Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How To Repair a Broken Blush or Eyeshadow The Only Average Way

Recently, I was at my local Ulta store and received a sample of Cargo blush.  As I was walking into my house, the bag slipped from my fingers and fell, crashing to the ground.  Everything that i had purchased was just fine, with one exception.  The pretty Cargo blush sample that I had received was a broken mess.  I shed no tears, though, because I had learned a trick a long time ago: how to repair a broken pan of shadow or blush!  I can't wait to share this simple trick!

Things you need: 

  • rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)- the higher the content the better; I used 91%
  • toothpick or other tool to crush and smooth the broken powder
  • cloth to press the powder, and a coin if one will fit nicely in the shadow pan
  • The broken makeup

First, take your toothpick and break up the rest of the makeup in the pan.

Then, use the toothpick to evenly distribute the powder in the pan.  Try not to spill, but if it's a new product, that is hard to do!

Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, and mix the powder with it until it makes a paste.  Add more alcohol a drop at a time, if needed, to create the paste.  You want the powder to absorb all of the alcohol, with no puddles in the pan, and no dry spots either.

Smooth out the paste with a toothpick as best you can.  It doesn't need to be perfect, but try to evenly distribute the paste in the pan.  This will make the pressing easier.

Cover the pan with a clean cloth.  If you have  a coin that fits just inside the pan, place it over the cloth.  Quarters work well for many eye shadows.  Press on the cloth covered pan with gently but firm pressure.  You are trying to absorb the excess alcohol, as well as bind the powder together.

Remove the cloth, and the shadow should look smooth and solid.  If not, try pressing again.  The pattern of the weave of the cloth will transfer to the top of the newly pressed powder.  Let the pan sit and dry overnight (or a few hours in the sun).

All done!  Your shadow, powder or blush should work just fine now.  I will say, that this process sometimes can intensify the pigmentation of a product, so the color may not be exactly the same as it was before you pressed it.  However, a little change in shade is a small price to pay to save your broken makeup!

Have you ever tried to fix a broken pan of makeup?  What process did you use, and was it successful?  Shalene's daughter likes to grind makeup into the carpet, after it's broken.  I don't think there is a save for that, but hopefully a good carpet shampooer will at least remove it from the carpet!

Until next time, my lovelies, stay Average!

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  1. That is amazing!! I have never heard of anything like that. Glad that you shared this today. I just had a container of my blush break lately. (silly cat on the bathroom counter-top) ugh!
    I'm gonna try this now...:)


    1. Thanks, Amy! I hope this helps you repair your cosmetics- It's terrible to break anything you like! I have such a hard time finding colors that suit me, it's horrible to break one!

  2. i've not tried this trick yet but i have a broken Urban Decay shadow in need of repair. i'm just afraid i'll make it worse with my lack of skills. :-)

    1. What I would do is pick up a cheap shadow pan at the dollar store, drop it, and then try this out on that one first- it might give you an idea of what to do, and what NOT to do, and not cost you a fortune! I wouldn't risk my UD shadows for anything!


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