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Prize Pack from Influenster: Palmolive VoxBox

Hello my bloggy friends!  Today I wanted to share with you my prize pack from the Influenster Palmolive VoxBox challenge!  I was very excited to see an email from Influenster a couple of weeks ago, announcing that I was a winner of the Palmolive challenge!  I must say, I expected to receive items from Palmolive as my prize, but was very surprised to see that this was not the case!

What is Influenster, you ask?  Influenster, for those of you who were living under the same rock I was, is a company that gives surveys and collects reviews of pretty much any product or organization under the sun.  Every once in a while, you are offered to take a special survey to see if you qualify to receive a VoxBox- a box of goodies, to test out and give a review for.  Influenster is totally free; both to join, and to receive the samples (if they choose you).  It's an awesome program for those who are trying to get noticed in the blogging world, or in the youtube community.  While Influenster is free, you do need a personal invite from a current member in order to join.  If you would like an invite, email me here and I would be happy to send you one (I only have ONE left!).

My Prize Box :)

I was really surprised to receive this package- I had won a contest before from Influenster, and was still waiting on the prize pack for that one (I won the Nectresse Challenge also).  I opened the box to see what interesting goodies were inside. 

SinfulColors Professional nail lacquer in Felling Great (723), full size, 0.5 fl oz; available at drugstores, retail value, approx. $1.99
I love me some nail polish, and so do my girls.  I was excited to receive this pretty pink polish, and I had never had the opportunity to try SinfulColors polish before.  While the mis-spelling of the color name drives me and my OCD a bit crazy, I really love this color!

Swatch of Felling Great by SinfulColors Professional, indoor, with flash

Swatch of Felling Great by SinfulColors Professional, indoor, natural light, no flash
I will say, that as pretty as the polish is, it chipped very easily.  Perhaps if I try it with a couple coats of topcoat will solve that problem.  The brush is a thinner brush that I am used to working with, but not as thin as an art polish brush, if that makes sense.  Overall, I'm happy with the color, but not so much with the formula.  

imPRESS press on manicure by Broadway Nails, in Stiletto (060), 24 nail set; retail value $4.97; available at drug stores.
I saw this cute box of what I thought was nail overlays, and was excited to try them.  I then read the box and realized that they are not "fake nails"- they are polish overlays.  You match up the correct size overlay with your nail, and remove the sticker on the back that exposed the adhesive.  I would love to show you a picture of me wearing these, natural nails are too long for these to fit!  That's right- my nails- which I keep trimmed very short- are too long for the overlays to completely cover.  I'll send these on to my tween- they should fit her. I will say that for someone with smaller hands than me, these are a neat idea- and should be long lasting (provided they stick well!).  I also wasn't impressed with the color I received- it's not one that I would have picked out in the store.  I guess they can't ALL be "wins"!

Softsoap moisturizing hand soap with moisture beads, rich shea butter, full size (8.5 fl oz), available at drug stores/mass market, retail value $3.97

We use a lot of handsoap in our house, keeping everyone as germ-free as possible.  This soap has a pleasant scent, and the moisture beads help keep your hands nice and soft.  

Prize pack for the Palmolive Challenge from Influenster

That about sums it up for my prize pack- it's a nice prize as a thank you for completing all the steps in the Palmolive challenge!

The total retail value of my prize pack is $10.93, not too bad for items I didn't expect to get!

Until next time, my lovelies, stay Average!

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Disclaimer:  I received these products complimentary from Influenster, as a reward for winning a contest sponsored by them.  I was neither asked nor required to review these products by Influenster.  The opinions in this review are my true and honest thoughts- no amount of compensation will ever change that. 

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