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Urban Decay After Christmas Haul

Hello everyone!
As you saw in my last post, I recently subscribed to Ipsy, a monthy service that sends you beauty products each month for just $10.  In December's bag, there was a coupon code to receive a free travel bag filled with deluxe samples with an $25 or more order; from Urban Decay.  Urban Decay also ran a special on their website, while they were doing inventory, to receive extra free samples with your order, plus free shipping on orders over $35.  How was an Only Average Mom supposed to pass up such an Above Average offer like that?!  You can visit Urban Decay's awesome website anytime and see their awesome lines.  Everything I reviewed here today is currently still available on their siteTurns out, it was a great decision.  Here is what I received for my $35 purchase:
Left to right: Surreal Skin Creamy Concealer in Hallucination, Naked Skin Beauty Balm, Travel Size Primer Potion, Travel Size Lip Junkie Lip Gloss (Midnight Cowboy), Deluxe Eye Shadow (Frigid), 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencil (Delinquent), Deluxe Eye Shadow Pallette, Primer Potion, 24/7 Eye pencil (Electric), (2) Supercurl Curling Mascara (both travel size), clear Vinyl travel bag (not pictured: foil sample of primer potion, coupon for $5 my next purchase)

 As you can see, that was quite a haul, for Urban Decay products for $35 (shipping included)!  I was super excited when my package came, and was impressed at the quality of the packing and the speed of the shipping.  The items were not packed in bubble wrap or newsprint, but with deep purple tissue paper, that I could reuse (I live in Ravens Country.  Purple is a way of life here) to add to gift bags throughout the year.  The package arrived, from California to Delaware, in under a week.  Impressive!! Another random thing I absolutely love about UD is that the do not test their products on animals and have a HUGE vegan line, for those who choose not to use animal products.  Fantastic!  Everything I received was top quality, and I am really happy with my purchase.  

Let's start with what I actually ordered:
Deluxe Eye Shadow Pallette I love the contrast of the velvet with the metallic mesh.  The girls like to play with the mesh and move the metal pieces around.
Inside of the pallette.  9 colors, 2 sponge applicators (yuck!) and a nice sized mirror.  The pallette is cardboard, with a magnet closure.

Close up of the colors.

Swatches of the eye shadow colors, with no primer.
Left to Right: Fishnet, Honey, Ransom, Graffiti, Zero, Peace, Shag, Scratch, Underground

I absolutely LOVE this palette!  The shadows are soft, silky, super pigmented, and have a high color payoff. I seriously love just playing with this palette and creating lots of different looks.  I don't think I will ever get sick of playing with these colors!  My favorite color, hands down, is Fishnet.  It is duo tone, so it changes color when you look at it.  I also am in LOVE with Honey and Peace.  Scratch, Underground and Shag are perfect for a neutral eye, and then I like to pat a bright color on the center of my lid for a pop!  Could not ask for a better collection.
Price of this pallette: $19 on clearance. Price includes the travel size primer potion below:

"Travel size of UD's Primer Potion"  Great product: poor package design.

Love the packaging!  Great concept, poor execution: the plastic dome pops off very easily.
Gorgeous color.  The pictures don't do it justice.  Note the mirror on the case.  Great idea!
Color swatch.  This is one pass across my wrist.  A beautiful dark, shimmery purple.

 I love, love, love eye shadow, and when I saw that this one was only $8, I had to get it (plus it helped me up my order for the free shipping!).  I love the shade, and it glides on so easily, plus stays on all day.  Love it, but I find myself using the pallette more often than this single.

Concealer in Hallucination, a medium tone, with yellow/orange undertones.

As you can see, this does NOT match my skin tone.  At all.  Maybe in summer when I get tan?
This is the blended in version of this product.  As you can see, it has a very yellow/orange undertone.  

 As you can see, this concealer doesn't quite match my color.  Ok, that was being nice: it doesn't match me AT ALL.  Now, this is as much my fault as it is UD, internet swatches are very hard to match up at home, and I don't have a UD store or Sephora within 100 miles, so it's not like I can go and try to match colors at the store in my spare time.  That being said, UD could be more descriptive of what their awesome product names translate into regular terms (ie: light, medium, dark).  Maybe they do, and I missed it on their sight, I don't know.  But I will try this again in the summer, after I get my tan on, and if it still is a miss, I know a friend or two who would be happy to have this passed on to them.  The bottle is super cute, I really hope it matches me this summer: I want to have the bottle on my dresser!  Cost: $8 on clearance.

That concludes what I actually ordered. Below are the items I received FREE, from my Ipsy code:

TSA approved travel cosmetic bag

Travel bag (quart size, clear with zipper), FTA approved.  I'm not sure what I was expecting with this item, but I got a LOT more than what I thought I would!  The bag is made of a silky opaque plastic, with a zipper on top, and has a nice feel to it.  It wipes clean easily, and I really like it!  I will definitely use it the next time I travel!  It's the perfect size for basic cosmetics, and is way less tacky than a zip-lock bag or cheap plastic makeup bag from the 'Mart.

