Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ipsy (MyGlam) March 2013 Review

Hey, gorgeous!  I just received my March Ipsy bag in the mail, and I seriously canNOT wait to share it with you all!  Do you have your bag handy, ready to open with me?  Let's go over the products together, shall we?

Just in case you are new to Only Average Mom, Ipsy is a mail order subscription service, that is $10 a month; shipping included.  Ipsy sends you a makeup bag, filled with 4-5 deluxe samples or full sized items for you to try; along with coupon codes in case you love what you get and want more!  If you would like to sign up for Ipsy (currently a wait list- sorry!), go HERE.  Go ahead, I'll wait.
Back now?  Good.

Doesn't look very full...but good things come in small packages.  Right???!!
When my gorgeous pink packet came in the mail, I was seriously happy; and could NOT wait to get inside to open it up!

I spy a printed bag with...rope?  Maybe?

The first thing I notice inside is the awesome print bag- so awesome!

LOVING the bag!!!

I absolutely LOVE the bag this month- it is absolutely SUPER CUTE, and my favorite so far!  I totally plan to use this as my purse makeup bag, even if it means I need a bigger purse!  If you have read my blog for any length of time (and if you don't, hi and welcome!), you know that I live in a coastal town and that the beach, bay and ocean are a very large part of my life.  This bag is just so...ME; I absolutely love it!!  The material is silkier than I thought it would be, it feels like nylon, and it is lined in white (sorry, no pic!).  The bag is white and navy; the white has a hint of a blueish tinge to it.
I adore the hand-drawn feel to the card this month.  LOVE it :)
The insert card is always a fun part for me too; it lists all the awesome discounts that are offered as a perk of my Ipsy membership.  Plus, it announces the theme of this month: The Great Escape.  Very appropriate for me right now: with everything going on, I NEED a Great Escape!  

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist, 1 fl oz, $3.26 retail value (available at Juice Beauty; coupon code GLAM20 will get you 20% off any purchase of $30 or more, expires 4/10/13) Full size is 6.75 oz, $22
The first item in my bag is the Juice Beauty Hydrating Spray.  I currently use Clinique toning lotion after I wash my face, and although I am happy with it, it's great to change things up and try something new!  This product is a deluxe sample, and claims to "Tone and hydrate with this refreshing blend of rosehip, ylang ylang, resveratrol grapeseed oil and antioxidant-rich organic juices for a fresh, radiant complexion", and is designed for all skin types. For a 1 oz sample, it really looks like a lot, and that it would last a long time.  I gave this a spritz to test the scent, and was a bit overwhelmed.  You all know (if you are regular readers) that i am very sensitive to anything with fragrance, and while this did not exactly trigger an full on allergy attack for me, it came very close.The scent of the spray is a bit...overpowering for me, and I caught a whiff of gardenias (maybe?). I will say, it DID smell...very organic.  I'm not exactly sure how to describe the scent, but I DO know that I don't want to smell like this all day- not to mention that it could send me to a tizzy if it combines with anything else remotely floral. I'm glad to receive an organic product, though, don't get me wrong!  I am passing this on to a friend who loves floral scents.
GRADE:3/5 (nice product, points for being organic, but the scent was really bad for me!)

Yaby eye shadow pans (no weight listed, full size?) retail value $3.15 each (available through Yaby Cosmetics, discout code ipsyglam20130325 will get you 25% off of any order, expires 4/15/13)
I love that these shadow pans already have a sticker on the bottom with their color name and number.  Saves the trouble later if we want to reorder!
The item I was very excited to see in my bag were these beauties: Yaby eye shadow singles.  Again, I'm living under a rock because I have NEVER heard of Yaby.  I don't have a Sephora, and we only JUST got an Ulta store an hour away.  Country living is both a blessing and a curse, people.  Before I ramble on again, Yaby Cosmetics sells refillable palettes (like the GlamRX below; well; sort of), and sells their products already depotted.  They are striving to be enviromentally responsible by NOT using a huge amount of packaging that will just be thrown away; and use pans that will stick to any magnetic palette (not just their own!).  I give this company an big "thumbs up" for being responsible! Ok, enough about Yaby the company- let's talk about the product!
Seashell swatch.  It's hard to see, but that's more because of the color than the pigmentation, I think.
Swatch of Azalea Petal.  I had to work really really hard to get this swatch, even with a good brush.
I received these shadows in the shades and the first thing I noticed is that the pinky (azalea petal) color was really hard to swatch.  I rubbed and rubbed my finger on it, but could only get a faint pink color.  I tried a brush and loaded it like crazy, and finally was able to get a swatch.  The cream color (seashell) wasn't as hard to swatch, but it wasn't pigmented like my UD shadows, either. I tried a few different brushes, hoping that the lack of pigment was user error.  I eventually found a shadow brush that picked up the azalea petal well, and was able to apply it.  Since a good primer can fix any shadow product, I'll be sure to use UDPP to make sure that the pigment stays up!  The pans are pretty small (about the same size as the Coastal Scents from last month, give or take), so I'm not 100% sure that these are full size or not. I really like the colors I received (but would have LOVED the teal.  You listening, Ipsy? or anyone who got it and hates it? I'll take it!!).  The neutral colors I received work well with my skin tone, and I'm glad for that!  One thing I WILL mention, though: Yaby is a Canadian company, and shipping to the US is a bit high.  Ok, astronomical.  $11.80 for 1-3 weeks with no tracking for ONE shadow pan.  No, I'm not kidding.  Order with care!
GRADE:3.5/5 (magnetic, yes.  pigmented, not so much.)

