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January eBay Haul, Part 3 (final!): Mary Kay, Nailtiques, Vichy Labs, Cetaphil, Clean Well, Dr Dennis Gross, Jergens

I know, I waited forever to write the final part of my review, and I'm very sorry!  Life has been kind of crazy this past week or so, and I just haven't had the time to sit down and thoroughly write my final post on the huge eBay haul I bought waaayy back in January.  Forgive me?!  Please??!! 

My huge and crazy awesome eBay lot I purchased last month!
I've finally finished testing everything else in this lot, and I can't wait to share my thoughts with you!

Mary Kay botanical effects Freshen foil packet
This lot had a whole bunch of Mary Kay samples, and this is the LAST one!  I opened this foil pack one afternoon, and gave it a shot.  With a product called "Freshen", that is exactly what I was hoping for!  This is tricky to review, because freshen doesn't come in the form of wipes like this sample, but in a bottle.  When I opened the foil pack up, all I could think of was, glorified baby wipe, but I do think this was more due to the texture of the wipe in the sample, rather than the product itself.  The product has a pleasant scent, and I felt nice and dewy after I used the wipe.  I'm not sure I would actually purchase this in the future, as I already have face wash that I like, but it was nice for quick pick me up in the afternoon of a long day of being Only Average.  If you would like to try the Freshen, it is available for purchase HERE; $14 for 5 fl oz. ; I can't assign a sample value, as there isn't any weight listed on the packet; sorry!
Grade: 3/5 (and my least favorite of all the MK samples I received)

Nailtiques Oil Therapy
I used to be very obsessed with painting my nails, and keeping them all girly and pretty; my weekly manicure at the salon was a must have!  Well, "mommy-dom" changed that for me, and now I still go to the nail salon, but only for special occasions, or for a special treat.  The oil therapy by Nailtiques is reminiscent of the oil treatment that the manicurist puts on your nails, right before you go and wash your hands (only to return to "please pay now".  LOVE that!).  This therapy is an oil treatment for nails and cuticles, and it is easy to paint on.  I honestly don't notice any difference to my nails and cuticles after trying this three times, but perhaps this is a long term-type product, and my wimpy nails will be stronger in the future.  Time will tell!  If you like to have that real salon-feel at home, I'd say that this is a product for you.  I will let you all know if my nails get any thicker and break less frequently in the coming months, but for now, I'm giving this a neutral score.  My sample here is a full size (smaller size), and is available HERE; retails for $6.99 (this .25 fl oz size) or $11.99 for the larger .5 fl oz size.
GRADE: 3/5

Vichy Laboratories Liftactiv CxP UV
I tried an abundance of wrinkle cream in the past month, and let me tell you, out of all of them, this stuff works!  The Vichy labs cream is labeled on the tube as a bio-lifting daily care anti-wrinkle & firming broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 20 lotion.  Whew, that's a major mouthful!  I used this as my lotion for a week, and the sample provided had exactly enough to last a full week.  I noticed significant changes in my skin from the second application.  My little crows feet and laugh lines were way smaller, and my skin felt firm.  I LOVE this stuff!  I went to price it out, and of COURSE, out of all the products I tried, this is by FAR the most expensive: $40 for a .5 fl oz tube, making this .1 fl oz sample have a retail value of $8.  I abosulutely believe that you get what you pay for, and I will definitely wait for this to go on SALE so that I can convince my hubby that I should have it.  If you want to try this most awesome lotion yourself, go HERE.  
GRADE: 5/5; higher if I could!

Cetaphil UVA/UVB defense SPF 50 facial moisturizer
I have super sensitive, weird skin, and I love to try new lotions to see how my crazy skin will react.  This lotion has a high SPF (and I'm saving some for summer!), which I love, and was ok as a moisturizer.  This just smelled like sunblock; which I suppose is basically what it is.  I loved the Vichy labs lotion so much, that I can't get excited about the Cetaphil one; but if you are of the fair persuasion, this is something I would highly recommend; especially if you spend a significant time outside.  If you would like to check this one out for yourself, go HERE; $11.19 for a full size (1.7 oz) tube; very reasonably priced.  My little sample is .20 fl oz, and has a retail value of $1.34.
GRADE: 4/5 (3/5 as a lotion, 5/5 as a sun protection product)

Clean Well All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipe
It's currently cold and flu season in the part of the country I live, so I definitely had a chance to test this one out!  We all use hand sanitizer frequently in my home, so something that isn't in a tube to open and squirt all over my purse is seriously a welcome thing!

