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January Ebay HAUL!

You know, sometimes I forget the eBay exists. I know, it's terrible of me.  But sometimes I DO remember, and do some browsing to see what I can find.  The other day, I came across a lot of beauty samples, from past Ipsy bags, Dermstore, Birchbox, and Mary Kay.  It was relatively inexpensive, given what was in the bag (some items I was very interested in trying), and I put out a minimum bid.  To my great surprise (and child-like glee), I won the auction.  Here is a list of all the items I received; I will do several separate posts on my review of them- there is so much stuff in this bag, I couldn't do it all at once!
Check out all the stuff I received, for $24 (shipping included)!!

  In this mixed lot, there were lots and lots of samples, including some of the dreaded foil packs.  

Foil Packs!!
Mary Kay botanical effects Mask  available HERE, $14 (4 oz. tube)
 1.  Mary Kay botanical effects Mask, .1 oz foil packet. This says on the back that it is suitable for sensitive skin, so I will definitely try this out.  Retail value of this sample is $0.35

Mary Kay botanical effects Freshen available HERE, $14 (5 fl oz. bottle)
 2.  Mary Kay botanical effects Freshen moist towelette.  This is supposed to restore the skin's natural pH and improve the skin's texture, according to MK's website.  This is available in 3 different formulas; I assume that this is for "normal" skin.  This also says approved for use on sensitive skin (like me!!).  I can't put a retail value on this sample, as it is a towelette, with no weight listed; and the product is only sold in liquid form.  

Mary Kay botanical effects Cleanse, available HERE, $14 (4 oz tube)
 3.  Mary Kay botanical effects Cleanse, .1 oz foil packet.  This is also approved for sensitive skin; I look forward to trying this, as my current skin routine is 3 steps, and this appears to be only one!  Retail value of this sample is $0.35 (not bad, for a cleanser, per use!)

Mary Kay timewise microdermabrasion steps 1 & 2, available HERE, $30 for step 1, refine (2.5 oz tube); $25 for step 2, replenish (1 fl oz tube)
 4.  Mary Kay timewise Microdermabrasion set.  This is technically 2 samples, but they are attached, and are meant to be used together.  The step 1 sample, Refine, is to remove the top layer of dead skin on your face, and the .1 oz sample has a retail value of $1.20.  The step 2 sample, replenish, is to moisturize the skin after you preform step 1, and the .04 fl oz sample has a retail value of $1.  Total retail value of this sample set is $2.20 (wow!  for a foil pack, that's actually fairly pricey)

Mary Kay timewise Age-fighting eye cream, available HERE,$26 (.65 oz tube)
5.  Mary Kay timewise Age-fighting eye cream, .01 fl oz foil packet.  This product is supposed to help ease the appearance and help prevent wrinkles in the eye area.  I've never used a wrinkle cream before (I AM only average, after all), and as I received a few different ones in this eBay lot, I get the chance to try a few out. Retail value of this sample is $.40

Mary Kay color card, berry collection.

Inside the color card, samples on the right.  Everything on this card is available HERE, $6.50 (eye shadow, all shades .05 oz); $10 (cheek color, .18 oz) and $15 (lipstick, .13 oz tube)
6. Mary Kay color card, with the berry collection.  This is a super cute idea, although I am not sure if there is enough product on the card to use as a full makeover (especially the eye shadow).  The lipstick sample is super cute, too, I can't wait to try this out!  I can't share the retail value of this sample, as it has no weights or stats listed, but I can share with you the colors shown.  Mineral eye color (top) in Moonstone (left), Silver Satin (middle), and Sweet Plum (right); mineral cheek color (middle) in Bold Berry; and creme lipstick (bottom) in Whipped Berries.

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in black (I assume), found HERE, $15 (.28 oz tube)
 7. Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, single use sample.  I am assuming the color is black, but there is no color specified on the tube, that I noticed.  I love that this sample has a full size wand, which is rare for a sample!  As there is no weight on the tube (that I could see, anyway), I can't list a retail value of this sample.