LA Fresh travel-lite Makeup Remover Wipes (8 ct.), $1.99 retail value (available at LA Fresh Group, coupon code IPSY13 will get you 30% off any beauty wipes, expires 5/31/13)
I'm funny about makeup removers.  Serisouly, though, did you expect any less? I'm really an all-natural girl- I use olive oil.  Really.  That's it.  That being said, I'm excited to have received the LA Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes!  This is a full size sample; but the travel-sized one, with 8 wipes. The package was smaller than I thought it would be; but then, I am very used to baby wipes.  I love how this size will fit well in my purse, or carry on (if I were actually going somewhere for spring break; we are not).  The wipes have a baby-fresh smell to them, but are NOT all natural.  Seriously, these wipes have FIVE different types of paraben in them; not good (google it, if you dare!).  I gave them a try anyway, despite having not the greatest ingredient list.  My first reaction was that the wipes don't seem to be overly large (about the size of my hand or so), but it turns out that any larger would just go to waste.  The wipes did a nice job of removing most of my makeup, with the exception of my eyeliner.  Because I get a lot of eyeliner transfer to my upper lids if I skimp on quality liner, I am really careful to only use products that have awesome staying power; so the wipes might not be able to fight the awesomeness that is Be A Bombshell eyeliner, without some work.  The other thing I noticed is that my skin had a kind of film on it after using the wipe.  I don't ever use makeup wipes, so can anyone tell me- is it supposed to do that?
GRADE: 3/5 (worked pretty well, but I don't like the feeling after use, and parabens? Boo.)

GlamRX Freestyle Palette, retail value $5 (my best guess), Ipsy Exclusive (palettes with product inside available through Glam Rx, discount code IPSY will get you 20% off a touch-up palette; expires 4/15/13) Full size palette with product is $16.50.
Gift card is shown for size reference.  It was NOT in my bag (my kids would die- their fave store!)
Gift card on top of the palette for size reference. This card is the same size as any credit card.
Palette open, the whole recessed bottom is magnetic.
 I saved the item I was most looking forward to for last: the GlamRX Freestyle Mini Palette.  This cute palm sized palette has a mirror on the lid, and a magnetic shelf to add your own depotted pans of product; like eye shadows.  I don't own anything like this, although there are several great ones on the market, and I seriously couldn't wait to try it out!
Palette with products inside it (Clinique blush, Clinique eye shadow duo, shadows on the right are Coastal Scents for the top three, and Yaby for the bottom two)
The only catch with this palette is, the pans must be made of a magnetic metal, or they won't stick.  The Coastal Scents shadow quad I received last month is aluminum, so it's a no-go; so I put a magnet sticker on the bottom.  I love that this one palette can hold anything I choose to put into it- it would be great to put a few favorites in one place to take with me on the go.  GlamRx sells palettes similar to this one, only with a second level in them.  The upper level holds powder, eyeliner, lip gloss and concealer, and the bottom layer is a magnet for your own pans, and holds brushes.  As far as I can tell, this palette, the "Touch Up Palette", is the only item GlamRx sells, and it retails for $16.50.  This makes it very hard to calculate the retail value of this Freestyle palette.  I am going to call the retail value on this as $5- I figure the Touch Up has 4 pans of product plus brushes, and I would pay $5 for a magnet palette.  If anyone actually KNOWS what the value is, please let me know and I will adjust.  I depotted the pans in the palette picture above- for the first time ever- and would be happy to write a short tutorial on how I did it, if you would like me to help walk you through it.  Just ask!

GRADE4/5 (it's reeeealy tiny!) 