Awesome HUGE 5x7" wipe!

I opened up the foil pack to test it out, and was seriously wowed at how HUGE the wipe was!  I can't quite put my finger on the scent, but it's kind of a cross between lemon and vanilla.  Not a bad scent, but not a familiar one either.  These wipes are available HERE; in both canisters and foil packs.  A package of 250 foil packs is $137.99; my single sample is valued at $.55.
GRADE: 5/5

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pad
I don't really "do" the whole tanning thing, unless I can sit out on the beach and soak up the sun for real.  Guess it's a good thing I LIVE at the beach!  My beautiful 10 year old daughter is always excited to try new things, so she helped me test this one out.
The wipe was yellow, but it didn't stain my fingers.
I opened up the foil pack, and pulled out the little wipe.  It wasn't brown in color, but definitely a yellow.  I let my little bug try it out, and followed the package directions, rubbing it on in a circular motion.  

"Before" shot (and I have NO idea what exactly is on the TV in the background- some kids show!)
Immediately after
I personally didn't notice any difference right after we applied the product, but I sent her to the bathroom, to add some more, and then we waited an hour and took another photo.
One hour later
NOW I see a difference!  It is important to note that the packet reads that the product does NOT contain any sunscreen (not really an issue for me because my BB creme is SPF 30), and to wash your hands immediately after use.  I am assuming the whole hand washing thing is to not stain your hands, and so that you don't get it in your mouth or eyes, but I'm really not sure.  Please note that I read this AFTER applying the product to my kid.  See why I'm Only Average?!  Well, you can judge the results for yourself; if you are a sunless tanner, and like what you see (all pictures are with a flash, in the same spot in my home, within only a 1hour total time lapse) go ahead and give these wipes a try!  They are available HERE; $18 for a 10 pack of wipes; making my sample of 1 wipe valued at $1.80.  I will add that having the wipes individually wrapped is definitely a convenient bonus in my thinking- easy to pack or add to your purse for an instant glow!  
Grade: 4/5

Jergens Daily Moisture Lotion
The very last sample is a lotion sample; I love lotion and have a fairly decent assortment in the house to choose from.  I gave the Jergens a try, and it worked fairly well.  It was a bit greasy, but on par for most drugstore lotions (not body butters).  The lotion had a pleasant scent, and the sample was enough to do my hands and arms to my elbows.  I have another brand that is my current lotion fave, so I probably won't be picking this up, but it is a solid hand lotion.  If you want to give Jergens a try, go HERE; $3.99 for 10 fl oz (small size); $6.49 for 21 fl oz (large size).  My sample is .049 oz, and valued at $0.01.
GRADE: 4/5

Well, that concludes my review of all of the products in the eBay lot that I purchased.  The lot included 3 makeup bags and a mirror (which I LOVE!), but I didn't think that anyone would be interested in a review of those things.  I will say that I popped in eBay to see if I received feedback from the seller on this lot (haven't yet), and I noticed that her description of items included a few things that I did NOT receive; some jewelry items, a coupon, and more MK samples.  I am SO not worried about these missing items; I am very happy with the lot, and definitely got my money's worth. I only mention this, as a reminder to be careful when buying from eBay (or any auction/reseller site!), because all we ever have is the seller's word that the items being sent are as described.  I would totally buy another beauty sample lot again, and would buy from this seller (if you are reading this, seller, I LOVE this lot- thank you!  please leave us feedback!) again, if there was something I was looking for!

I hope you enjoyed my Only Average perspective on these great products, and maybe my thoughts and trials will help you find something new that you love!  Is there a product you would like to see me review?  A service you think I would like? Agree with me, disagree with me?  Leave me a comment, let me know!

Disclaimer:  The items listed above were paid for by my own money.  I am not being compensated or required to review any of these items, and the opinions listed are my own true feelings.  I have not been compensated, and the links shown are NOT referral links. 

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