Monday, October 7, 2013

Is Ipsy Worth It?

Hello my lovelies!

I've been subscribed to Ipsy for 10 months now- that's $100 that I've given to Ipsy, and I thought that it was a good benchmark to review what I've received over the last 10 months, and see if this subscription is REALLY worth it.  Then it dawned on my that MAYBE you might be interested in what $100 worth of Ipsy looks like, and see for yourself if this sub is worth the money.

Not familiar with Ipsy?  Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription that sends out 4-5 full size or deluxe sample size products, in a cute bag, each month.  The subscription is $10 a month, plus tax if you are in CA, NC or NY, and plus shipping ($4.95) if you are in Canada.  If you would like to try Ipsy out, please feel free to use my referral link-I get points towards freebies, and you get good karma. Everyone wins!

I do want to say that I did sign up for TWO Ipsy bags in the month of May, but cancelled the second sub as soon as a wait list popped up.  I will NOT be including my second Ipsy bag in this post, as I didn't think it would be fair since most people only consider having ONE sub.  

I DID include my Lash Bash items in this post- because it DID come from Ipsy (at least partly), and I didn't spend any extra money on it.

Here is the regular retail value of each month's bag that I have received.  If you want to view my full review of each bag, just click the description link, and you will magically be transported back in time, to that month's review on my blog (remember that bag values vary as not everyone receives the same items any more, and I don't include the cost of the cosmetic bag as they aren't available for purchase separately):
Haute Holiday- December 2012: $74.25
Super Stars- January 2013: $38.29
Red Carpet Ready- February 2013: $38.94
The Great Escape- March 2013: $16.55
Pretty in Pink- April 2013: $32.43
Spring Fling- May 2013: $70.14
On the Wild Side- June 2013: $63.48
Beach Beauty- July 2013: $41.26
Glamour Academy- August 2013: $56.42
Classic Beauty- September 2013: $44.95
Lash Bash: $422 ($255 for party kits, $167 hostess gift)
Grand total out of pocket: $100 (10 bags, $10 each)
Grand total retail value (with LashBash): $898.71 ($663.71 if you only count the hostess gift)
Grand total retail value (without LashBash):$476.71
Average bag value: $47.67- not counting the lash bash.

If you want to see a picture of an individual item, just click on the description.  The link will go right back to the original image I posted on this blog, and not anywhere else.

This is everything that I have received from Ipsy in 10 months, that hasn't been used up or given away. I tried to keep the lash bash stuff off to the side.
What I've received in 10 months from Ipsy, with their value, and when I received them; sorted into categories:

Items are listed with their regular retail value, and what month's bag I received them in.
Full size- regular sized product
Small size- the smaller size option available to purchase, often called travel size
Deluxe size- large sample size, occasionally half size or more. Not usually available for purchase
Replacement- an item sent to fix a mistake- wrong items in glam room, damaged product, etc
Bonus- an item sent out as a thank you, for being active or for referrals
LB- Lash Bash

What I've given away:
Baublebar bracelet in gold and white, full size, $20 (6/13- bonus)
This went to Shelby.  She loved it and I couldn't not say yes.
Ipsy cosmetic bag, black pleather with red liner (2/13)
Another one for Shelby.  It is really right up her style alley, and not so much  mine.
J. Cat Sparkling Cream palette in Volta, full size, $4.49 (6/13)
This went to the church, to add to their face painting set.  The kids LOVED it!
Juicy Beauty Hydrating Mist, deluxe size, $3.26 (3/13)
This went to one of the ladies I go to church with.  She loves it, and I was allergic.
Mai Couture Highlighter Papier, deluxe size, $14 (12/12)
I gave this to my mommy. She has a darker complexion, and this suits her nicely.
Sation nail lacquer in Love at First Byte, full size, $5 (4/13)
This went to my Girl Scout co-leader.  She's also an Avon rep.  
Benefit Benetint Cheek stain, deluxe size, $8 each, qty. 9- $72 (LB)
I gave 9 away at my LashBash, to 9 of my awesome friends.
Benefit Sugarbomb lip gloss, deluxe size, $10 each, qty. 9- $90 (LB)
I gave 9 away at my LashBash, to my awesome friends.
Benefit They're Real mascara, deluxe size, $7.50 each, qty. 9- $67.50 (LB)
I gave 9 away at my LashBash, to some awesome party guests.
J. Cat Fantabulous lipstick in Honeycrisp, full size, $2.49 (9/13- replacement)
Ok, so I haven't technically given this away yet- but only because I can't find anyone who actually likes this shade.  I'm still listing it here anyhow.
Freeman Beauty Feeling beautiful paper mask, set of 3, full size, $5.97 (9/13)
I gave one of these to my Girl Scout co-leader (the rose one), but kept the rest.
Retail value of items I've given (or will) give away: $51.23 ($348.23 with Lash bash)