March 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag!
This month was a great, solid bag from Ipsy.  I've heard some grousing about how there is only 4 items in the bag (if you count the eye shadows as one), but the last few bags have had 5 (Ipsy promises 4-5 items monthly), so I think they have spoiled us!  On the whole, I'm happy with this month's bag- there are a few items that are new to me, and honestly, is there such a thing as "too much eyeshadow"?  The best part of Ipsy is trying out things that you never thought to buy.  Sure, there are some misses (there are bound to be!), but for only $10, it's totally worth it!  What, you don't subscribe to Ipsy?  What are you waiting for?  Head on over and get on their wait list (first come, first serve, sorry!) so that you can enjoy getting a perfect pink packet each month, and unbox with me!  I am sure you will love it as much as this Only Average Mom!

Here is the financial breakdown:
Money Spent- $10, shipping included

Retail Value- $16.55, not including the bag.  If you want to include the bag in the price, I'd say, add about $3 or so.

Although the value of the bag is MORE than what I spent, this bag isn't as great as the previous ones have been, value-wise, for Ipsy.  I love what I got, so I'm not disappointed, but I do feel that maybe there could have been more in the bag as we subscribers are used to a better value.  Mixed feelings, here.  Happy with the stuff, but wanting a better deal.  I'm certainly not giving up my spot for a waitlister anytime soon, but hoping for a higher value box this year.  This month's winner is definitely Beauty Army (sorry, Ipsy!).  My BA Box is scheduled to be here this week too, so Stay Tuned for the awesomeness I'm expecting in it!

Have you gotten your glam bag yet?  Happy with it?  Upset?  Agree with me, or disagree, I would LOVE to hear from you! 

Disclaimer:  The products listed above were purchased by me, with my own money.  I was not asked nor required to write this review, and the thoughts above are my own.  The links are NOT affiliate links, and go directly to the company's websites.  I was not compensated in any way for writing this review.


  1. I totally agree on your assessment for the month. I like what I got, but I'm used to more from Ipsy. But, that bag makes up for a LOT! I read on MakeupTalk that someone was planning on using their Juice Toner Spray for a bathroom spray. I may try that!

    1. Leigh, you always make me laugh! I love that idea of using the toner as a bathroom spray! It would work in anyone's home, except mine. My lungs constrict and I can't breathe around this spray. My friend LOVES the fragrance, so I'm happy it found a nice home. Just curious; what do you think of the GlamRX palette, the one that HAS product in it? I'm considering purchasing it, and wanted to know what you thought of it as well. The makeup bag is seriously in my purse right now (and fills the tiny thing all the way up!) and I LOVE the print. So happy Ipsy finally gave us a printed bag! Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. I'm not really familiar with the Glam Rx brand... but that palette is the same size as the one we got, and there are no brushes to put the eyeliner/powder/gloss on. I personally wouldn't buy it if I didn't know the quality of the products. I'm also leery of them not having anything BUT that palette in their shop. For $16.50 I'd get a month of Sample Society or Starlooks. But that's me! I like the gamble!

    3. I'm not familiar with the brand either, but I do like the idea of a travel size gloss and eye liner palette. I double checked, and it does say that it comes with brushes, but I'm not sure what size or the quality. I love the gamble too, but I love these little palettes that fit so well in my teeny tiny purse! I still haven't decided, but I appreciate your thoughts! Thank you :)

  2. I completely agree with you as well Was not impressed with the things,
    However I did like the eye shadow. I received the teal. As soon as I can get out kiddo, will send it to you. The spray was horrible and the smell reminded me of my Grandmas Oil of Olay she would clean her face with before bed. Not impressed at all. Anyway.. Great review. I also love the bag. I am however having trouble with the zipper. I liked the contents of lasts months bag s0 much better. What is
    Beauty Army? work the same way this Does? :)

    1. I wore my shadows from my Ipsy bag today, and they are doing ok. I had to really work to get the azalea petal to show up, but they staying power has my approval. So glad you like the review, and I LOVE the bag too. With the zipper, is it sticking? Try a number two pencil if it is- just rub the point over the zipper teeth and it should help it to move a bit easier. Beauty Army is very similar to Ipsy, except it's a little more money, ($12) and you choose your samples from a list. You can also skip a month if you don't like what you see. I hope to get my Beauty Army review up tomorrow, so stay tuned :)

  3. I'm pretty happy with my bag (just came today!), but I feel like they should have given as one more product since the contents were rather small, plus the value was lower. I really like the palette, though I won't buy the full size since I'd like a larger palette. I'm thinking of getting a Z palette and depotting like mad. Where did you get your magnets from to stick to your costal scents eyeshadows?

    1. I really want a Z palette too! I live in a very rural area, so most of my shopping is done online, and I really like to see what I'm buying before I buy. Since no one local carries them, it makes me nervous to order one, just in case it doesn't meet my expectations!
      For my Coastal Scents eye shadows, I used an old refrigerator magnet that had obsolete information on it. I also used one that came with my husband's cell phone (why, I'm not exactly sure) that had a sticky side. I wrote a tutorial on how I did it, feel free to check it out!


      Thanks for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts!

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