Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January ebay Haul Review Part 1 Mary Kay, Redkin Rough Paste, NuMe Hydro Punch

Hello, all you Average people out there!

I won an ebay auction recently, for a large lot of beauty samples.  As there are SO many, if I put all of my thoughts into one post, my computer just might explode.  Therefore, I am going to try to separate my thoughts on my new things into smaller (hopefully) posts.  

Lots of foil packets in my ebay haul auction lot!

Today when I woke up, I decided that I would test the Mary Kay samples I received.

Botanical Effects "Cleanse"

I used the Mary Kay Botanical Effects cleanse foil packet sample on my face, instead of my regular Clinique routine (3 steps).  According to the foil packet, the cleanser is: "Suitable for sensitive skin.  Free from alcohol, fragrance and synthetic dyes.  Non-comedogenic.  Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy."  All of these things are good, because I have strangely sensitive skin.  I cut open my packet and used it on my face while I was in the shower. My face did not feel as dry as it does after I use the facial soap (Step 1), which is a good thing.  As there was no follow up lotions or anything mentioned on the packet, I assume that this is supposed to replace all 3 steps of the routine I learned from Clinique, which is a cleansing soap, toning lotion, and facial lotion.  I liked the feeling on my face, and my dry skin (in the winter) did not feel dry at all.  My foil packet didn't say if it was the formula for dry, oily or normal skin, so I can't tell you exactly which one it was, but all three are available at Mary Kay, and retail for $14 for 4 oz.  The retail value of my .1 oz foil packet is $0.35.  This is much cheaper than my Clinique cleansers, so I may look into purchasing the full size of this product.  Grade: 5/5

Two foil packs in one!  Microdermabrasion, both steps. Refine and Replenish

While I was in the shower, I also decided to try the Mary Kay Timewise microdermabrasion steps 1 and 2; another foil packet.  I hate foil packets, but I do tend to try to use them, just so that they are not hanging around for my kids to get into them.  Both of the steps in my packet are for dry to oily skin (isn't that everyone?) and are oil and fragrance free.  Step 1, called Refine,  is basically a lotion substance that has tiny granules in it.  When I tried this, it didn't hurt at all, but felt like I was wet sanding my face.  I suppose essentially, I was.  What you are supposed to do is apply this to your wet face, and use your fingertips to rub it in, avoiding the eyes and mouth areas.  I then rinsed it off, and dried my face, then I applied step 2. Step 2 is called Replenish, and is basically a lotion.  After I applied this, also avoiding my mouth and eye areas as the packet suggested, my skin felt baby soft.  Seriously. What I liked about this product is that I don't need a special machine to apply the paste, I just use my fingers.  I really liked this, and may just look into getting some at a later date!  These products are also available at Mary Kay's website; step 1 is $30 for 2.5 oz.; step 2 is $25 for 1 fl. oz.  The retail value of my little foil packet is $1.20 for step 1, $1 for step 2, so $2.20 total.  Grade: 4.5/5

I figure, it can't make my eye wrinkles worse, right?

 I also decided to try the little sample I have of Mary Kay's timewise age fighting wrinkle cream.  The foil packet (sigh) says to "gently pat" the product around the eye area, and that is is for dry to oily skin.  I tried this out, and it seems a little greasy for my particular taste, and I am not sure if I noticed any immediate results (that would be impressive, though!).  The sample has enough in the packet that I can try it again tomorrow, and perhaps I will have a better feel for the product then. In my ebay lot, there were several wrinkle creams, and as this is the first I've tested, I can't say if this is the best one.  This product retails for $26 for a .65 oz package.  (I think their website is trying to kill me and my below average math skills; the tube online is in oz and grams, the packet I have is in fl. oz and mL.) My best guess is that my sample foil packet has a retail value of $0.40, and I got two uses out of it.  Grade: 3/5 (neutral as I have never really used wrinkle cream before and don't really know what to expect)

Front of the card

Inside the card.  The makeup samples are on the right (under a clear film) and hints and tips are on the left.  I LOVE the lipstick sample, such a cute idea!
In the interest of keeping all the Mary Kay products together, I'm skipping hair for now, and going on to makeup.  I received a color card for the "berries" collection, and tried it out.  I have never tried to get eye shadow off of a little sample card before, and I had better luck with some brushes, than with others.  The mineral eye colors went on smoothly (after I got them off the card), and the colors I used are Sweet Plum (lid; a shimmery dark purple) Silver Satin (crease; a shimmery medium grey) and Moonstone (highlight; shimmery light shade). I like how the colors are in a set so I can see a full effect, and know that they will look good together.  My skills are Only Average, after all.  I can't say how these look in the pan (as I haven't seen or felt them), but they went on nicely and blended well (on top of UD primer potion).  The blush color (interesting to get on my brush!) is Bold Berry from the mineral cheek color collection.  After applying, I absolutely had the look of rosy cheeks.  I am picky about blush, and this is a very pretty color.  I never would have looked at this color in the store, as I think it would have been too dark, but it really wasn't, and looks nice. This blush has a semi-matte finish that suited my preferred look. That's the fun part about samples, though, finding something new to try!  The lip color on the card is called whipped berries, from their line of Creme lipstick, with a satin finish.  I loved using the sample for this, you take off the top layer of film, fold in half, and press your lips to it.  I only had to touch up a couple spots, it went on well and was fun at the same time! I'm not much of a lipstick fan, however, so I applied a gloss on top.  More on that in a minute.  Pricing on what I received samples of: (I am not even going to try to price it out individually as the samples were intended for one time use) 
  Grade: 4/5 

Such a CUTE little wand, I LOVE it!