What I've used up:
Freeman Beauty Feeling beautiful paper mask, set of 3, full size, $5.97 (9/13)
I used two of these, and gave one away.  I would repurchase if I saw these on sale.
Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Hair Spray, deluxe size, $5.63 (1/13)
Technically, one of the kids used this up.  I'm not sure which one.  I did repurchase this, on sale at Ulta.
Josie Maran Argan Oil, deluxe size, $4.67 (1/13)
Tiny Love LOVED it when I used this on her- she felt so spoiled. She and I used this up, and if I ever see it on sale, I'll totally repurchase.
LA Fresh Travel lite Makeup Remover wipes, small size, $1.99 (3/13)
I didn't like the way my skin felt after I used these-kind of oily- so I won't be repurchasing.
Pacifica Blood Orange Body Butter, small size, $7 (1/13)
This is the best smelling lotion.  Ever.  I want to find it locally, and then rebuy.  Perfect for fall/winter!
Lash Cards, 4 pack deluxe size, $2.80 (2/13)
Ok, so technically, I LOST these, and didn't use them up, but I wouldn't have used them anyway.  I am very nearsighted, and holding a mirror and a mascara wand uses both arms that God gave me.
Retail value of items I've used up (or lost): $26.07

These are my Ipsy faves- again, Lash Bash items are off to the side.
What I use regularly:
Be A Bombshell blush in sweet cheeks, full size, $16 (4/13)
I actually hit pan on this, and then it broke a bit.  I used the rubbing alcohol trick to fix it, so you can't see the pan any more, but I really like the shimmer in this, and the shade.  It suits my skin perfectly.
Be A Bombshell lipgloss in Hot Mess, full size, $14 (12/12)
This is my winter go-to lip gloss.  I can put it on thinly for a nice, pink lip, or thicker for a ruby red lip.  It isn't sticky at all, and I get compliments on the shade frequently.  Plus how could I resist a product with a color name Hot Mess??!!
Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in Bikini Tini, full size, $20 (LB)
This is the perfect shadow base.  I love this shimmery nude!
Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in Bronze Have More Fun, full size, $20 (LB)
This shadow is super creamy and blendable- it's great for the outer corners, or the crease of someone who doesn't have hooded eyes.
Benefit Gimme Brow brow volumizing fiber gel in light/med, full size, $22 (LB)
I love this stuff, but hate the smell. I use the light and the dark because my brows are strangely colored and both look ok.
Benefit Gimme Brow brow volumizing fiber gel in med/deep, full size, $22 (LB)
The same as above- both shades look nice on my brows, I use this one for more night time looks, but I HATE how they smell.  They smell like cheap mascara.  If you can get past the smell, it works fabulous!
Benefit Hervana Blush, full size, $28 (LB)
This is such a pretty shade- it looks beautiful on my face!  It also has a scent to it (floral), that is just at the edge of my allergies.  I use it anyway, because it is so pretty!
Benefit Peek-a-Bright Eyes Eye illuminating kit, full size, $32 (LB)
This shadow set is super!  The powders are super blendable and silky, and the eye brightener really makes your eyes pop!  If you are on the fence about getting this set, do it.  Perfect daytime look, or add more of the brown for a smoky evening look.  Plus it comes with tiny little brushes.
Benefit Sugarbomb lip gloss, deluxe size, $10 (LB)
This is an amazing gloss, and isn't sticky at all.  The shade is very subtle, and the pocket-size tube is perfect. I'm kind of sorry I only have one of these!
Benefit They're Real mascara, deluxe size, $7.50(LB)
This product gives great lash.  Seriously, this did a great job for me, in regards to length.  I did have a spidery-eye issue, so I used my lash comb to break them up.  This stays on my lashes, and doesn't make me look like a raccoon.
Chella Ivory Lace highlighter pencil, full size, $18 (6/13)
I really like this for a brow highlighter, down the center of my nose, and to line my waterline.  It's really pretty, and so close to my natural skin color that it looks really natural.  Love it!
Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal treatment, deluxe size, $4.44 (4/13)
Tiny Love and I used this ALL THE TIME, and then it was spilled on my table.  There was some left, but we now try to conserve it a bit!  This does great things to my hair.
Ipsy cosmetic bag, leopard print, lime green liner (6/13)
This bag is SO super cute- I use it to carry coins in my purse.  Love it!
Juice Beauty reflecting lip gloss in Pink, deluxe size, $9 (5/13)
I really love this lip gloss, and so does Shelby.  When we are out together and I bring this, she is always taking it.  This smells SO good (like Terry's Chocolate Oranges, I think), and is so pretty on the lips. Definitely a favorite.
MicaBeauty Gel liner in black, deluxe size, $6 (2/13)
This liner sticks around really well, and is SO nice.  I really love this.
Michael Todd Pumpkin nutrient-rich facial mask, deluxe size, $10 (8/13)
This mask burns like crazy on the face for about two minutes, and then is fine.  I use this every 3 weeks or so, and have had some nice results.  Not sure if I will repurchase, but it does make me feel pretty.
Mirabella Prime for Face and Eyes, full size, $29 (12/12)
I use this primer mostly for my eyes, and it works very well.  I like that it's silky smooth and clear. 
Nicole by OPI Nail lacquer in Pretty in Plum, full size, $6.67 (7/13- bonus)
I love purple nail polish!  This is the perfect purple for Ravens Nation, where I live.  Plus, I just love purple.
Nyx Pressed Powder blush in Spice, full size, $5 (6/13)
This blush is a very flattering shade for me. I think I will be using this a lot this fall. I really like it.
Pixi Lash Booster mascara in black, deluxe size, $7.14 (8/13)
I know a lot of people didn't like this mascara, but it did really well for me.  I don't get the volume I really want, but I do get a beautiful, natural looking lash, without racoon eyes or clumps.
Pop Beauty Pouty Pop crayon in Coral Crush, full size, $4.17 (7/13)
This is such an easy product to use.  I put this on a lot, and the bright coral color is just fun.  I probably won't use this as much this fall, but I still really love it.
SOHO Crease brush, full size, $7.99 (1/13)
This brush doesn't do much for my crease, but it is a fan-freaking-tastic blending brush. I actually purchased a second one because I love it so much!
Two Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow in Heartache, full size, $6.99 (4/13)
This shadow is nice for a pretty pink eye, and I pair it with brown shadow.  I don't use this every day, but I do use it frequently.  I didn't think I would like it as much as I do, so it surprised me.
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Zero, deluxe size, $14.25 (12/12)
This is hands down the best eyeliner ever.  The formula is super creamy to apply, doesn't skip, and is blendable for about 30 seconds.  And then it locks onto your eye and stays put all day long.  I LOVE these eyeliners, and nothing else comes close to comparing. I'm not ruined for all other eyeliner pencils, forever.
Urban Decay Moondust shadow in Space Cowboy, full size, $20 (5/13- bonus)
If you love sparkle (and I do!), then this shadow is a must have.  I wear this glittery wonder alone, or over another shadow color to up the glamour. Love, love, love, love!
Yaby concealer single in Buff, full size, $5.06 (5/13)
I just hit pan on this the other day.  I put this creamy concealer under my foundation, and it does a great job of covering blemishes and redness.  The shade isn't a perfect match for me, but since I put foundation on top of it, it's not much of an issue.
Zoya nail polish in Blu, full size, $8 (5/13)
Blue is another favorite color, and this one is super pretty.  I wore this a lot in the spring and summer.  I'll likely not reach for it much this fall and winter, but it is a gorgeous warm weather shade.
Retail value of items I use frequently: $185.04 ($346.54 with Lash Bash)
I would categorize most of these items as "just ok".  They are used but not on an frequent basis.