Mary Kay nourishine lip gloss (Icicle), available HERE, $14 (.15 fl oz tube with wand applicator)
 8. Mary Kay nourishine lip gloss foil packet, in the color Icicle.  I absolutely LOVE that this comes with a teeny tiny lip wand!  The color is clear with iridescent sparkle in it.  I can't wait to try this- I LOVE lip gloss!  This is another sample with no weight listed, so I can't list a retail value of this sample.

Mary Kay nourishine lip gloss (Fancy Nancy), available HERE, $14 (.15 fl oz tube with wand applicator)
 9. Mary Kay nourishine lip gloss sample foil packet, in the shade Fancy Nancy.  This is a sheer peach color, as you can kind of see in my swatch above.  I didn't want to do too big of a swatch, as this is a tiny sample!  No retail value available for this one, either.

Mary Kay mirror.  I couldn't find this for sale on MK's website, but there are several auction on eBay for this mirror.
Mirror when assembled, and tilted away from the camera.
10. Mary Kay mirror with tray.  This was an extra bonus in my package, and I really like it!  The mirror stores flat, and assembles easy, tilts, and has a small tray.  No retail value for the mirror available, but if you want one, check out eBay; I saw several for sale there.

Nailtiques Oil Therapy, available HERE, $6.99 (this size, .25 fl oz) or $11.99 (larger .5 fl oz size)
 11. Nailtiques Oil Therapy, full size sample, .25 fl oz (smaller size).  I think this product is meant to strengthen nails and soften cuticles, but honestly, the package insert is huge and is generic to their entire product line, and I have adult ADD so I just kind of said, TLDR.  I will give it a shot, though, and hope it doesn't make my nails fall off because I didn't properly read the insert. Retail value: $6.99
Circus by Andrea's Choice nail color (Tightrope), available HERE, $29.95, set of 5 colors
12.  Circus by Andrea's Choice nail color in tightrope.  This is ALMOST a full size product at .45 fl oz (full size is .5 fl oz, according to the website).  This is an item from a past Ipsy MyGlam bag, and one of the reasons I bid on this particular lot.  I love purples, greens and blues, (and my BFF is a RAVENS fan) and I am really excited to try out this color.  One thing I WILL say, is that the front page for the website for this polish is an unusual add for nail polish: her hands are behind her back!  Retail value of this sample: $5.99

Be A Bombshell eyeliner (Onyx), available HERE, $14 (.1 fl oz)
13. Be a Bombshell eyeliner in Onyx, full size.  This is an item from a past Ipsy MyGlam Bag, also.  I was super excited to try this out, and was seriously wowed by the size of the felt tip of the eyeliner marker.  It looks kind of like a regular Crayola marker!  The swatch here shows how well it smudged right away (but seriously stayed put!), and then a thin line.  I think this one will take some practice, but I am excited to try it.  The packaging needs some work, though, I think; the cap is very easy to remove.  Retail value: $14

Stila lip glaze (Lights), available HERE(just not in this color), $12 (3 pack, .05 fl oz each) or $22 (.08 fl oz)
14. Stila lip glaze in the color Lights.  This is apparently part of a 3 pack made exclusively for Birchbox (I don't currently have a BB subscription), and is a larger sample size/3 pack regular size of .05 fl oz.  As you can see by the swatch, it's a sheer neutral gloss, in the brown family.  I had to click the tube for what really felt like forever to get the product to appear in the brush, so fair warning.  The website link above is for Stila's website, where you can order this product in a whole bunch of colors, just not this one.  Birchbox's webiste said that this product is sold out.  Retail value of this sample: $4 (1/3 of a 3 pack)

S.A.L.T.Y Cosmetics loose luxury mineral eye shadow (glama-ZOID!), available HERE, $4.50 (small 1g size) or $14.97 (large 2.5 g size)
Pretty shimmery pink/purple/white duo-tone.

