Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Facts- Girl Scout cookie edition

Happy Monday, everyone!  It's Girl Scout cookie time, and this weekend was the first weekend of cookie booth sales, so I've been out pushing cookie crack at various locations. It's Monday, and that means that it's time for me to reflect on the craziness that I called a weekend :)

Husband's can't tell time.  Ever.

Just because someone orders cookies, doesn't mean that they want to PAY for them when they come in.  It's not the end of the world, though; because someone else will want them, and be willing to pay for them.

Girl Scout cookies are like crack to some people.

Girl Scout cookies are NOT made from real Girl Scouts. This is a good thing.

When you ask a parent who is working at a cookie booth if they are good on cookies, they will only answer with thoughts towards their own booth time slot; and not the ones following.  Expect to have to call cookie mom to come and bring cookies at least once.

Be nice to the cookie mom.  She controls what you have to sell at the booth, and is the one who has to drive an hour EACH WAY to pick up cookies.  

Leaders and cookie mom/dads are volunteers.  Treat them with respect.  They are ALL overworked and grossly under paid.  In fact, we not only are unpaid, we actually have to PAY to be these adults: registration, training, and so on are NOT free for us.

For every parent that is involved with their kids, in regards to Scouts, there are at least TWO that are not.  This number should be reversed.

No one reads the newsletters.  But if you are late putting one out, everyone will comment about it.

Not every parent will read your emails, newsletters, or permission slips; and won't attend parent meetings.  They just won't.

Just because you are 18, does not make you an adult in the Girl Scout world.  If you are still in High School, you are still a kid to me.  I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings.

You will never make everyone happy at your booth.  There is always someone who wants a cookie that your council doesn't carry, or isn't happy with how the girls are decorated.  Thank these people for their input, and promptly forget about them.

It's awesome when a dad is involved with their daughter.  I absolutely love to see this.

It is not easy to be at a cookie booth, even for 2 hours, when it is freezing cold and there are high winds.  It's still necessary, because the Cookie Locator will tell someone that you are there, and they will want cookie crack, and if you aren't there, then they won't get their cookie crack, and will possibly call council.  It all rolls down hill.  So suck it up and go to the booth, just wear 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and 2 coats.

If you tell the cookie mom that one of your kids is sick, and that's why she's not at the booth, DO NOT have that kid show up at the booth, looking happy, healthy, and bouncy.  We know it's cold.  Our kids are out there.  We are out there.  But most of all, DO NOT expect us to give that nice warm boothless kid credit for being at the booth.  Sorry.  Our kids earned those cookies.  At least have the respect for us to tell us the truth.  

Those who have the least will likely give the most.  You will sell more cookies to the tired mom in a beat up car, than to the lady dress in finery driving a Mercedes.  Truth.

People only want to buy cookies when you are on the phone, counting cookies or counting money.  This is a guaranteed way to get people to notice your booth.  Maybe we should count the cookies more often during our time slots.  Just sayin'

Nobody follows all the rules, no matter what.  It's just a fact of life.  The trick is, not getting CAUGHT not following the rules.

Spend the extra $2 and get the cash box that has the money clips.  Trust me, it's worth it.  Wish we had.

Looking tired and cold will, contrary to popular belief, help you sell more cookies.  Unless you are at a crap location.

I think that's about all I have for this week's Only Average Randomness.  I know it's all cookie related, but, honestly, that's all I did this weekend. so what else did you expect? I AM Only Average, after all.  I hope you have a great week, and that your Monday doesn't suck as bad as it could.  Stay Average!

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Leave a comment and let me know!  Am I right in calling them "crack"? 

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