Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ipsy (My Glam) November 2013 Review

Hello lovelies!

Ipsy is my favorite thing to blog about, because who doesn't love getting a big ol' bag of surprise makeup items in the mail, for only $10?!

For those of you NOT familiar with Ipsy, Ipsy is a makeup subscription program that sends out 4-5 full size or deluxe sample size items out to subscribers, plus a cute cosmetics bag, each month for just $10 (plus $5 shipping if you are in Canada, and tax in NY, NC, and CA).  Bags have different values, but I've never had one that disappointed- I love my Ipsy subscription!  If you would like to try Ipsy out, please consider using my referral link- I get point towards goodies and you get good karma (and then your own link to share)!  I also wrote a fun post HERE, that shows what 10 months and $100 of Ipsy subscriptions has brought me, what I used, gave away, and don't use.

Ok, enough chit chat- on to the goodies!

Pretty Pink Mailer
I seriously love seeing these pink envelopes in the mailbox.  I stalk my tacking numbers like a sparkly teenage vampire, and love love love that flash of pink!

First Peek

I know, I'm SUCH a tease!  Here's a first look inside my November Ipsy bag- I spy gold...

The Insert Card

This month's theme is "Glam It Up".  Bring it on, Ipsy- November is my birthday month, and I want to glam it up with lots and lots of color!

The Brands

I love getting lots of discount codes from Ipsy each month, and then sharing them with you all!  Looks like there's potential for lots of great deals this month!  Plus, a contest to win a year's subscription to Ipsy?!  I'm totally in for that!
EM Cosmetics insert card

I think that it's sweet that Michelle Phan included a little thank you note in the bags this month, that explains that Ipsy subscribers are the first to receive full size products as a trial (I'm assuming the first to receive them in a subscription service, because big YouTubers and Bloggers have been given products for review purposes).

The Bag

Ipsy bags have come in many shapes and sizes, and this one is unique.  A gold wristlet?  Hmm.  Not quite my style, but this will be added to someone's Christmas package, and make a friend a happy girl.  Or make them question my taste.  Really, that could go either way.

This month, I was EXTRA excited to receive my bag, because of the usual 4-5 items, we are getting SIX!!  I'll start with items that everyone is slated to receive, and then move on to the "variables".

Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot Damn, full size (2.5g/0.09 oz), $14 retail, available HERE.  Discount code IPSY40 will get you 40% off any purchase, plus a free Coco Delight Lip Gloss, until 12/15/13, US only, can't be combined with other offers.

I gotta hand it to Be A Bombshell Cosmetics- I look at this shade and I say, "Hot Damn" is most definitely an appropriate name! This bright red lip crayon is super creamy and glides on with perfection. Ipsy sent out this lip crayon to all subscribers, in both this shade and the color Shameless.

Swatch of Hot Damn
This looks like it would be a true red in the tube, but swatches more like an orange-red.  I don't usually wear lip products this bright, but in the fall and winter months, I am sure I can find several occasions to rock a red lip!  I gave this a try, and it applies very nicely, twists up (as apposed to needing to be sharpened), and is very long lasting.  All good things, right?  The only thing I don't like about this pencil is the shade.  This particular shade of orangey red makes my lips look really small.  I'm going to try layering another color over or under it so that I can make it work, because the formula is seriously great!

GRADE: 4/5 (The only thing I don't like is...the color!)

Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in Caviar Cocktail, full size (15ml/0.5 fl oz), $13 retail, available HERE.  Discount code ipsy4glam will get you 50% off plus a free eyeliner, your purchase of $25 or more, until 12/31/13, US only, can't be combined with other offers.

I love me some nail polish, and I find that the Nailtini brand is very long lasting (as well it should be, at $13 a bottle!).  The shade I received is Caviar Cocktail, which is a gunmetal grey, sort of a pewter color.  There is minimal shimmer and no glitter, which is unusual, in my experience, in a silvery shade.