Lip Junkie lip gloss in Midnight Cowboy

As you can see, I did try to swatch this, but it's too close to my skin color to really see.  It has a very pretty shimmer.

I wanted to really like the Lip Junkie gloss.  I really did.  It's just too sticky for my particular taste.  I do like the cooling mint feel and the taste isn't terribly hateful.  I'm just not a fan of sticky glosses.  A little stick is ok, but this has more than I particularly care for.  The color is a great nude with a really pretty shimmery effect.  As you can tell by the pictures, it's a teeny tiny tube, but that makes it just the right size to fit in your pocket!

24/7 Eye Shadow Pencil in Delinquent

This is one pass with the pencil.  It is really very sparkly, the camera just didn't pick it up.

Another thing I received free with my Ipsy code is this 24.7 eye shadow pencil in Delinquent, which is a sparkly deep purple.  I really like this color, but I'm not overly comfortable using pencils as eye shadow.  I have used it to line my eyes, and it works well, has super dark pigment, smudges well, and stays on forever.  Love it!!

Travel Size Supercurl Mascara ($10 retail)

I also received a travel size of Supercurl mascara. I love how it has a full sized wand, and just a smaller bottle.  I will definitely get use out of this: Mascaras are really only good for 3-4 months anyway, and it looks to me like this sample will last about that long!  I will say, that I do prefer my The Falsies mascara by Maybelline.  That stuff makes my teeny tiny lashes look ten feet long!  The Supercurl mascara doesn't seem to smudge as much as my usual brand, but it also doesn't get my lashes looking as long as my usual brand.  It's a toss up, but something I will definitely use.

(not pictured) Primer potion in a foil packet.  I gave it to my mom, since I had 2 primers in my order.

 So, my $10 Ipsy bag brought me a code that helped me get all of those extras free! Not a bad deal!

Below is the items that Urban Decay put in my package, as a thank you for ordering during their inventory time.  Honestly, my package didn't seem delayed, and it was no trouble to wait!  At least they let me know that there might be a delay in receiving my order, and I got to reap the rewards!  Here is what UD sent me as a thank you:

24/7 Eye pencil in Electric

Swatch of Electric pencil.  I think this is just one swipe.
This is, hands down, my favorite thing that I received in my package.  I LOVE this color, and it really makes my eyes pop!  Every time I wear this eyeliner, I always get compliments.  Once it is gone (it is a tiny thing in the first place!) I will definitely reorder this pencil!  It stays on forever, goes on creamy, smudges well, and then stays put until I remove my makeup.  Who can ask for more than that?!

Brand new, Naked Skin Beauty Balm Sample

Before it is blended, it looks dark and orangey.

After I blended, it was literally invisible.

I also LOVED the Naked Skin Beauty Balm.  I seriously wish I could afford to use this on a daily basis.  This hydrated my skin, has SPF, optical blurring (makes my pores look smaller), and does so much more.  I highly recommend if this is a product that you can afford (or know someone who can get you lots of samples or a discount!)  When UD holds their friends and family sale, I will definitely be picking this up.  It made my skin dewey (not greasy), soft and silky.  Even my hubby noticed!

Primer Potion, Travel Size
I am totally in love with UD's primer potion, aka UDPP.  This is UD's number one best selling item (according to them), and I totally see why.  It primes the lids, with a mostly invisible finish, and just hangs on to your eye shadow until you use makeup remover to take it off.  No creases, not greasy, not fading.  Just sheer perfection.  I use it sparingly, and will have to reorder with my next order (unless I can get another sample!!)

A second travel size Supercurl mascara.  I am set for Mascara for the next 6 months now!  I was really happy to see a second one of these, I may decide to gift it, or host a web contest.  Thoughts??

A coupon for $5 my next purchase (expires in February).  I LOVE these, as they help me repeat shop!  I am hoping that they update their clearance section before the coupon expires so that I can double up the discounts. 

 All in all, for $35, I feel like i hit the jackpot!  Not too bad, but I am sure other have done better. After all, I AM Only Average Mom. Until next time!

Do you use Urban Decay products?  Leave a comment and let me know your favorite!
Have a favorite makeup or skincare brand you would like  me to review? Let me know, and I'll be happy to test and review it for you! 

Disclaimer: This review is solely my opinion, on a product I paid for out of my own pockets.  I have not been compensated for this opinion in any way, and is my honest thoughts on the products listed above.


  1. Hi, found your blog from the Ipsy FB page! I did a UD after-Christmas order too, I got the same palette (and LOOOVE IT) and the Mystery Bag, then got the Ipsy extras and inventory extras. Best $35 ever, lol! I'm following your blog now, feel free to check out mine at

    Cheers! -Leigh

    1. Hi, Leigh! Welcome to my only average world! I'm so glad you got in on that awesome sale at UD! Did your mystery bag have the same stuff in it, that everyone on their site commented that they received? I'm just curious, I considered getting it, but not if it meant getting the full size Lip Junkie (too sticky for my taste). I really like your blog, and it's helping me make a decision about the Beauty Army sub I've been waffling about. Thanks!


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