Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Urban Decay HAUL!

I love me some Urban Decay cosmetics, I have to tell you.  I also love me a clearance rack full of awesome products.  Urban Decay's SALE section is chock full of awesome products, at a steep discount- how could anyone expect little ole average me pass it up???

My box just arrived, and I can't wait to share my goodies with you all!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box, sale price $12.00
The first thing that caught my eye is the Ammo Shadow box.  This is an item that UD has re-issued, and I picked up the original palette for only $12.  The cover of this palette is super cute- it's purple velvet embellishment of a smoking gun.  

Ammo Shadow Box
I love these shades, and this box is, in my opinion, a great palette for pretty much any occasion.  Left to right, top to bottom, the shades included are: Smog (bronze shimmer), Mildew (mossy green), Oil Slick (matte black glitter), Last Call (metallic dark purple), Chopper (copper shimmer), Maui Wowie (golden  beige), Shattered (turquoise), Polyester Bride (white with micro glitter), Grifter (lavender), and Sin (champagne).

Swatches of Ammo Shadow Box
Some of these shades have had a bit of fallout for me, but all in all, this is another great palette from Urban Decay.  Love it!

Urban Defense Tinted Moistruizer, in Halo, sale price $9.00
In the summer months, I don't wear foundation unless it's a special occasion.  I tend to gravitate to BB creams and tinted moisturizers.  When I saw that UD had this tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 on sale, I knew I had to have it.
This moisturizer blends well, and feels great on my skin.  I've given this one a true test- a full week of beach time, 3 hours each day, and I have not burned or sweated this stuff off.  This is my new go-to summertime moisturizer.

24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Flipside, sale price $9.50
It's no secret on the internet that the 24/7 glide on eye pencils are the most-loved eyeliner out there.  I seriously love the staying power of this liner, and they are the ONLY eye pencils I like to use.  I saw that this pretty teal shade was on sale, and had to pick one up.

Swatch of flipside
This teal pencil has micro glitter in it, and one swipe of this eye liner, a quick blend with my finger, and it is on all day long, even in the summer sun.  I am really happy with this pencil, and kind of sorry I didn't get another one!

Deluxe Eyeshadow in Ransom, sale price $4
I love my UD Deluxe palette, and one of the shades that I use the most is Ransom.  Since I'm close to hitting pan, I picked up this shade to use, after my palette is empty.  At $4, how could I say no?  The packaging is super cute- I love how it looks like a ransom note!

Ransom shadow

Swatch of ransom
I love how creamy and silky the deluxe eyeshadows are.  They stay where you put them, and last all day. This pretty deep purple is great for a purple smoky eye, or as a pretty accent color. 

Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadow, in Moonspoon, Atmosphere and Retrograde, $6.00 each
I love sparkles, but I am sure you know that by now.  The new Moondust shadows are gorgeous, but at $20 a shade, not so good for my pocketbook.  I thought I would give these a try when I saw them on clearance.

Moonspoon, Atmosphere and Retrograde from the Stardust collection
I love how these shadows open- you squeeze the sides and the lid pops up.  These glittery shadows are beautifully pigmented, but watch out for fallout- it's a hazard to any glitter, I think.

Swatches of Moonspoon, Atmosphere and Retrograde Stardust
I seriously love all of these shades, and they pair very well with my Moondust (Space Cowboy).  I can't decide which one i like the best!

De Slick Oil Control Spray, deluxe sample size, free with purchase
I toyed with purchasing this Oil Control Spray, buy decided not to.  Then, when I went to check out my shopping bag, this was in it as a free gift!  I am super excited to try this out!

Steal Our Look Card for Moondust, free with purchase
You know I love the Moondust, and I'm excited to receive a sample of Moonspoon, even if it is a one time sample.

Inside of the card.
The bonus is, that it came with a sample of the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion.  I'll always take an extra in my package, and this was a nice one.  This sample packet also came with a single use sample of Desperation, to pair with the Moonspoon.

Summer Urban Decay Haul
That pretty much sums up my Summer UD haul.  UD is honestly my favorite makeup brand, and I love everything I received.  Have you shopped UDs summer clearance items?  Find something you like?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Until next time, my friends- Stay average!

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Disclaimer: I purchased these items with my own money my husband's money, and any gifts with purchase were because I met the purchase requirements to receive them.  I was neither requested nor required to review these items, and all links in this post are NOT referral links.  I strive for honesty.

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