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Urban Decay Haul- February 2013

Hey, y'all, I just got my Urban Decay fix, and I wanted to share it with you all!

In my December UD order, I received a coupon (with a super cute UD sticker that I fully intend to put on my March Ipsy GlamRX freestyle palette) for $5 of my UD purchase, expiring on 2.28.13.  I held onto this beauty of a deal, and placed me order the last week of February, so that I didn't let that deal go to waste!  I tried to stack the coupon with the Friends and Family sale, but it was a no-go.  Besides, money was tight that week, so it is better that I let that deal pass.

I only ordered 2 items this time; I want to slowly build my Urban Decay collection as the items I want go on sale or clearance.  I am SO COMPLETELY in LOVE with Urban Decay, that this is the ONLY way I can make my pocket book (and subsequently, my husband!) happy, and still get my UD style on.  If you have NEVER tried Urban Decay's products, let me stop right here and tell you- just do it.  Everything that they sell is top of the line, and absolutely worth every single penny.  I just love a bargain, so I shop the clearance section, and so far, being a UD cheep-skate has not steered me wrong!

Urban Decay has 2 palettes on clearance that I don't yet have, and I will tell you right now, it was a very tough decision.  The Ammo palette and the Mariposa Palette are currently on sale for $19 each, and each is a solid palette, with 10 shadow pans, with an awesome color selection.

After much debate, review reading, and swatch studying, I chose the Mariposa palette.  

Gorgeous packaging; but just a tad hard to open!

I just LOVE the gorgeous tin that houses the palette!  I collect tin (yes, I'm aware I'm a big geek and a little strange), plus it came with a mini UD good karma brush; whereas the Ammo palette includes sponge tip applicators (I HATE those things).  

Such a gorgeous palette!

One thing that I will say, is that the Mariposa palette does not include a mirror, and while I thought this wouldn't bother me, it turns out that it does.

Love the box- I'm a butterfly person :)

The box the palette comes in is adorable as well- I think I will put it on my dresser and put random jewelry items in it, perhaps it will keep Little Miss Sticky Fingers out of my stuff (not very likely, but a girl can dream, right?!).  

This picture is pretty true to life; gorgeous colors!
The colors in this palette are absolutely vibrant, and in my opinion, these are ALL wins- there is not a single pan that I don't think I will use- and this is rare in a palette for me.  UD shadows are silky smooth, highly pigmented, last all day, and for the most part, have very little fallout.  Beware, though- once you use UD shadows, it will be VERY hard to switch back to brands of lesser quality!  I have a very small assortment of MAC shadows, and in my opinion, compared to UD, they don't hold a candle.  Of course, I AM Only Average, and probably picked shadows that aren't as great as other ones out there; and please believe me, I am NOT hating on MAC (love you, MAC!).  I am only saying that for me, and my Only Average body chemistry, Urban Decay is the best out there.

These swatches were photographed in the light of my kitchen window (it's too cold to go outside!).

This palette has some awesome neutrals, as well as some beautiful colors for that POP we all love.  This is more of a autumn/winter palette, as far as colors go; but my Deluxe palette I bought after Christmas is more of a spring/summer palette; so it all works out for me.  That's not to say that there aren't some awesome colors in the Mariposa; but they seem a bit more "cold season", as opposed to the "warm season" feel I get from the Deluxe.  Rockstar is a beautiful aubergine shimmer (and an early favorite).  Gunmetal is a gorgeous dark metallic gray with some sparkle.  Skimp is the perfect highlight color, at least for me and my mega-pale self.  Infamous is THE ultimate fushia, just right for a romantic look, and another early favorite for me.  Wreckage is a pretty taupe color, and perfect for a flawless neutral eye.  Haight is absolute perfection, and the reason (at least color-wise) that I chose THIS palette, a gorgeous mermaid blue (love love LOVE!!!).  Money is a gorgeous greenish-grey color (aptly names) that seems like it flashes gold- hello, St. Patrick's day!  Mushroom isn't brown as the name suggests (at least to me), but is a pretty gray- smoky eye city!  Spotlight is a hard color to describe; UD says it's "light mocha with gold glitter"; I would describe it as "almost pink", for lack of a better vocabulary (more neutral eye choices!).  Last but not least is Limelight- a gorgeous bronzey gold shade, with sparkles, and another win for neutral eye.

This brush might be tiny, but it packs a BIG punch!
The included brush (that I was SO excited about!) is really tiny.  Given the palette is about the side of my hand, I'm not sure why I was surprised by the size of the brush.  I guess I thought it had magical Harry Potter powers and would grow when I took it out.  Other than being surprised by its size, I really loved it!  The brush did a great job picking up and applying pigment, was soft on my skin, and the bristles had the right firmness.  Plus, it's vegan, and who doesn't love cruelty free items?!