15. S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics loose luxury mineral eye shadow in the shade glama-ZOID!.  This is another item from past Ipsy MyGlam bags, and I am excited to try it out.  I am an eyeshadow junkie, and I love loose shadows.  This is a full size sample, the small size, and apparently specially blended just for Ipsy. The picture of the swatch really doesn't do it justice; it's a very pretty iridescent purple/pink/white color, perfect for highlight or lid color for a neutral eye.  Sample retail price: $4.50

Raw Natural Minerals Active Veil with Sunscreen SPF 18, available HERE, $20 (.07 oz) sale price; this is discontinued

It is difficult to see in this swatch, as it blended so well, but there is a hint of shimmer in this powder.
16.  Raw Natural Minerals Active Veil Sunscreen (SPF 18), full size product (.07 oz).  I am excited to try this out, as I have always wanted to use mineral powder, to see how it does with my super sensitive skin.  Shimmer in a face powder kind of scares me, though: I'm not sure I'm ready for the Vampire look!  Also, this item is discontinued, and expires 3/13.  I just opened the seal, though, so hopefully I can use this until it is gone, and that the expiration date, is more of a "sell by" date.  Anyone know anything about mineral makeup and expiration dates?  Retail value: $20, although the price tag says $25.

Redken rough paste 12, available HERE, $18.90 (2.5 oz) or at Ulta stores; this size $5.50, full size $18
 17.Redken Rough Paste 12 sample (.75 oz).  I have super crazy dry and frizzy hair, that usually I give up on styling and just throw it up in a pony tail. I can't wait to give this stuff a try to see if it can help me do anything halfway normal with my hair.  This is a "travel size/deluxe sample size", with a retail value of $5.50 (whoo hoo!)

NuMe Hydro Punch hydrating conditioner, available HERE, $24.99 (8.45 oz)
 18.NuMe Hydro Punch conditioner.  This sample size tube is .67 oz, and although I haven't heard of NuMe before (sorry if I live under a rock, I have kids, and am only average, after all!), but I am excited to try this out too- anything to make my crazy hair close to normal!  The retail value of this sample is $2.00.

Clean Well all natural hand sanitizing wipe, available HERE, $137.99 (250 ct. foil packets), also available in canisters and wipe packs.
 19.Clean Well all natural hand sanitizing wipe, foil packet.  This is one product I like to have in a foil packet because it makes it easy to toss in my tiny purse and take it with me.  The company who makes these sells the hand sanitizing wipes in canisters and wipe packs, but I personally would be afraid to buy those because I would probably mistake them for diaper wipes.  Ouch.  This sample packet has a retail value of $0.55.

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare alpha beta glow pad, available HERE, $18 (10 pack of foil pack towelettes)

20. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Glow Pad foil packet.  This is basically a sunless tanning wipe.  I am skeptical about this because firstly, I don't use tanners, and secondly, why would I want my face dark (from the wipe) but be Paley McPale Pale everywhere else? Sure, I could use more than one wipe to do my legs, hands, arms, etc., but at the price of these?  It's just not for me.  I will give this a go, though, and let you all know what my thoughts are on the actual product.  The retail value of this sample packet is $1.80.

Vichy Laboratories Liftactiv CxP UV, available HERE, $40 (.5 fl oz)
 21.Vichy Laboratories Liftactiv CxP UV bio-lifting daily care anti-wrinkle & firming cream with broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 20 sample, .1 fl oz tube.  I again, don't have much experience with wrinkle creams, and I don't understand all the words I just typed, but I will give this a try and see if I lose any of my crow's feet or forehead wrinkles.  I think that is what this is supposed to do, anyway.  Retail value of this sample is $8 (holy crow!  I ran the math on this three times, just to make sure it was right!)