Swatch of Caviar Cocktail

I used this shade as an accent color on a pretty blue mani, and I absolutely love it! I don't think I would ever wear this shade alone, but I don't have anything similar to it in my collection.  I'm happy to try it out!
GRADE: 5/5

Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Sunkissed, deluxe sample size  (3.2g/0.11 0z), $4.88 approx. retail value; full size is 10.21g/0.36 oz and includes a kabuki brush, retails for $18, available HERE.  Discount code BronzePixi will get you 25% off any purchase, until 12/15/13, US only.

My favorite thing about Pixi is the adorable packaging.  I love this pale green, the flowering vines and the Pixi logo.  It was difficult to figure out the retail value for this item, because the full size comes with a kabuki brush (only in my dreams, Ipsy doesn't seem to think I want/need brushes!), so the price above is my best guess- I took $2 off the full size price to account for the brush.  I received the shade Subtly Sunkissed, and I have to say that it is aptly named.

Swatch of Subtly Sunkissed

This bronzer has just a touch of color- perfect for those that are very fair, or who are just beginning to bronze. I'm totally in love with my Hoola bronzer, but I'm always open to trying new things.  I gave this a try, and it is a little too light for my current skin tone.  Give me another month of no sun, and this will work nicely for me.  It is very natural looking, and applied nicely for me.  This shade does have a hint of shimmer, as you can see in the photo above, so if you only like matte bronzers, then this is not for you.
GRADE: 4/5 (I wish it were just a hair darker, and maybe less shimmery.)

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Topaz, full size (2.4g), $14 retail, available HERE.  Discount code IPSY will get you 40% off any purchase, until 12/15/13, valid worldwide, unlimited usage.

I've receive an eye pencil from Starlooks before, and it was just okay for me.  Ipsy sent the Gem Eye Pencil out in two shades this month, Topaz and Amethyst.  While I would have liked to try amethyst (I heart purples!), I was happy to receive Topaz because it's my birthstone!

Swatch of Topaz Gem Eye Pencil
I was very surprised when I swatched this pencil- when I think "topaz", I think of a gorgeous golden brown shade.  This pencil swatched metallic silver, with a faint blue tint to it.  I would almost call this straight up silver. That being said, I don't have an eyeliner in this shade, so I'm happy to add this to my collection, just was surprised by the name!  I gave this eyeliner a try, and I absolutely loved it on my face!  I had a hint of glitter fallout during the day, but as I used a light hand, it was not very noticeable.  I received several compliments while wearing this, so it will definitely make it to my train case.
GRADE: 4.5/5

Each subscribe also received an item from the new cosmetic line, em Cosmetics.  Subscribers could receive either a Waterliner intense color eyeliner ($20 retail value); Lash Gallery mascara in either lengthening, clean volume, dramatic volume or waterproof dramatic volume ($20 retail value), Pillow Plush cushiony lip balm ($15 retail value), or Lip Gallery Creamy Color lipstick in either classic or sheer ($16.50 retail value), and all items sent out are full size. I received the lengthening mascara.

EM Lash Gallery lengthening mascara in black, full size (7ml/0.236 fl oz), retails for $20, available HERE.  Discount code ipsy30 will get you 30% off your order, until 11/30/13, can't be combined with other offers, US only.
I'm excited to try out more of Michelle Phan's line (I picked some up as part of my birthday haul), but honestly I am swimming in mascara. EM offers 4 different types of mascara, and all four were sent to subscribers to test: lash gallery clean volume, lash gallery dramatic volume, lash gallery dramatic volume waterproof, and lash gallery lengthening mascaras.  If I HAD to receive mascara, I think I received the one I would have liked the most: lengthening, as my lashes are stubby and nearly invisible.  The little blurb on the box reads: "inspired by the girl who loves to tease with her eyes.  create instant lash extensions with built in micro-fibers, extend, without clumps, remove easily with warm water."  Most of the mascaras I've been loving have HUGE wands- this is much smaller, and has a gentle curve.  I gave this a try, and it really does add amazing length to my lashes.  However, it adds zero volume, and that is something that I need as well.  I had no flaking, no raccoon eyes, and it applied virtually clump free.  It's a very nice mascara.  How does it compare to Benefit's They're Real! and Rimmel London's Retroglam?  I like them both better- but that only has to do with the fact that they both add a little volume, in addition to length.  If you have full lashes that need length- this is definitely something to check out- my lashes got crazy long with just two or three coats!  I'll be adding this to my mascara rotation!
GRADE: 5/5