I realize you can't see it, but there really IS a swatch on my hand.  it is clear, and just a touch sparkly.

Because I don't care for lipstick, I wanted to top my lips with a gloss.  I used another sample from my ebay haul, also from MK.  The Nourishine Plus lip gloss in icicle went on smooth, and had a sparkly finish.  The gloss is clear, with sparkles in it, and wasn't sticky at all.  I love how they include a tiny wand to apply the gloss with in the sample, SO cute! The sample was enough for me to use and reapply a couple times throughout the day, which is nice. There isn't a weight on the sample, so I can't tell you the value of my sample. but the full size of this product is $14 for a .15 fl oz tube, with wand applicator in the lid.  Grade: 5/5 (I hate sticky gloss, and love the sparkle!)

This is the PERFECT size to put in a teeny tiny handbag for a night out, and I LOVE that it still has a full size wand on this sample size!

I also received a "one time use" sample of MK's Ultimate Mascara, in what I assume is the color black.  I like the one time use container, and that it has a full size wand.  More companies should offer mascara samples like that!  That being said, I don't like this mascara.  My lashes still look miniscule, after multiple coats.  This did make my bottom lashes stand out a bit more, and it is staying put very well.  I had no clumping, smudging or flaking issues with it at all.  This mascara would be great for someone who already has longer length lashes, or uses falsies. I, however, have tiny lashes, and as I was going for an every day look, I didn't want to bust out my false lashes.  Maybe this would be good for bottom lashes, but not the top; either way, I don't think this product is for me.  If you want to try this one out, it is available from MK's site (or your MK rep, if you have/know one.  Retail for full size is $15.00, .28 oz tube.  I could only guess at the value of my sample, as there is no weight on the container, just "one time use".  Grade: 3/5 (simply because my bottom lashes look nice)

Cute little tube, and it was sealed on the inside (love that!), about enough in the sample for two uses.
While I was in the shower, I also tried a conditioner that was my sample lot, that is from a brand I have never heard before, called NuMe.  I live under a rock, ok, and my hair is so hard to style, I usually just give up the fight early on.  The name of the conditioner is Hydro Punch, and the pack of the tube reads, "Professional solution for dry or coloured hair making revolutionary synergy between traditional Moroccan Berber women Argan oil and innovative patented technology of Seratin-K protein complex. The active ingredients replenish moisture for intense softness, movement and shine.  Ok, I'm not entirely sure what all that means and I don't understand all of those words, but I do know Argan oil is good for my hair, and I'll try anything once.  I used this after my normal shampoo, and my hair didn't feel soft after I rinsed it out, so I used my deep conditioning treatment afterwards (I have crazy dry and super thin hair).  The final result was my hair was softer than if I don't use conditioner before I use the deep conditioning treatment, so I think it did some good.  I'm not sure I would go to the trouble of ordering this, though, so once my little tube is empty, that will probably be the end of it, since I can get decent conditioners at my local grocery store, or at the 'Mart.  If you want to try it out, it is available HERE, and is $24.99 for 8.45 oz. My .67 oz sample has the retail value of $2  Grade: 4/5

Very nice sized sample, I will get several uses out of this.
After I washed my hair, I applied Argon oil (as usual), and tried another sample from my haul, to use during styling.  I have super dry, thin and kinky curly hair, so it is very hard to manage.  I received a sample of Redken Rough paste 12, and decided to try it out.  After googling it to figure out what it is supposed to do (the only hint on the container is "working material".  What exactly does that mean?), I applied a quarter sized amount to my hair (it may be thin but it's long), and worked it in.  I am happy to say that it helped define my curls a bit, and definitely added volume to my hair.  I will have to give this product a bit longer test, but my first impression is that it is something that I would like to try again, and because it's a deluxe size sample, I can!  This stuff absolutely took my below average hair, and made it at least Only Average (as we all know is all I try to be), so that is definitely a step in the right direction!  Ulta sells this in store only, and carry both the full and the "travel size" I received, the full size (2.5 oz) is $18, the .75oz sample/travel size is $5.50. also sells the full size of this product for $18.90.  Grade: so far, 4/5 (I wish it had a little more hold)

 So, here is my final look, with the products listed above.  I also used:
Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB creme (light)
Urban Decay Primer Potion (original)
Hard Candy Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer (light)
Raw Natural Minerals Active Veil
Be a Bombshell eyeliner (Onyx)

Note the teeny, tiny lashes.
Today's awkward pose



  1. I love this!!!!!! So glad that you posted a picture, What a beautiful look on you! I really love the lip color and am very glad you shared. Your curls look amazing, and over all gorgeous!!!! Great post!

    1. I'm glad you like the picture! The hair is 100% due to the rough paste, my curls are not anywhere NEAR as full without it!! Thank you :)

  2. I also have had the MK mascara. I agree with you, not good for short lashes, as that is what I have as well. The bottom lashes boomed! Just as yours have. I loved the little sample tube as well.. I just don't care much for the mascara much itself as it doesn't really complete the job!

    1. It gets a "nice try" from me :) There are other formulas out there (cheaper, too!) that are more for me. Thanks for the input :)

  3. Hi,
    I just happened onto your blogsite & really enjoyed this post! Your unpretentious style & candor is breath of fresh air....
    The products you modeled are pretty & flattering colors!

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