Other than the lack of a mirror, this is, in my opinion a perfect palette, and as I am partial to butterflies, I am seriously loving the embossed packaging (but not so much the closure!).  Each of the 10 pans is 0.8g e (0.03 us oz) in weight; smaller than my Deluxe palette; but then again, there are 10 shades in Mariposa, vs. 9 in Deluxe.
This palette is available HERE; and is currently on sale for $19.
GRADE: 5/5

I only ordered one more thing (this time!); a deluxe eye shadow pan.  I LOVE my Deluxe palette; and have worn down one shadow color ALMOST to the pan.  When I saw that the Deluxe shadow pans were on sale for $6 (!), I just couldn't help myself- I would never forgive myself if I ran out of this shade, and as it is discontinued (at least in this deluxe formula), couldn't reorder.  The rest of the shadows in my Deluxe palette are still very full (another awesome thing about UD- I have used this palette at least 5 times a week since I received it in early January), with the exception of this one.  Any guesses as to which one I'm talking about?  It's not what I would have expected...I'll give you a hint...

I love the packaging of these shadows- each one is unique!
If you guessed, Fishnet, then pat yourself on the back, because you are right!  I LOVE the packaging on the deluxe shadows; each has a picture that is personalized to the shade.  I think this makes it easier to identify them in my makeup bag, instead of just a sticker on the bottom.  Plus, not needing to have a clear lid has room for my next favorite thing about these shadows:

Great size pan, and LOVE that there is a mirror!
There is a little mirror in the top!  First, I just want to say; they can put a mirror in these little shadows, but not in the Mariposa palette: WTH? Aside from that, I think it's an awesome idea to have a mirror in the little shadow boxes.  One thing that I DON'T like about the packaging, is that the clear top of the package can pop off very easily, especially if you try to open the shadow without pushing the little button.  So far, I've not BROKEN broken one, but I have a feeling that it WILL happen one day.

Swatch of Fishnet- in one light it's purple, the another one, a purple.  LOVE IT!
Fishnet is my favorite UD shadow color to date (but I have a feeling that Haight will be a close second), and this absolutely surprised me.  I'm really a blue/green person, and figured that I would fall in love with Peace or Graffiti; and while I do use these colors frequently in the center of my lids, I find myself reaching for Fishnet almost daily, at least as a base color for me to build others onto and around.  Fishnet is such a fun name (like all UD shadows- I LOVE IT!!); and the color is fun to match.  This mega-awesome shadow is a duo-tone iridescent purple, and flashes pink.  I think I love it so much because it's never exactly the same color when you change angles; and therefore never boring.  I have very blue eyes, so purple is a "safe" choice for me when adding color- blues and greens, while my favorites, draw attention AWAY from my eyes, and to the shadow; while purple shadows have the opposite effect.

These single pans are have a fill weight of 2.5g e, or 0.09 US oz. If you want to try Fishnet, or any other single UD Deluxe shadows, they are are available HERE, on clearance for $6 each.  I will definitely be purchasing more of these; my next choice will be Honey (the ultimate in gold shadows).
GRADE: 5/5

Urban Decay is all about the "wow" factor, and they always include a sample in every order.  The sample I received is a repeat for me, but if I have to repeat "any" UD product, I would choose this one: Urban Decay Primer Potion.  

Urban Decay Primer Potion Foil Pack sample
Although it is a foil pack sample, and not a "deluxe" sample, I will take free UDPP is any form I can get! Primer Potion goes on smooth, and dries clear, and seriously makes ANY shadow last forever- UD shadows last nearly 24 hours (at least on me!) if I use it with them!  Because I have hooded eyes, eyeliner transfer is a GIVEN if I wear cheap liner, and my shadow is ALWAYS creasing- but NOT with UDPP!  If I ever get around to hosting my giveaway, I MIGHT include this foil pack UDPP sample with it; provided my kids don't get to it first (I've had to HIDE the palette to keep them out!!)!  UD also offers primer that does NOT dry clear, and their 3 color options are absolutely gorgeous- be sure to check them out!
Primer Potion is available HERE; and a full size tube is priced at $20 for a 11 ml tube or $9 for the travel size 3.7 ml bottle (and it's super cute!).  The value of my little sample is undetermined; there is no weight indicated on the package.
GRADE: 5/5 (higher if I could!)

February 2013 Urban Decay Haul
So there it is, y'all, my little UD haul; the last for me for a while, I'm afraid- unless I find an awesome coupon code sometime soon! I hope you all enjoyed my point of view, and if you know of a product that you are considering, but want an Only Average opinion on it, let me know, and I will do what I can to review it for you!  Until next time, all you lovely ones; stay Average!

Disclaimer:  The items listed above were paid for by my own money.  I am not being compensated or required to review any of these items, and the opinions listed are my own true feelings.  I have not been compensated, and the links shown are NOT referral links.


  1. hmm I never gave tried UD. I might have to when I get a little extra money to spend on myself. Especially since I am in need of some eyeshadows!

    1. Lisa- I HIGHLY recommend UD shadows- I really think you will LOVE them! They have always been a favorite of mine, since their ads in the 90's- I will never forget them "does pink make you puke?" was one of their catch phrases! Check out their "sale" section- you know me, clearance shopper extraordinaire- they have 3 great palettes for $19 or less...but the shipping is a killer!

  2. Great haul! I love Urban Decay eyeshadows so so much! Most of my palettes are UD, so clearly I have a problem :)

    1. Thank you so much! It's really hard to NOT be addicted to UD- they have beauty down to a science, and most everything else pales in comparison. Maybe we should start a UD Anonymous group! LOL


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