Subscribers also received one item, from an assortment.  I received the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Eyeshadow single.  Items other subscribers received are: GlamGlow YouthMud (deluxe sample), Cailyn mineral eyeshadow with built-in sponge tip applicator (full size), HSI Professional Argan Oil (deluxe sample), Kiss EverEZlashes double pack (full size), and Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray (travel size).

bhCosmetics baked eyeshadow single, from the Galaxy Chic collection, in Asteroid, deluxe sample (1 full size appearing pan), retail value $0.83 (or if you go off the regular price, $1.28); full size palette contains 18 pans (couldn't find a size), and is currently on sale for $14.95 (regularly $22.95, but bh always has sales), available HERE.  Discount code IPSY20 will get you 20% off the full Galaxy Chic palette (which is gorgeous), until 12/31/13, can't be combined with any other offers, valid internationally (yay!).

First and foremost, how adorable is this packaging?  Seriously, this is so cute!
I love me some eyeshadow, but you probably all know that.  I was excited to try out the new BH line, because I hadn't had a lot of luck with them in the past (not terribly pigmented). I received the eyeshadow singe in the shade Asteroid, which is a gorgeous brown and blue blend.

Swatch of Asteroid
I gave this a try, and was really impressed!  I own two bh palettes, and received a sample from their California Collection in the summer; and on all of these, I had to work to get decent color payoff.  This shadow is super pigmented, and is absolutely gorgeous.  I trying to talk myself out of wanting the full palette right now, but only because I KNOW what my BFF bought me for Christmas (UD's BOS IV Redux and Lorac Pro Palette)...If I see an amazing deal on this, I might have a weak moment and purchase it.  Should I get this, or the Urban Decay Naked 3???  Hmm..decisions, decisions...
GRADE: 5/5

Other items from the assortment that I didn't receive, but you might have:

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, deluxe sample size (0.5 oz); retail value $20.29, available HERE.  Full size is 1.7 fl oz/50g and retails for $69. Discount code IPSY will get you 30% off any purchase, until 12/13/13; not valid on samples, US only.

Cailyn Built-in Sponge Tip Mineral Eye Shadow in Champagne, full size (2.5g); retails for $15, available HERE.  Discount code IPSY30 will get you 30% off any purchase, until 12/15/13, can't be combined with other offers, international shipping available (yay!).

HSI Professional Argan Oil, deluxe sample size (5mL); retail value $2.54, available HERE.  Full size is 2 oz/59.15mL (smaller full size) and retails for $29.99.  Discount code IPSY50SS will get you 50% off any purchase, until 12/20/13, valid in the US and Canada.

Kiss EverEzLashes Lash Double Pack (with glue and tweezers), full size, retails for $5.99, available HERE.  Discount code IPSY will get you 30% off any purchase of Kiss or iEnvy lashes, until 12/15/23; can't be combined with other offers, not vaild on clearance or shock prices, US only.

TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray, deluxe sample size (1.5 oz/42.5g), retail value $0.54, available HERE.  Full size is 11 oz, and retails for $3.99.  No discount code this month!

November 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag
Now for the financial breakdown.  As always, value isn't always determined by money- an expensive item that I know I hate has no value at all to me; while an inexpensive, easily found item that is absolutely amazing would be a priceless find!  Here's what's in the bags this month, so you can calculate how much YOUR bag is worth, along with what MINE is worth.
Items sent to subscribers this month:

Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon (full size)- $14
Pixi Bronzer (deluxe sample)- $4.88 (est.)

