Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY Tutorial: Photo Booth Backdrop

Hi everyone!

I'm slacking off today, and thought I would take a moment and write a quick tutorial on how I made the photo wall I used at my Lash Bash, sponsored by Ipsy and Benefit Cosmetics.

This project is super easy, and while I don't have photos to walk you through it, I think anyone would be able to replicate this.  I love this backdrop because it looks kind of like something you would see at a high end event, like a premier or an opening.

I live in a tiny house.  Please ignore the messy bookcase. 
Photo Booth Backdrop

Supplies You'll Need:

  • Large Poster Board, 2-4 pieces
  • Sticker Paper, (or plain paper with a glue stick) that will go through your printer
  • Masking tape- I used the blue kind that removes from walls easily
  • Permanent markers
  • Computer with printer
The first thing I did was go through my craft hoard and find some poster board.  If you don't already have poster board, Dollar Tree sells the large pieces for $1.00.  I only had 2 pieces of poster board, but for a larger photo backdrop, four would be ideal.

I then copied the logos of the companies that I wanted to represent, into Word.  I sized them to fit approximately half a page.  The Ipsy logo was a bit more grey than the Benefit logo, so I darkened the image a bit.

Next, I printed out the logos onto sticker paper.  I have a TON of paper with a sticker shipping label on the top half, and plain paper on the bottom half, left over from my eBay days.  This worked perfectly for this project.  I printed out four of each logo, but you could do more or less if you like.

I laid out my poster board, side by side, and put the stickers with the logos on the boards, staggering the logos.

When it was time for my party, I stuck the posters to the wall, overlapping just a smidge (but only because my wall was smaller than I thought it was!), using blue painter's tape.  If you are using FOUR pieces of poster board, put two at the top, and two below them, to create a square.

This is the only photo that I took that really shows the backdrop.  Here, the ever gorgeous Lisa shows off her realsies :)
During the party, I provided a bag of photo booth props (you can get pre-made ones at WalMart, or other mass-market store), and the "Realsies" frame.  The younger guests had a BLAST playing with the photo booth, but honestly, we ran out of time so we didn't take a ton of pictures.

This is what my backdrop looked like by the end of the night.

At the conclusion of the party, I asked guests to take a marker (I had pink and silver ones, to match the theme) and write on the backdrop what their honest thoughts were of Benefit Cosmetics, now that they had all tried it.  This turned out SO awesome, and was a great addition to the party.

Here's some close-ups of what the guests had to say about Benefit:

That just about sums up the easiest project ever, right?  When I took this down, my daughter freaked out when she thought I was going to throw it away. At the very least, I will reuse this again, and decorate the flip side of the poster board.  Maybe I'll have another party sponsored by Ipsy and Benefit and will be able to reuse it again!

I hope you enjoyed this QUICK tutorial-if there is any interest in how we made our snacks for the party, I'll be happy to post that as well.

Tell me- are you addicted to photo booths, like my family is?  We have one at EVERY party now, and love it!  What is your favorite photo opportunity?

Until next time, my friends- Stay average!

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