol. I actually got almost the exact same bag as you, other than the eyeshadow (I got the Mica one) and the actually bag itself. I received a message in my tracking order that the white & pink bags weren't "up to standards" so they sent it in another bag! Supposedly I'll receive April's bag along with May's, so it's no problem, I just thought it was strange! Plus, who doesn't love more bags? I think I'm going to make a Two Cosmetics order just because of your post! I want to get one of the duo eyeshadow and the teal eyeliner! I can get all that plus a gloss for under $10...score! Do you think the eyeshadow duo is worth it?

    3. Oh! And if you want to order again, I just found another coupon code for Two Cosmetics, only it's 30%, but no free lip gloss. The code is saaammage, which is a girl on youtube (in case you were wondering). I think I'll still use the Ipsy code for the free lipgloss, but I thought you could use the code just in case!

    4. I'm so glad that you finally received your Ipsy bag! I'm super jealous that you received the Mica shadow; that is really pretty- but I LOVE the one I received so it's all good :) I really love the shadow, so I definitely think it's worth it! Also- thanks for the extra code- I am sure that I will get some use out of it :)


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