Friday, September 13, 2013

Ipsy + Benefit Lash Bash Unboxing and Swatches

Hello all my lovelies!

Today was an awesome day for me, because my LASH BASH box arrived!  Don't know what a Lash Bash is? Go HERE, really quick, and read all about it!

You back?


The box was delivered by FedEx (yay!), and I quickly pulled out my camera and made a video of my unboxing (you can see it at the bottom of this post), and then took pictures of everything to share with you!

The box.
Once I opened this box (which was smaller than I had expected, but that's just because I dream BIG.), I was overwhelmed with goodies!

A Letter from Benefit and Ipsy
The letter describes the contents of the box, and where to go to get party ideas.  Plus, it talks about a contest for future freebies, and prizes!

Deluxe Sample/Travel size of Benetint Cheek Stain, 2.5mL size, available HERE, retail value $8 each.
10 Benetints Lip and Cheek Stain

Deluxe Sample/Travel size Sugarbomb Ultra Plus Lip Gloss, 6.5mL size, available HERE, retail value $10 each.
10 Sugarbomb Lip Gloss

Deluxe Sample/Travel Size They're Real! Mascara, 3.0g size, available HERE, retail value approx. $7.50 each (they are slightly smaller than the deluxe size sold by Benefit, by 1g).
10 They're Real! Mascara

Coupons!  Free product/service with purchase of They're Real! I'll post the code once they become active...
10 Coupons for free services/products with purchase of They're Real! Mascara

Seriously, are these not the cutest gift bags ever?  I love how they look like little purses, and even have a faux zipper on the back :)
10 Super Cute gift bags

I've spent enough time in marketing to know that branding is everything.  These cute pink napkins are the perfect finishing touch!
 Benefit Lash Bash Napkins

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for makeup bags!!
1 Limited Edition Bag

They're Real Mascara, full size (8.5g), available HERE, retail value $23.
1 Full size They're Real! Mascara

Hervana Blush, full size (0.28 oz), available HERE, retail value $28.
1 Hervana Blush

Peek-A-Bright Eyes Eye Illuminating Kit, full size (3x0.8g powder shadows,1.4g cream eye bright, 2 travel brushes), available HERE, retail value $32.
1 Peek-A-Bright Eyes Eye Illuminating Kit

Gimme Brow brow-volumizing fiber gel, full size (3.0g each), in shades medium/deep (left) and light/medium (left), available HERE, retail value $22 each.
2 Gimme Brow, 1 each light/medium and medium/deep

Creaseless Cream Shadow, full size (4.5g) in Bikini-Tini, available HERE, retail value $20.
1 Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow in Bikini-Tini

Creaseless Cream Shadow, full size (4.5g) in Bronze Have More Fun, available HERE, retail value $20.
1 Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow in Bronze Have More Fun and Bikini-Tini

Seriously, this Glam Guide is super cute, and really well done.  I wish more brands offered this!
1 Glam Guide/Catalog

For photo ops at the Lash Bash.  Such a cute idea, especially for those who are camera-shy (like me!)
1 #Realsies Frame

Ipsy + Benefit Cosmetics Lash Bash!
All in all, a really awesome box to get in the mail!

At my Lash Bash, 9 guests (plus me!) will get a gift bag with deluxe samples of They're Real! Mascara, Sugarbomb Lip Gloss and BeneTint in a gift bag:
I seriously LOVE these gift bags.  I'm going to add some personalized items as keepsakes, but you'll have to wait to see those!
Here's some swatches of the samples my guests will be receiving, and my initial thoughts:

Benetint Rose tinted lip & cheek stain (unblended on the left, blended on the right)
I was very sceptical when I saw how liquid and red this is.  I put a bit on my hand and let it settle, and then put a bit more next to it and blended it with my fingers.  This is really, really blendable and looked great!

Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss
Lip glosses are NOT all created equal.  I HATE sticky glosses.  This gloss, however was absolutely PERFECT!  Such a nice, soft pink, felt great, smells awesome, and NO STICK!!!  Definitely a new favorite :)

They're Real! Mascara

Ok, so I didn't swatch the mascara, but it's black.  Please enjoy this photo for it's statistics of women who LOVE this product, plus the cute tube :)

On to My hostess goodies!

I am seriously in LOVE with the limited edition cosmetic bag that they sent, as part of my hostess gift:
It's so...retro!
I'm so glad I don't have to give this away.  Love it, love it, love it!!

Here it is with all of the full size items I received in it :)
I love that the back is clear!

Full size tube of They're Real! beyond mascara
I also received a full size of They're Real! Mascara, which honestly I have NEVER tried before.

