Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bic Soleil Fun & Flirty House Party

(warning: photo-heavy post ahead!)

Tell you what, y'all, it has been a CRAZY month here!  My gorgeous daughter graduated from 5th grade, we are going to Six Flags, VBS is coming, Scouts had their awards ceremony (plus I took a spot on the service team)- it's been rush rush rush so far!  I did want to take a moment and tell you about the fan-FREAKING-tastic time we had during my very FIRST House Party!

House Party is a program that is totally free, and sends out party packs to hosts, to help get the word out about different products.  You apply to host, and if you are accepted (there is a limited number of party packs available), then you receive a pack in the mail, host a party, and then take pictures and send them to House Party.  If you are interested in trying it out, click HERE to register with House Party (NOT an affiliate link) and check them out!

Ok, enough with the logistics- on to the goodies!

Bic Soleil Fun & Flirty House Party Pack
My box arrived in the mail, and it was JAM PACKED with goodies!

The first thing I pulled out of my box was 2 HUGE boxes of razor packs:

Lots and lots of razor packs!

12 packs of the new Bic Soleil Shave and Trim Razors, to be exact.  I was super excited to see what these looked like: I've used BIC razors before, but never the Shave & Trim.  

The contents of a Soleil Shave & Trim razor pack

I was a very happy girl when I found a $2 off coupon in the packs!  In addition to the coupon, there was 3 razors, and a trimmer head that slides on to a razor.  I thought this was a nifty idea!  I gave the razors a try and was very happy with the closeness of my shave- my legs were silky smooth!

The next thing I pulled out of my big ol' box was a hostess apron.

Cute little apron- who doesn't love pink?!

I honestly am not much of an apron-wearer, but I thought it was cute, and I totally rocked the apron look during my party!

House Party sent me some other goodies too, to keep the party fun and flirty.

12 awesome fun and flirty masks

I received a set of 12 face masks, each with a different saying on them.  

Super cute- and saved for the next bachelorette party!

I thought that these were super cute, and they were a HIT at the party!

House Party send me some princess crowns, too- I had to hide these from the kids until the party day!

I'm a shaving princess!

I love sparkly things, and the little feathers add a cute little touch.

House Party also sent me a card game to play at the party- and it was SO much fun!

Fun and Flirty Car Game!

The object of the game is to choose a card, and then answer the question on it- there were some good questions, and a few TMI questions- we had a blast!

When I saw the masks and the crowns, I was wondering what exactly we would do with them, but House Party was one step ahead of me- they sent me a photo booth backdrop:

Photo booth backdrop :)
What a neat idea!  I put this up on a blank wall in my living room (I had to move a couple picture frames!), and we had a lot of fun posing for pictures.

My husband made some great snacks, and we had a great time playing the card game, and posing for pictures.  We also found some time to talk about razors, and I showed off my Ipsy bags to my friends who hadn't heard of it yet.

My pyramid of razors :)

God bless a man who can cook!

All in all, it was a fantastic day- I'll leave you with some of the funny photo booth pictures we took- featuring my BFF whom we will call Shelby to protect her identity.  Enjoy!

Shelby's mom- fresh out of the hospital, but ready to rock on at our party anyway :)

Shelby: "I like the panties!"

Rocking the masks :)

Shelby: "Her Patutie stinks!"

You all know me :)  
 ...and this is where the party took a turn to the crazy.  We busted out the apron and an old Halloween costume.  Shelby is such a good sport- we really had a BLAST thinking of poses for her!

"Put a cabbage patch under the apron, and act like you are trimming the hair"

I swear to you, Shelby is fully clothed under this.  Honesty.  "ok, now put the razor in your mouth.  NO- the OTHER way!"

Gotta love a good party- all the best parties have French Maids!

So tell me, have you hosted a House Party before?  Which one did you get to try?  Ever try the Soleil Shave and Trim razors before?  Did you like them?  Is my BFF Shelby crazy, or what??!!

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Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from House Party with the purpose of giving the items out as party gifts.  This has in NO way affected my thoughts and review of the product- this is an honest review of the products listed.   No amount of freebies or compensation could EVER influence me to give a review that was NOT my true and honest opinion!


  1. That is so awesome, you did a great job on that party!! Looks like you need to be having some more... "Shelby" is a good sport!! Fun, crazy times but by the looks of it.. Enjoyable by all!!! :)

    1. We had a really fantastic time! I hope House Party chooses me again! Shelby is fun and crazy- she is such a good sport! She emailed me and asked me why I didn't use all the pictures :) Love it!

  2. I have tried those razors, they were just okay for me, they are good to use when I am going on a vacation or something. I prefer the schick quatro for women. It looks like you guys had a blast at that party. I love having get togethers at my house for my friends or dinner parties!

    1. I'm not overly picky when it comes to razors. Just so one razor lasts through one leg-shaving session, I'm a happy girl :) I will give the Shick Quattro a try, though, thanks for the suggeston!
      House parties are So much fun :)

  3. wishing i could have made it. i cant remember now where i was though. ;( looked like a lot of fun!

    1. Lisa, you were in PA :) Sorry you missed it, but there will always be another one :)

  4. Bic Soleil Fun & Flirty House Party!! Sounds great. I am really inspired with these wonderful details. Keep sharing such posts with us. the theme is enchanting. I also would be hosting the funky bachelorette bash for my cousin but can’t make it at my home as we have kids too so planning to book the affordable local convention center.


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