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Palmolive® soft touch™ First Impressions- Influenster Palmolive Box

You know, I love free stuff.  Like, seriously LOVE it.  When I received an e-mail that I qualified for ANOTHER Influenster program, so soon after I received a VoxBox, I was super excited to get more goodies to test out and review for you all!

Influenster, for those of you who were living under the same rock I was, is a company that gives surveys and collects reviews of pretty much any product or organization under the sun.  Every once in a while, you are offered to take a special survey to see if you qualify to receive a VoxBox- a box of goodies, to test out and give a review for.  Influenster is totally free; both to join, and to receive the samples (if they choose you).  It's an awesome program for those who are trying to get noticed in the blogging world, or in the youtube community.  While Influenster is free, you do need a personal invite from a current member in order to join.  If you would like an invite, email me here and I would be happy to send you one!

Influenster is awesome about sending out tracking information, and as soon as I got my tracking code, I was obsessively tracking that box like my life dependend on it (I'm not the only one who does this...right??)  Finally it looked like it would be delivered, and I excitely checked my mail as soon as I could.  My hopes were high, and I was super excited....and then I saw the box.
My sad and lumpy Palmolive box.  My mailbox, however smells REALLY good!

My box was damaged in transit, and soap was EVERYWHERE!!!  All over the coupons, insert card, and the bubble wrap was literally BUBBLE wrap!  Fortunately over half of the broken bottle survived, and the second bottle was unharmed, so after I took my initial pictures outside, I washed everything up and put an old soap lid on the bottle with the broken bottle.

Insert cards are always a favorite part of my "box experience" because I love reading all of the awesome features of the products I receive.  This month was no exception!

Before I review the products, let me just say first: I have a dishwasher.  The story on how I came to OWN a dishwasher is a cute one, if anyone wants to hear it!  I don't handwash dishes every day, but DO frequently wash dishes with dishsoap.  I also use dishsoap in my dishwasher occasionally, but I DON'T recommend it unless you KNOW what you are DOING!!!  I use dish liquid nearly every day to clean makeup brushes, my counters, tables, and my mom even taught me how to use it as laundry detergent (tutorial, anyone?)!

Palmolive Soft Touch Ultra Concentrated Dish Liquid in Aloe, 25 Fl Oz.  Available HERE, retail value $3.50.
I love the benefits of the Aloe plant.  As someone who spends way too much time in the sun, aloe is a part of my life frequently to treat sunburns (and regular burns, too!)!  Aloe is awesome for dry skin, and Palmolive has created an awesome (and super me!) blend of dish soap with aloe to help keep your hands from becoming dry while you do your dishes!  The formula is phosphate free (yay!) and works great cutting through grease (and removing the ink from coupons...).  I tried this out on my cast iron skillet, and it did a fantastic job cutting through whatever was stuck on there that a brillo pad couldn't remove!  I'm planning on sharing this bottle with a local friend, so if you are local and want the soap, let me know!

Palmolive Soft Touch Vitamin E Ultra Concentrated Dish Liquid, 25 Fl Oz, available HERE.  Retails for $8.95 for a 2-pack.
I'm all about soft skin for myself and my girls.  We go through a LOT of lotion in this house, and it's awesome to see that Palmolive is recognizing that people who wash dishes by hand NEED a product that is soft on hands!  Palmolive is introducing their Vitamin E dish liquid, and I am super excited to be able to try it!  The funny part is, I just bought a dollar store alternative to this one (vitamin E formula) to create hand scrub.  It's a shame I didn't wait for this because it would have been SO much better!  This formula leaves my hands feeling soft and conditioned, and I absolutely LOVE this! 

Soap coupons, covered in...soap.  Not sure how to make that funny.

I also received FIVE $100 off coupons with my package, but they were damaged by the soap.  I tried to wash them off as best I could, and they turned out...ok.  Some of the words on the back (with the barcodes) came off, but the barcode is ok, so hopefully they will scan.  I emailed Influenster, and asked for more coupons to give away, because these were damaged, and they said that they would try to send them.  If you would like a coupon, EMAIL ME, and I'll send you my address to send a SASE to, so I can send one on to you and share the love!

Here is what the coupons looked like AFTER their "bubble bath":

Anyone want some aloe-scented coupons, with the words slighly unreadable?
I LOVE getting coupons in the mail also!  These say on them, DO NOT DOUBLE, so I won't be able to score a $2 (or 3 on triple day) coupon deal, but $1 off is a $1 that says in my pocket!  I will happily share FOUR of these, so let me know if you want me to send one to you!

This was obvously dropped on the top of the package, and the nozzle broke.  When I removed it from the bottle, the green piece fell right through!

I also took a photograph of the broken top of the bottle: hopefully, we can all take away a lesson from my soapy mess: ALWAYS bubblewrap the TOP of the bottles first, if you are shipping liquid, or TAPE them shut...

Influenster Palmolive Box, May 2013

Even though there was a massive bubble mess, I am thrilled to receive these products!  I love trying new things, and it was great to test out some new soaps.  This formula is SUPER concentrated, and makes TONS of bubbles, and cuts the grease off of everything I washed.  I will DEFINITELY repurchase one of these (maybe a different scent, so I can try them all?) once I run out!

Once again, if you are wondering WHERE I got this awesome soap...

I hope you all enjoyed my review of the Palmolive Soft Touch soap!  I'm sorry that my package was broken and I was unable to do a "traditional" unboxing, and I hope that I was still able to provide you with a valid and truthful opinion anyway!

Until next time, my Only Average Friends...
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Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  This has in NO way affected my thoughts and review of the product- this is an honest review of the products listed.   No amount of freebies or compensation could EVER influence me to give a review that was NOT my ture and honest opinon!


  1. Reading this blog post today made me feel all bubbly ! lol

    1. So glad you got a good laugh, Lisa! Wish I had taken the picture of the bubbles coming out of my dishwasher :)

  2. My pink soap was the one that busted ALL OVER the place, but the tan Cocoa Butter one is OK. I'm waiting to see if they send me a new box before I post about it (they had to put my box in a plastic bag padded with paper towels before it could go in my mailbox), and I definitely couldn't do an unboxing video. My poor coupons were glued to each other and completely unreadable! And yeah, same thing with mine... the nozzle on the pink one looked like someone hit it from the top with a hammer. Let me know what Influenster tells you about your broken soap!

    1. OH NO, Leigh!
      They told me that I was not required to give away the broken one, and that if they were able to send me coupons in the future to replace the ones that were damaged, they would let me know.
      Hope you get a better answer from Influenster!
      I'm still going to do as many as the tasks as possible because I want more goodies from them. I will work on my video for them soon, I will have to get creative!

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster award again :) If you would like to participate you can find the info here


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