What I have, and use sometimes:
Benefit Benetint Cheek stain, deluxe size, $8 (LB)
I use this as a lip stain, and then use a gloss over it.  Very pretty.
Benefit LE Makeup bag, grey clear plastic with print (LB) 
I recently changed purses, to a slightly larger one, and I use this to carry makeup with me when I go out.
BH Cosmetics California Collection 3 pan palette, deluxe size, $1.50 (7/13)
I tried to like this, and it's just ok.  I do use it sometimes, but not all that often. I have dupes for these shades with a better formula.  The packaging is super duper cute, though, and is a great size for travel.
Coastal Scents eyeshadow quad- In the Spotlight, deluxe size, $1.99 (2/13)
I use this once in a while, when I want a gold eye.  Honestly, though, I have some gold shadows that I seriously love, and this gets forgotten.
GlamRX Freestyle Palette, empty, deluxe size, $5 (3/13)
I used to use this ALL THE TIME,  but now it's in my train case and stores Yaby, Clinique and Coastal Scents.
Ipsy cosmetic bag, blue and white striped nautical print with white liner (3/13)
I used this in my purse for a long time as my cosmetics bag, and then to store mini palettes.
Ipsy cosmetic bag, dark blue with blue liner and white stars (1/13)
I use this to store blush and bronzer that I don't use as often as I do other ones.
Ipsy cosmetic bag, grey with pink liner (12/12)
This bag is the perfect size to store mascaras that are waiting to be used.  This is one of my favorite Ipsy bags- it's size and shape are awesome and unique.
Ipsy cosmetic bag, pink clear plastic, no liner (7/13)
I take this to the beach to put my phone, iPod, and other non-waterproof things in.  I also use it to store my eyeliners in it, as I can stand it up.
Ipsy cosmetic bag, teal, orange and white chevron print, teal liner (5/13)
I put lippies in this bag, because they don't all fit in my train case.
Ipsy cosmetic bag, white with pink stripe, pink and white striped liner (4/13)
I used to use this to store skin care that I don't use frequently, but now it's just in my box awaiting a new assignment.
J. Cat Fantabulous lipstick in Honeycrisp, full size, $2.49 (9/13)
I WANT to like this lippie, but the color just doesn't work for me.  I keep it to layer it over dark reds to peach them out a bit.  It's a great formula, and it leaves my lips super smooth.
Lime Crime nail polish in Crema de Limon, full size, $8 (8/13- bonus)
I like the formula of this polish, but I don't use a LOT of yellow.  I think it's a spring color, and this will probably get more use after the cooler seasons pass.
MicaBeauty mineral eye shadow in Bronze, full size, $14.95 (8/13)
I do use this once and a while; it's super pretty but I don't like the sifter top- it doesn't have many holes and it's a pain to get the pigment out.  
Mirabella Colour Sheer lipstick in Charmed, full size, $22 (5/13- replacement)
This formula and shade aren't overly flattering on me.  I use it once in a while, but not on the regular.  I have no idea why there isn't a picture for this one- I'm sorry!
Mirabella Colour Sheer lipstick in Posy, full size, $22 (5/13)
This is pretty, but isn't a favorite of mine.  I really love lip gloss, so lipsticks in the same shades I wear gloss in doesn't get used a LOT, but I do use this and it lives in my train case.
Nyx Bronze Smoky Look Kit, full size, $12 (9/13- bonus)
This is a super cute little palette, and I use it sometimes for a brown smoky eye. It lives in my train case, and is quite at home there.
Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer, deluxe size, $9 (8/13)
This lives in my train case, anxiously awaiting the day I run out of my current primer, which will be ANY day now.  This feels great on my skin and I plan to use this puppy up :)
Starlooks Kohl eye pencil in Obsidian, full size, $12 (9/13)
Urban Decay has spoiled me with eyeliners, so I like this, it's nice, but my Zero is used more frequently than this one.  This is my second favorite pencil liner.
Starlooks Lipliner in Tipsy, full size, $12 (6/13)
