Monday, February 4, 2013

Life's Little Lessons

I tried this last week, and really liked the reflection I experienced, so I think I will try to do it again this week.  It's been a crazy week at my home, and I have learned (or rediscovered) some of life's little lessons.  Here is what I learned this week:

If your husband has bronchitis, then expect him to be home from work for most of the week.  

If your husband is sick, your children will most definitely get sick, or pretend to be sick, to fight for your attention. 

If someone wakes you up and tells you that your child's fever is "one hundred five", don't freak out right away, because they probably forgot to say the decimal point.

Just because you've known someone for two years, and see them each week, and exchange texts and emails frequently, doesn't mean that they will remember your name when they are introducing you to another friend.

Just because someone's child has been in class with yours for six consecutive years (minus one), and sees them twice a week, every week, doesn't mean that they will remember their name when telling a story.

Generic Oreos + peanut butter + brownie mix + 350 degrees + 20 minutes = awesomeness.  Best math ever.

It's better not to be a Supermom, but to be Only Average.  Supermom will eventually fall, as all Super people have their kriptonite.  Us Only Average ones know it's ok to fall, and don't built ourselves up so high that if we do fall, WHEN we do fall, it's only a skinned knee and not a broken leg.  Way better. Plus, it's much less likely to be on tv.

The meaning of life might not be Girl Scout cookies, but when your kid is selling them, it may seem like it.

If one of your kids is on the "bubble gum" medicine, the other one will cry for an hour every day because they don't get to have some too.

If you are a department head in a volunteer position, and you miss an administrative council meeting because your kid has strep throat and your husband had to work late, the people who despise you on the council will make countless changes to your department, and it's policies.  They probably won't tell you about them until you get the minutes for the meeting a week before the next one, either.

Just because you don't care what people say about you, doesn't mean that others can't hurt your feelings.

It is possible to have two kids with two broken left arms.  Just ask my BFF.  It could always be worse.

No matter what you do, it is impossible to please everyone.  Just worry about pleasing the people you love.  Let the haters hate.  

Sometimes, it is possible to make NO mistakes, and still lose. 
Finally, if your husband is in possession of a vehicle and something major happens to it, it's no big deal.  If you are in possession of a vehicle and anything happens to it, it's the end of the world.

So, that's my Only Average lessons for the day.  Do you like my weekly wrapup with tidbits from my average life?  Hate it?  Have your own Life Lesson you would like to share?  Let me know, leave a comment! 
I hope you all have a great week, and stay average!


  1. This is a wonderful reflection of everyday life. Love it. It takes some complete awesomeness to be AVERAGE!!!!!! :)

    1. Average isn't, well average any more. If you try to be superwoman, you only set yourself up for a epic fail. If you just try to be your best (aka AVERAGE), then you can at least go to bed at night knowing that you tried your hardest. There is no perfect. There is nothing here (at least) to be jealous of, because for anything I excel in, there is something that I am horrible at. I believe it's the same for everyone. It's time to stop pretending that we are amazing, perfect, the best at everything, and just be happy with who we are and what our own talents are. Average. :)

    2. Also, it's ok to reach for the stars, to want more from life, and I'm all for self-improvement. Just don't pretend you have already achieved it if you haven't. Dreams are wonderful, and, I believe, Only Average, because EVERYONE has them :)


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