Caudalie Paris Vinexpert Firming Serum, available HERE, $88 (30mL tube)
 22.Caudalie Paris Vinexpert Firming Serum tube, 7mL.  When I picked this up, it felt really light, so I thought it was possible that it was used before it made it to me (the ONLY sample in this lot that I had that thought about), but I think it's just a really loosely filled tube.  This is another wrinkle cream, and I will give it a try.  It is really expensive, though, so unless it makes my skin look like a 10 year old's, I probably won't buy it.  Retail value of this sample is (ready? sitting down?) $20.53 (I ran the math on this several times too).  

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM, available HERE, $12.99 (3 fl oz tube)
 23.CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion in their AM formula, sample tube is 5g.  I'm not sure I understand the point of using a different lotion in the morning and at night, and I probably won't with this sample, as I only have the AM formula and not the PM.  I will give it a try, though, and let you all know! The retail value of this sample is $0.73.

Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50 facial moisturizer, available HERE, $11.19 (1.7 oz tube)
 24.Cetaphil UVA/UVB defense SPF 50 facial moisturizer, sample size tube (.2 fl oz).  I love using a moisturizer with an SPF in it, and as I have very pale and easily burnable skin, I love that this has a high SPF.  I will definitely give this a try and see what I think!  Retail value of this sample is $1.34.

Jergens Daily Moisture body lotion, available HERE, $6.49 (21 fl oz bottle)
25. Jergens Daily Moisture lotion foil packet sample, 1.4 g. I've use Jergens before and not been overly impressed.  This sample used to have a coupon attached to it, but the person selling the lot kept it (fine with me, honestly). For a foil packet on a card lotion sample, it's a fairly decent size, so I'm happy to try it, but I am not expecting fantastic results, but that's ok.  Retail value of this sample is $0.01.

The super cute bags I received in this HUGE lot :)

Black mesh cosmetic bag from Mary Kay cosmetics (?)
 26.Black Mesh bag from Mary Kay.  I couldn't find this on the website for sale, but I think it likely is paired with the mirror, as it fits perfectly in this bag. I love mesh cosmetic bags!

Orange and bright pink mesh bag from Ipsy/MyGlam brand.
 27.Ipsy mesh cosmetic bag, from a past MyGlam bag.  I love the colors in this bag, the bright orange and pink work great for my taste.  If I switch to a bigger purse, I will totally put my cosmetics in this- it will be easy to find with it's colors and texture!  The bags aren't available for sale without a subscription, so I don't have a retail price for this.  You can find these on eBay, though, if you want your very own!

Snakeskin print cosmetic bag with purple accents, Dermstore brand.
28. Dermstore snakeskin print bag.  I love the purples on this bag, but if I were going to keep it, the purple "dermstore" tag would have to go!  My oldest asked to have this, and once I'm done keeping my "to test" samples in it, it will happily belong to her.  I couldn't find a price for this one either, but it is super cute!

Ok, I THINK this is everything in this lot.  I'm sorry for being so picture heavy, but I want to show everything, and hopefully you can find an awesome lot like think on eBay for yourselves too!

Total retail value of my samples: $ 99.24 vs. the $24 I paid, including shipping.  That is NOT including any price for the cosmetic bags, or the samples that I wasn't able to find a price for.  I would give this a grade of Above Average!  I love it when I come out this far ahead!  I really wanted to try several of these items, and possibly I will find a few new favorites too.  

I know, I know, I've been doing a lot of "beauty" posts lately, I'm sorry!  I'm just on this kick where I want to be a girly girl.

Like my stuff?  Want to see a detailed review for a particular item?  Leave a comment and let me know!  Love something you see here?  Hate it?  Let me know that too! 
I love to review products, so if there is something you would like me to try and give my honest thoughts on, please message me or comment and I would be happy to do so.

Disclaimer:  The items listed above were paid for by my own money.  I am not being compensated or required to review any of these items, and the opinions listed are my own true feelings.  I have not been compensated, and the links shown are NOT referral links.  The ads on the page, however do benefit me, so if you see something you like, give it a click!  Thank you!

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