I don't really use a lip liner as much as I should, and this is the ONLY one I have, so it does get used.  I want to pick up a clear one, though, so that I can use it with anything.
Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in 69, deluxe size, $7.33 (8/13)
This is such a pretty red, and the formula is great. I don't do a red lip very often, since the hubster and I rarely get to go out, but when I do want a red lip, this is what I reach for.  Plus it's so cute, with it's tinyness!
Yaby Eyeshadow single in Azalea Petal, full size, $3.15 (3/13)
This makes a soft, subtle eye, and when I'm in the mood for that look, and don't want to use by Benefit Peek-a-Bright, I reach for this.
Yaby Eyeshadow single in Seashell, full size, $3.15 (3/13)
This is a very pretty browbone color, or inner corner color.  I use it sometimes, but not every day.
Retail value of items I use occasionally: $136.56 ($144.56 with Lash Bash)
These items don't get any use, really.  The mascaras at the bottom are only there because I have several open tubes already.
What I have, but don't really use at all:
Big Sexy Hair Weatherproof Humidity Resistant spray,deluxe size,$7.80 (7/13)
I tried this once or twice, but I don't really use hairspray.  I keep it because I MIGHT want to use it.  LOL
Coola Face Mineral sunscreen unscented moisturizer, deluxe size, $4.87 (7/13)
This didn't really impress me, and I used my UD Urban defense all summer.
Derma e Microdermabrasion scrub, deluxe size, $16.25 (7/13)
This wasn't bad, don't get me wrong- I just don't remember to do microdermabrasion very often.
Ipsy Cosmetic bag, blue with black tapestry print, blue liner (9/13)
This bag is super cute- I just haven't figured out what I want to do with it yet!
Ipsy cosmetic bag, purple with gold print, purple liner (8/13)
I will probably re-gift this to someone, filled with goodies this holiday season.  I just wish the print didn't have "Ipsy Glamour Academy" on it...
J. Cat Eyelashes + Eyelash glue in UN13, full size, $3.99 (6/13)
Since I tried They're Real! mascara, I don't wear lashes often.  That, and I have a pretty decent stash o lash.
Nailtini Straight Up nail lacquer in Frappe, full size, $13 (1/13)
This is a pretty color, but kind of boring compared to what I usually reach for.
Nyx Eyeshadow single in Cryptonite, full size, $4.50 (9/13)
To be fair, I DID just get this, and smoky eyes and me don't get along, but I don't really use it all that much.
Nyx Loose Pearl Eyeshadow in Walnut, full size, $3 (12/12)
This brown is really pretty, but it's really dark on me.  I try to use it, but I tend to want a shade a bit lighter than this.
Pixi Flawless & Poreless face primer, deluxe size, $14.50 (2/13)
As my face was neither flawless nor poreless when I used this, I just tossed this in my case and save it for when I run out of my "good" primers.
Pop Beauty Smoky Lash Kapow! Mascara, deluxe size, $12.58 (2/13)
I really didn't like this mascara- I had serious raccoon eyes.  Because I used it, I can't give it away- and I hate to throw things away.  Excuses, excuses, I know.
St. Tropez One Night Only Instant Glow body lotion, deluxe size, $6.08 (5/13)
I don't self tan, and look weird when I do.  I'm saving this for winter, in case we go out and I want to look bronze.  I probably won't use it, and it will likely be gifted during my next purge, if I'm very honest with myself.
Benefit They're Real mascara, full size, $23 (LB)
Wait a minute- how did THIS wind up on my list??!!! OH- I already have a tube of They're Real! open- this is unused because it's currently in my stash, waiting until I either run out, or three months is up.
Elizabeth Mott It's so Big volumizing mascara, deluxe size, $7.99 (9/13)
I really, really loved this mascara- it's only in the "not often used" category because it's in my stash, anxiously awaiting the day when one of my THREE current tubes hit the three month mark.
Retail value of items I don't use (or waiting to be used at all): $94.56 ($117.56 with Lash Bash)

