Friday, January 25, 2013

I think Girl Scouts might be trying to get me arrested

Below is a transcript of a conversation between my husband and me, during a search for the supplies to make SWAPS* with my Girl Scout Troop.

Me: Where can I buy dime bags?

Hubby: What do you want pot for?

Me: I don't want POT, I want a dime bag.

Hubby: Ok, I'll bite.  What do you want a dime bag for? I don't think you know what you are saying.

Me: Sure I do. I want a dime bag.  I just don't want there to be anything in it.  I mean, if they sell them with stuff already in them, I guess I'll TAKE it, but I just want the bag. I need them for Scouts.

Hubby: You mean you want tiny zip top bags.  

Me: Yeah, dime bags.

Hubby: Please don't go into the 'Mart and ask for dime bags.

Me: Who, me?  I wouldn't do that.

Hubby: Yes, you would.

Me: No, I wouldn't.  I don't ask for help at 'Mart.  They employees run when they see me.

Hubby: Yes, they do seem to do that.  I think it's because they think you are going to ask them for dime bags.

Me: You aren't helping.

In case you were wondering, I DID find the little bags.  Dollar Tree. Guess they really DO sell everything there.

*SWAPS: Small Watchamacalits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere- cute little do-dads that the girls make, to swap with other girls.  We are always looking for new SWAPS-ers, and we all collect them like crazy.  Even Hubby.

Want to swap SWAPS? Have something you want to see a blog about?  Let me know, I would be happy to do a product review, or give an Only Average opinion on a subject!


  1. LOL!!! Those little baggies come in handy!!! I use them for all types of things. And you can find them in the jwelery making section if ya ever want to buy them at walmart. that's where I get them. never saw them at the dollar tree

    1. @ Lisa- I know, those little baggies are pretty awesome. I never would have thought to look in the jewelry making section at Walmart! I would have looked in the "storage" section! Now I have a ton, and we used them to store "pet rocks" in for our SWAPS, and whatever little things come my way. Thanks for reading :)


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