Friday, August 30, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Ipsy

Hello my bloggy friends!  I know I've been MIA for a couple weeks, and for this, I sincerely apologize.  Getting my tween ready for school, and dealing with the end of summer blues/fights/mess is always time consuming for any parent.  That being said, I've had a couple of bits of exciting (well, for me!) news from Ipsy in the last week!

I was selected as a host for a Benefit + Ipsy Lash Bash!

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When I saw this image in my e-mail, I was just thrilled!  When I googled to try to find out what would be IN the kit, I was simply ecstatic! 

For those of you who don't know, the Lash Bash is a venture between Ipsy and Benefit, to promote Benefit's They're Real! Mascara.  Lash Bash hostesses were chosen and sent to 1000 members (you needed to apply online to get one) that Ipsy and Benefit selected.  Each hostess receives a hostess gift, plus samples for 9 guests- including Benefit's They're Real! Mascara.  The parties are to be held on September 21, and the kits are set to arrive mid-September (dear God, PLEASE let them ship ANY WAY BUT DHL).

I sent out a quick invite for my friends to Save the Date, and couldn't believe that within an HOUR all 9 spots were filled.  Why I was surprised, I don't actually know- free makeup?! Who WOULDN'T want that??!!  Plus, you know, my hubby's cooking and hot tub.

I know nothing is guaranteed until I actually receive my kit, but here's what I should be receiving (according to Lash Bash giveaways by Ipsy's stylists on youtube, and the ladies at MUT)!
Hostess Gift (all full size!)
Benefit Makeup bag
They're Real! Mascara ($23)
Hervana blush ($28)
Peek A Bright Eyes ($32)
Creaseless Cream Shadows in Bikini tini and Bronze Have more Fun ($20 each)
Gimme Brow (in two shades!) ($22 each)
Hostess kit retail value $167
(links go to Benefit's site- hostess gift sent may not be the same as this kit- it's all based on conjecture and snooping)

Gifts for party attendees, enough for 9 guests (all deluxe sample size!)
They're Real! Mascara
Sugar Bomb Ultra Plus lip gloss 
Party gifts approximate retail value $163
(links go to Benefit's site- sizes on the party gifts may not be the sizes sent out)
Total value of this party pack: $330

Holy cow, y'all- it's gong to be an AWESOME party!

Also- Ipsy has changed up their referral program- there is now Ipsy Points that can be redeemed for bonus items to be placed in your bag.  I checked out my points, and had enough to redeem them for the new referral gift this month- Nyx Bronze Smoky Look Kit, retail value $12.  I think I ordered it in time to get it on my September bag :)  I have never tried Nyx's pressed shadows before, so I'm excited to give these a test!

Well, that's about all that's going on at the moment on the beauty front for me.  Tell me, did anything good happen in your beauty world?

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Disclaimer:   I have not been compensated for this opinion in any way, and it is my honest thoughts on the products listed above.  The referral link in this post (Ipsy) is one where I would receive credit for a referral, and be compensated with free product for referring 2 people. Here is a link that just goes to Ipsy, without my referral code. Links to vendor's sites are not referral or compensated links.  I strive for honesty :)


  1. congrats!!!! I also was chose to host a lash bash party! I'm very excited about it! :)

  2. Exciting!!! That is going to be one fun party!

  3. congrats on the win! I will be hosting as well and cannot wait to get our goodies!!! I have been planning my party since I can't do much for now =)

  4. I'm happy for you... but I'm so jealous!!!!


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