I also received these testers for my guests to try out.  They'll make a great addition to my stash after the party.  I'm sure all the guests will have fun with ALL my makeup :)

Gimme Brow, light/medium on the left, medium/deep on the right.
Gimme Brow is a new addition to the Benefit line. I received two shades of this: the darker suits me, and I think the lighter will suit my tween.  She will be through the roof when I give it to her!  My first impression of Gimme Brow is that while I don't care for the scent (best I can describe it is that it smells like cheap mascara), it works awesome and is super easy to use!!!  Another home run- I will definitely get my use out of this because my brows never looked better!  The package also came with hints and tips for use, and they were very helpful.

Creaseless Cream shadow, Bronze Have More Fun on the left, Bikini-Tini on the right. 
I have never tried cream eye shadow before, and I was excited to receive 2 beautiful neutral shades, Bikini-Tini and Bronze Have More Fun!  I am testing out Bikini-Tini as a base, as it is so close to my natural skin color.  For someone with a darker complexion than me (I'm a milkshake!), this would be a beautiful highlight or base.  The shadow is super creamy, and applies smoothly and is super pigmented.  Love it!

Peek-a-bright Eyes, left to right: pink Eye Brightener, Buff (base), Warm Chocolate (contour), Pearly Pink (highlight).

Possibly my favorite item is the Peek-A-Bright Eyes Eye Illuminating Kit, that contains 2 brushes (one is double sided), a creamy pink Eye Brightener, and shadows in buff (base shadow), warm chocolate (contour shadow), and pearly pink (highlight shadow) all in one adorable box!  

Seriously, a gorgeous eye look in a box?! Score!
The best part?  The cream eye brightener is in a sealed container inside it so that the powder doesn't get in it!

Hervana (rhymes with Nirvana) blush, it's super hard to see in this picture, but it really is a natural pink blush color.
The last item I received is another favorite- Hervana Blush. This gorgeous swirl of colors blends together to make a gorgeous natural pink.  I loved how this looks on my cheeks, seriously!  The packaging will take some getting used to, though, swirling the brush in a inset square box isn't second nature to me.  The tagline on the front side of the box is, "Good karma!"  LOVE it :)

The catalog is super cute, also.  I took a couple pictures of some of the pages, just to give you an idea of what was inside:

The #realsies frame is adorable too, and Tiny Love just HAD to pose with it for you:
She's #real, alright!  And no, she is NOT wearing mascara.  She's just adorably real.  
I'll be working on creating a look with all of these awesome items, so stay tuned!  

TOTAL RETAIL VALUE of the prize pack:
Guest's party favors (benetint, sugarbomb, and They're Real samples): $25.50 (each)
Hostess gift (mascara and the priceless bag): $23.00
Testers (creaseless shadow, gimme brow, Hervana, Peek-a-Bright): $144.00
Total for Party Kits: $255
Total for full size items: $167
O M G!  That's A LOT of makeup!!!!!

Hopefully my friends will have a BLAST at my bash, and if there are any NO SHOWS, I will be GIVING away any extra guest favor bags to my readers.  Stay tuned (but no promises, my guest list is currently FULL) :)

If you are considering joining Ipsy (who is helping sponsor the Lash Bash), won't you please use my REFERRAL link?  $10 each month gets you 4-5 full size/deluxe size beauty items, plus a cosmetics bag.  I get points to be used on goodies, and you get good karma.  It's a win/win :)

Finally, here is the video of my unboxing, with special guest stars Tiny Love, and all 3 of our animals.  Special credit goes to my rather untidy room, and a lipstick stain on my wall.

Until next time, my lovelies :)  Stay beautiful...and above all, stay Only Average!

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Disclaimer:   I received these items as a prize for a contest I entered them, at no cost to me.  I was neither asked nor required to review these items.  I have not been compensated for this opinion in any way, and it is my honest thoughts on the products listed above.  The referral link in this post (Ipsy) is one where I would receive credit for a referral, and be compensated with free product for referring 2 people. Here is a link that just goes to Ipsy, without my referral code. Links to vendor's sites are not referral or compensated links.  I strive for honesty :)


  1. great pictures!! I also was thinking the box was going to be huge!! your just big dreamers!! I'm really excited for the party!!

    1. Thanks,girl! We definitely ARE big dreamers! I loved your post too, but saw it on my mobile and for some reason I have issues leaving comments on it. Shame, really, since I do most everything from there!
      Can't wait for next Saturday!!

  2. I am not a member of Ipsy but this looks like it will be a great party! Congrats.

    1. I am super excited, thank you! Lots of SWAG! Ipsy is nice, but a bit like playing the lottery each month. Plus, since you are in Canada, you have to pay extra shipping. I would totally pay a bit more for shipping if I could have it sent a more reliable way :)

  3. Replies
    1. Why would I want to kill you??!! LOL
      I wish everyone could have been sent a Lash Bash kit, it's a shame they only picked so many people, really.

  4. Im happy for you... really :)

    1. Maybe next time will be your turn. I wish everyone was able to host!


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