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Cabana Glama by Benefit Cosmetics-Only Average Review

Oh my gosh, you guys, I have the BEST Bestie Ever.  If you're returning readers, you might remember when my bestie bought me an early birthday gift- the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette- but she just surprised me with ANOTHER birthday gift- Greetings from Cabana Glama by Benefit Cosmetics.

T just GETS me, you know??!!  (plus she accidentally told me what she got me for Christmas....OMG y'all I can't wait for December now!!)

The Cabana Glama palette is currently on SALE at Ulta for $19, and on the Benefit Cosmetics website, for $18.  This adorable palette is packaged in a box with magnet closure, and the cardboard insert that holds the makeup is removable, making the box perfect for storing vacation souvenirs or whatnot in it.
 I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Jamie, why do you want a SUMMER palette in the fall?"  The answers are simple- 1- It's on sale, and most likely being phased out. Must. Have. All the pretties. 2- I am seriously in LOVE with Hoola bronzer, and this kit has a half size of the bronzer in it, among other items. 3- The packaging is so stinking cute! 4- I live in a beach community. Yes, we have all four seasons, and yes, it is getting cold, but a fresh, tanned, beachy look never goes out of style here.  

Cabana Glama is advertised to be a "desTANation makeup kit", and is perfect for a healthy, bronzy glow any time of year.
This adorable set includes 4 products, along with a mini brush (for the bronzer) and a double sided foam applicator (my kids will use it); as well as a look guide on creating a gorgeous, put together look with only a few products (ie the ones in this set).  The box has a mirror in the lid, framed like a picture, and my mirror has an aged look that is just perfect!

Inside the Cabana Glama
The set contains:
Hoola bronzer, 4.0g (0.14 oz), retail value $14.  Full size is 8.0g (0.28 oz), retails for $28, and is available HERE.

Posietint, 2.5mL (0.08 fl oz), retail value $6.  Full size is 12.5mL (0.42 fl oz), retails for $30, and is available HERE.

Some Kind-A Gorgeous foundation faker in Medium (no substitutions, unfortunately), 3.5g (0.12 oz), retail value $11.05.  Full size is 9.5g (0.34 oz), retails for $30, and is available HERE.

Eyeshadow trio (Peach Fuzz, Bronze Buzz, Cocoa Pizzaz), 3.5g (0.12 oz), and as far as I can find on the internet, is exclusive to this palette.

This set is absolutely perfect for a weekend getaway- just pack this, mascara, concealer (if you need it), and some gloss/lipstick and you are good to go!

The eye shadow trio: peach fuzz, bronze buzz and cocoa pizzaz, no primer, natural light, lightly swatched.
  The shadow colors in this palette are absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for a quick neutral eye.  I tried these out and was so happy with them- they blended very well, and stayed put all day long.  I think this trio would look great on any skin tone, provided that you like shimmery eyeshadow.  I *do* love me some shimmer, so this is a perfect set for me!  Now I just need to convince the hubster to take me on vacation so I have an excuse to pack this set :)

Swatches of Hoola bronzer (on the left) and Some Kind-A Gorgeous in medium (on the right).
  I was concerned with whether or not the Some Kind-A Gorgeous foundation faker would work for me, as I consider myself to have a very light complexion (I describe myself as a vanilla milkshake).  I was pleasantly surprised that this product worked well for me- it's not a perfect match, but with my residual tan, it's close enough to make it work.  This is a cream to powder product that gives light coverage, and is a bit lighter when it dries, than when first applied (at least for me).  SKAG is so light on my face, I absolutely forgot that I was wearing any product- perfect for hot summer months!  I love that it's individually packed inside the box- I can pop this out and put it in my purse for touch-ups, and the eye shadow can't get inside the cute record shaped box!

Hoola is a favorite product of mine (along with many, many, many others!) and is the bronzer that I use almost every day.  Last week, I hit pan on my Hoola bronzer, and the timing of this was perfect! The pan enclosed in this palette is half size, and the little brush is adorable, super soft, and does a nice job.  The brush size is perfect for contouring- you can create a very skinny line by using the brush sideways!  I love, love, love Hoola- but a word of caution- use a light hand because this is SO pigmented!

Posietint is the first stain product that I had ever used.  This gives it a soft place in my heart.  The soft pink glow I get when I use this is just so youthful, and fresh- it's a great cheek color for a natural look!  Posietint dries fast, so you must blend it in fast, or you will look like you drew kitty wiskers on your face.  I may or may not speak from personal experience.  Posietint can be used on both the cheeks and the lips, but I've not had great luck with this as a lip stain. I think the problem is that I have freckles on my lips (yes. really.).  When the stain darkens my lips, it also darkens my freckles and makes them look (at least to me) weird.  It's a prefect cheek stain, though, and the cute little bottle is the perfect pocket-sized product! 

Here is the always gorgeous Tween Angel rocking this look- as you can see, the foundation is too dark for her, but other than that, I think she looks beautiful!
All in all, I absolutely love this adorable, retro looking set.  If you are looking for something to take on your next vacay, snap this baby up because it's a STEAL at $19.  Heck, if you are a sucker for packaging (and Benefit!), pick one up- it's super cute, and I am sure will be gone soon.  T said that this was the LAST one at my store, which is a sad thing, indeed.

If you would like to see my unboxing of this product, it's in my daily vlog post, below.  If you don't want to see all my daily adventures, fear not- it's pretty early on, and you can see the look we created for KTweenAngel with it, all within (I think) the first five minutes.  But, you should watch the whole thing, because we had a lot of fun at the park, and my kids are beautiful.  Just saying.

Until next time, my lovelies- stay Average!

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Disclaimer: This set was purchased for me, as a gift, by my BFF T. She is one of the most awesome people that I know, and doesn't tease me because I have so much makeup.  I was not asked nor required to review this product by any company, the links are not referral links, and all opinions in this post are true and my own.


  1. I absolutely LOVE those colors of that collection. It is a great soft look. You are so lucky to have a friend like T.. :) Oh, she looks absolutely beautiful with that color. I love her eyes... :)

    1. T is pretty fantastic- she really "gets" me, and has such a huge heart! Out of all the people I've met since moving to Delaware, she is in my top 3 favorites, for sure! I'm honored to be her friend!
      TweenAngel is such a pretty girl- she looks good in everything :)

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