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Goodies Box Review- April 2013

I recently heard about the Goodies Box from a fellow blogger, and thought I would give it a try!  After sitting on the waiting list for a month or so, I received an e-mail that I was going to receive the April box.  I was super excited, and did a little happy dance!  My shipping e-mail said that I was receiving box 4, and once it finally arrived in my mailbox, I couldn't wait to bust into it and see what my very first "Foody" box held! 

If, like me, you had never heard of the Goodies Box, I'll give you a brief summary.  Goodies Company (owned by Walmart) sends out 5-8 snack items each month, for only $7.   If you like something in your box, you can order full size items directly from Goodie's website, and if you review your items, you receive points that you can redeem for rewards.
I'm going to take a moment now and apologize for the crappy pictures.  It was not very nice outside (cold, overcast and windy), and I wanted to take pictures in my kitchen.  Then I remembered exactly how SMALL my kitchen is, and every single picture has a shadow in it.  I'm sorry!!!

The box was really fun when I opened it, and I was really excited to see that.  Nothing is worse than having high hopes for lots of cool stuff, only to open a box that looks empty.  I was really happy with how full the box looked, and then I picked up the insert card to read all about my items.

Insert card

Ok, so the insert card just referred me back to Goodie's website to see the list of what I received.  That's ok, I guess.  

My box had SIX items in it, plus a gift card:

$50 Wine Gift Card for Nakedwines.com
Ok, has someone been squealing on my to Goodies about my recent obsession with wine, or is this just a coincidence?  I'm excited to give this a try once I go through my current stash of wine (Moscato for the win!).  To use the gift card, I must spend at least $51, and shipping is $10, so I have to spend at least $11 out of pocket to use this card.  Because I have to spend money to use the gift card, I'm not counting this as part of the box's value, but I really appreciate the gift card and the sweet deal!
Celcius Sparkling Cola, $6.99 for a 4 pack (48 oz. total in the 4 pack)

I'm not one for energy drinks, and I probably never will be.  I am a Cola freak, and I really do want to boost my metabolism and try to shed some pounds before beach bum season officially hits, so I gave this a try.  I don't know if it helped me burn any calories, but it tasted like almost flat soda mixed with liquid gummy bears.  I probably won't repurchase this.

Angie's Popcorn Sweet and Salty Kettlecorn, $7.14 for a 6 pack (1 oz per pack: twice this pack's size)
I'm a HUGE popcorn eater, and so are my kids.  When I opened my box, my little one was bouncing around and begging for a treat.  I handed her this cute little bag of popcorn, and she went to town!  Seriously, it was all I could do to get a single popcorn piece!  It was really good, and tasted exactly like the kettlecorn that is sold at the fair.  We will definitely be picking this up if I can find it in my local market.

True Bar Apricot Almond Bar, $6.36 for a 4 pack (40 grams total in the 4 pack)

I love fruit bars, as a rule.  I'm big on their natural sweet taste, and sticky consistency- it makes me feel like I'm eating a healthy candy bar (not true, but the brain rationalizes the craziest things sometimes!).  I opened this up and gave it a try.  This wasn't a favorite of mine- I think it is the almonds in it- because I didn't care for the texture of the bar.  These would be good on a hike or something, but I'll probably not repurchase it.

Zone Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar- Taster's Box exclusive!

I'll be the first to admit that my sweet tooth gets me into a lot of trouble.  When I can talk my hubby into making chocolate chip cookies, he's FOREVER shooing me out of the dough bowl.  I try to blame it on the kids, but I'm not fooling anyone.  I'm a cookie dough junkie.  I was really skeptical when I saw this bar- "no way can this taste like real cookie dough," was my exact though process.  I wasn't wrong, but I also wasn't right.  The bars didn't have the texture of cookie dough (boo) but they DID have the taste EXACTLY perfect (yay!).  I really loved these, and when they DO come available on the market (I'm assuming that they are exclusive to the Goodies Box to test them out), I will definitely pick them up.  Awesomeness in a bar.

Frontier Pecan Cherry Cinnamon Bites, $5.99 a bag (95 grams in a bag: this package is 20 g)

I'm not a cherry person (I'll pause as you all gasp).  I gave these a try, and these little bites are just ok, but a little on the dry side for me.  If I saw these on sale, I'd probably buy a bag for my tiny love (she's a cherry FREAK), but these just aren't for me.

Green Giant Sweet Potato Multigrain Chips, $5.98 for a 2 pack (6 oz each bag: I forgot to check this bag but it looks like it's about a half ounce or so)
We are a Sweet Potato eatin' family here at the Only Average household.  My hubby grills them, and my kids go nuts when I pick up sweet potato chips (especially in the Gourmet blend that also has the purple chips in it!), so I really thought that these would be a hit.  These were just okay to me- I think maybe they needed more salt and less seasoning to please my picky palette.  If I saw these on sale, I would pick them up, but probably not pay full price for them.

Here's a final look at all of my goodies together in a box:
April 2013 Goodies Box
Financial breakdown:

$1.75 Celsius Drink
$0.60 Angie's Popcorn
$1.59 True Bar
$1.27 Zone Perfect Bar (estimated)
$1.26 Frontier Bites
$0.25 Green Giant Chips (estimated)
$6.75 TOTAL value

$7.00 Out of pocket (shipping included
BONUS: $50 wine gift card (must spend at least $1, plus $10 in shipping)

I hope you all enjoyed my first Goodies Box review- If you love snacks, feel free to check them out, but I'm not getting May's box.  It's possible that I will get June's box, but right now, the jury's out.  I think for $7 it was cool to try out some new (to me) products, but because they are all single servings, it's hard to really judge the items.  Maybe I'm just not a "true" foodie. 

 Until next time, my Only Average friends, stay beautiful!

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So, tell me: do you subscribe to Goodies box?  Did you get something different from what I received?  Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

Also, I suspended my Goody subscription for a month- it's been crazy here, and a box of snacks just isn't my top priority at the moment!
  Disclaimer:  The products listed above were purchased by me, with my own money my husband's money.  I was not asked nor required to write this review, and the thoughts above are my own.  The links are NOT affiliate links, and go directly to the company's websites.  I was not compensated in any way for writing this review.


  1. Popcorn is one of my fav snacks as well, and those sweet potato chips look delicious, sweet potatoes are soo good for you. Looks like an interesting box.


    1. The sweet potato chips were ok. The ones that had seasoning on them were better than the plain ones (bag was kind of mixed as to which ones had seasoning on them). I think we perfer the Gourmet Chips from Utz- with the purple chips, regular chips and sweet potato chips. Thanks :)

  2. I think the pop corn and sweet potato chips would have been my two favs out of the box. The gift card was cool though!

    1. I'm excited to splurge on some wine, and use my gift card! Thank you :)

  3. I think that the popcorn would have been my favorite out of this box. How did you get started with this type of box? I guess I just totally forgot... :) Nice blog and glad you got a gift card, how nice..

    1. I saw a review on a friend's blog, and thought I'd give it a try. For $7, it's worth a shot. I selected NOT to receive May's box, but might get June's. You never know!
      Thank you :)


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