My favorite bag (so far!):
This is a HARD question!  I think my favorite bag is the December 2012 bag, my first one.  A close second is the May 2013 bag- I regularly use more products from this bag than any other I have received.  Third place goes to January 2013- I used up more products in this bag than in any other so far.

My LEAST favorite bag (so far!):
This is another hard question!  February and March were not the best months for me.  If I HAVE to choose, February is probably my least favorite.  That said, the items I loved in February, are some of my favorites. 

Well, if asked the question "Is Ipsy Worth It?", I would say resoundingly yes.  Give Ipsy a try- I've found some great things, and the items that I love add up to more than what I've spent- almost double if you don't count the Lash Bash!  I've found some great finds, and also important- I've found some things that DON'T work for me and I now know to avoid!
So, tell me- do YOU think Ipsy is worth it?  What have you gotten from them that has become a favorite?  Haven't tried Ipsy yet? Did this post help you make a decision?  Let me know!

Until next time, my lovelies- stay Average!

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Disclaimer: This is my true and honest opinions on a product that was paid for by me my husband, or were prizes won for entering a contest.  There are a TON of links in this post, and all links are to another post on my blog, except for the Ipsy link.  The Ipsy link is a referral link, where I receive rewards for referrals. Thank you!


  1. Disclaimer: This is my true and honest opinions on a product that was paid for by-- my husband. im dying of laughter.

    1. Thank you! As he is constantly reminding me that any money I spend is money that HE made, I felt it was appropriate :)

  2. I love the paid for by my husband line! That sounds just like me! Lol, we signed up for Ipsy at the same time! Dec 2012 was my first bag! I plan on doing a post in December on everything that I've gotten from Ipsy this past year! It's been awesome and so totally worth it if you ask me!

    1. LOL, and thanks :)
      It's cool that we are Ipsy twinsies- starting at the same time. I look forward to your post :)

  3. wow!! this post had so much detail. thank you. it was amazing it looks great and i can tell that you put a lot of time in it. you go girl!! :) this was so cool.

    1. DeBresha, it's my pleasure :)
      I love all things makeup, and it just made sense to pass the time waiting for my next bag, playing with what I already had, and figuring out if it's really worth my money!


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