Nailtini polish (full size)- $13
Starlooks gem eye pencil (full size)- $14

em Lash Gallery mascara in either lengthening, clean volume, dramatic volume
em Waterliner intense color eyeliner (full size)- $20
em Pillow Plush cushiony lip balm (full size)- $15
em Lip Gallery creamy color lipstick in either classic or sheer (full size)- $16.50

bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic eyeshadow pan (deluxe sample)- $0.83 ($1.28 nonsale price)
Glamglow Youthmud (deluxe sample)- $20.29
Cailyn Mineral Eye Shadow (full size)- $15
HSI Professional Argan oil (deluxe sample)- $2.54
Kiss EverEzLashes double pack (full size)- $5.99
TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray (deluxe sample)- $0.54

Total amount spent: $10, shipping included
Total value of *MY* bag": $66.71 (or if you count the full price value of the bh eyeshadow, $67.16!
My bag had one of the LOWEST possible retail values, and you know what- I don't EVEN care!  A retail value of almost $70 is pretty fanfreakingtastic for a $10 gamble!  Plus, I found a couple of new favorites- this is DEFINTELY worth the $10!

Here's a crappy instagram pic of the look I created with my Ipsy bag, minus the lip pencil (it's just too red, haven't found a way to make it work...yet):
I used both shades of the bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Asteroid shadow separately, the Starlooks gem liner in topaz,  em cosmetics lash gallery lengthening mascara, and Pixi bronzer in subtly sunkissed.  The lip pencil from BaB was too dark for this look, so I used Urban Dacay's lip crayon in Glinda.

Here is a video of Missy and me, unbagging our Ipsy bags together :)

Until next time, my lovelies- stay Average!

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Disclaimer: I paid for these items with my own my husband's money.  The opinions in this post are my true and honest reviews of these items.  No company requested nor required this review.  The links are NOT referral links, except the Ipsy link.  That's totally a referral link because I like free things.


  1. Totally agree on everyone valuing the bags differently. I got one of the most expensive variations (em mascara and the glamglow) and I was quite grumpy! Thankfully I've been able to trade away those two items, but I need to convince Ipsy that I don't want all the expensive stuff, just ALL OF THE MAKEUP!!!

    I love the variations you got, totally jealous of your BH shadow! Great review!

    1. Thanks, Leigh!
      I love the BH shadow, and really expected NOT to, does that make sense? It's so different from anything else that I have received from them- I'm kind of regretting not getting the palette! The hubster's daughter in law is giving me her single from her bag- I can't wait to see what shade it is (it's different from what I got, or I'd offer it to you)!
      Thanks for your kind words- I love reading your Ipsy posts too- we have similar taste, I think, and it's interesting to see what the Ips thinks you want and what I want; if it's the same or different :)

  2. Wow this months bag looks amazing!! Is Ipsy $10 or $20 a month? Either way it is a great deal for everything you got! Love the nail polish shade it goes really nice with the glittery blue (Is that the new Zoya from the holiday collection?)

    Great post hun :)

    1. Ipsy is $10 a month for US addresses, or $14.95 if you are in Canada. There is tax if you are in NY, CA or NC. I think Ipsy is a fabulous deal- I have yet to get a bag where I didn't love at least one thing, and I love to try new stuff- I've found some unlikely favorites from this sub service. If you haven't yet signed up, I urge you to give it a try- you can always cancel if it's not for you!
      Yes the blue polish is Dream from Zoya's holiday collection, and my current favorite. I am in LOVE with the blue holo finish. It's perfection in a bottle! Great eye!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hi, Josie!
      I'm so glad you loved your Glam bag this month, but please don't post referral links on other people's blogs, without permission. Especially if they already have a referral link in their blog post :)
      Thanks for stopping by thought- my March Ipsy review will be up soon- I'm still testing everything out :)

  4. Love IPSY so much! Here is a referral link if you want to sign up!


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