Monday, July 22, 2013

My Latest ULTA Haul- It's all about the HAIR!

I love to shop.  I am sure by now that this is NO secret, and I KNOW that I'm not alone!  If you didn't love to shop too, you probably wouldn't be reading this right now.  Am I right?

Ulta is currently having an awesome sale on their brand of makeup, and on hair care supplies.  Plus, I had a $3.50 off of a $10 purchase coupon.  I had a very strict budget for this shopping trip, and I'm pretty happy with what I purchased, spent and saved.  Are you ready to see my Hair Haul?

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream, 4 fl oz (full size), $5.99 (buy 1 get 1 50% off), I paid $4.01 after my discounts.
I live at the beach, and love beach waves.  My hair is very thin and unpredictable, so I like to use things like rough paste to add volume and texture, so I thought that I would give this a try.  It smells really good, but has a weird texture to the cream.  

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Textruizing Sea Salt Spray, 8 fl oz (full size), $5.99 (buy 1 get 1 50% off), I paid $4.01 after my discounts.
Beach waves are the bomb, and since I absolutely LOVE the way my hair feels after I've been swimming in the ocean, I thought that this is the spray for me.  Plus, I was hoping to get the Healthy Sexy Hair version of this spray, but alas, that was not in the cards for me.  I love the idea that I can have beach hair all year long, and even if I don't brave the ocean's briny depths.  

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner, 1.7 fl oz (travel size), $6 on sale for $3, I paid $2.67 each after my discount (I bought two).

Ipsy turned me on to Healthy Sexy Hair, and I was excited to see the sale on the travel size products at Ulta.  Between my daughters and me, we go through a lot of leave-in conditioners and detanglers each month, so I picked up two of to use and one as a backup for when I forget where I put the first one.  I love using soy in my hair, as it leaves it soft and silky, and feeling healthy.  I tried this on tiny love's unruly locks and I had no issues brushing her hair at all.  LOVE it!!

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray, 1.5 oz (travel size), $6 on sale for $3, I paid $2.67 after my discount.
I received this in an Ipsy bag a while back, and I liked it ok.  This size hair spray is perfect for my tween to put in her back pack to take to middle school with her, for a quick touch up.  It's the perfect purse or pack size!

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Volumizing Spray Mousse, 1.6 oz (travel size), $6 on sale for $3, I paid $2.67 after my discount.
This is another new product for me, but as my hair is super thin, I thought for $3 it was worth giving a try.  

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Mellow Conditioning & Taming foam, 6.7 oz (full size), $16.95, on sale $4.99, except it rang up for $6.99 (just noticed that).  I paid $6.22 after my discount.
I saw this foam on a clearance rack, and just had to buy it.  The price tag on it was very attractive, although it rang up higher than what the sticker said.  Side rant- I HATE that!!!  Ok, over it.  I love mousse to pump up my volume, so I was interested to see how this worked to tame and condition.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal with Argan Oil, .34 fl oz (sample size), Gift with purchase (Buy $20 or more select hair care brands, receive this as your free gift).
I've tried this before (thanks again, Ipsy!), and loved it- I was happy to receive this as a free sample!  Soy Renewal makes my hair soft and silky and tames my frizz.  I use it on my tiny love, and it makes her hair gorgeous too!  LOVE it!!

Ulta Large Eye Shadow Brush (#1), on sale for $2.  I paid $1.78 after my discounts.
You all know that I can't go to Ulta without buying SOME makeup!  The main point of this trip was to get hair care items, but I could NOT pass up the awesome sale that Ulta has on their brand right now!  I am a brush junkie from way back, and thought I would try out Ulta's eyeshadow brush for $2.  It has soft but firm bristles, and kind of remind me of Urban Decay's brushes.  I'm very happy with this one- it does a great job and feels nice on my skin.

Ulta Precision Liquid Eye Liner in Plum, 0.015 oz (full size), on sale for $2.  I paid $1.78 after my discounts.
I recently lent my purple eyeliner pen to a friend (for some face art lining, NOT on her eyes...eww), and she lost it.  Insert sad face here.  I loved that liner and it was my ONLY purple eyeliner, so when I saw that Ulta's liquid liners were on sale, I HAD to pick one up in purple!  It's a pretty plum color:

Swatch of Ulta's Precision Liquid Eye Liner in Plum
...but darker than what I really wanted to have. It's a pretty deep purple shade, and I will get some use out of it, but for me, I prefer brighter shades, as I feel they set of my very blue eyes.  I will say that the liner has awesome staying power, but it takes a moment to dry.

And that, my friends, is everything on my receipt. 

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!  But to sweeten the deal, I asked about samples at the checkout (my excuse is always my really sensitive skin), and I was offered TWO deluxe samples (along with my husband's daughter in law, "Shalene")!  
Cargo water resistant blush in IBIZA, .14 oz (deluxe sample); full size is .31 oz and retails for $26.00- this sample has a retail value of $11.74.
I dropped my Ulta shopping bag in the driveway, on my way to the door.  It just slipped from my fingers. Everything survived the fall, except for this blush.  So, I worked my magic, busted out my rubbing alcohol and fixed it.  Let me know if you want a tutorial on how I did this!  Ah, but I digress.  I love the texture of this blush- and it really is water resistant!  This is the perfect blend to wear at the beach or pool.  I rinsed my hand with a swatch on it, and the water just beaded up and ran off.  Awesome!

Swatch of Ibiza waterproof blush by Cargo

This is such a pretty, shimmery hot pink.  What an awesome sample, and I received this just because I asked about it!

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream in natural glow, .17 fl oz (deluxe sample); full size is 1.7 oz and retails for $39.00.  This sample has a retail value of $3.90
Juice Beauty makes certified organic makeup and skincare items, and I personally love that!  When I saw this packet in the sample drawer, I said, Oooh- what's the Juice Beauty sample?  I opened it up and this 12 in 1 CC cream smells SO good- a nice, fruity scent and not at all floral.  I put some on my face and it went on silky and soft.  I can't say if I've had any results yet, but I will let you know if I do!

Swatch of Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream in natural glow

My Ulta Hair Haul
That sums up my latest Ulta Haul- and I even took a picture of my receipt to show you the final prices of everything:

My receipt (minus my bonus points numbers!)
That just about wraps up my purchase for Ulta this time!  As you can see, my budget was $30, and I $0.18.  I'm very happy with my purchase, I have to say!

Tell me, have you been to Ulta lately?  What do you think of their latest sale?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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Disclaimer: I purchased these items with my own money my husband's money, and any gifts with purchase were because I met the purchase requirements to receive them.  I was neither requested nor required to review these items, and all links in this post are NOT referral links, except the Ipsy ones.  I totally want a free gift for referring friends.  Sorry!


  1. Great haul! I use to have a cargo eye shadow but I haven't seen that brand in ages! I love how my hair feels after I have been swimming in the ocean too! It just feels so soft! like I have just done a deep conditioning treatment. Some people say the salts and minerals in the water are not good for your hair but I haven't had any issues with it.

    1. I had never heard of Cargo cosmetics before, but I really like this waterproof formula. In the hot and humid days of summer, it's great how it lasts!
      Ocean fresh hair is awesome, and my favorite. My hair usually feels better after a dunk in the briny deep, but my tweens hair gets super dry and crispy. I guess it all depends on what your hair is like :)

  2. Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray gives your hair movable and unbelievable volume, lift and hold.


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