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January eBay Haul Review Part 2: CeraVe, Claudalie, Mary Kay, Raw Natural Minerals, Stila, S.A.L.T.Y., Be A Bombshell, & Circus by Andrea's Choice

Hello, my lovelies!
As I explained in my first post in this series, my eBay lot was just too big to review everything in detail all at once, plus, I can only try out so many new skin care products at one time, so I need to spread it out a bit.  Behold, part 2 of my detailed review of my awesome January eBay haul.

Crazy Awesome eBay Lot

Since I've had this lot for about a week now, I've been able to run some of these products through the ringer.

CeraVe AM facial moisturizing lotion  Cute little tube!
I have very sensitive skin that can't decide if it wants to be oily or dry. The term "normal" does not even come close to applying!  This lotion does a nice job of keeping my skin moisturized, and it's nice that it has sunscreen in it (SPF 30). The texture is pleasing, and my face was well moisturized. I will say, however, that this doesn't smell like lotion as much as it smells like sunscreen. Because I use BB cream instead of foundation (unless I'm going out), I'm not entirely sure what the point is in having an AM and PM lotion, but that's ok.  I AM Only Average, after all.  I don't actually need SPF in my lotion, so I don't think this is the right lotion for me, but it is a nice quality lotion, and the price isn't too bad either.  I will say that this lotion did not break me out so it's good for skin like mine.  Perhaps in the summer I will need more SPF than my current products have, and will try it again then.  If you are interested in giving this a go, it's available HERE, $12.99 for a 3 fl oz tube.  The retail value of my little 5g tube is $0.73, and it has lasted about a week, as I use lotion sparingly.  Great value!  GRADE: 4/5

Claudalie Vinexpert Serum
I have been enjoying one of the wrinkle cream samples that I received, the Vinexpert by Claudalie.  I've never really used wrinkle or anti-aging products before, as I've always felt that I am too young to use them, but since my last birthday, I've tried to take better care of my skin.  This sample bottle felt really light when I first opened it, so I am not sure that it was filled properly.  That being said, this stuff makes my skin feel softer and younger in the areas I have applied it.  I've used it for a bout a week, and my little sample is pretty much gone.  It has a yellowish tint to it, which isn't appealing to me, but the scent of the product is very appealing.  Now that this is gone, I will move on to testing another anti-aging cream I received.  If there is an interest, I will try to do a comparison between them all. If you want to give this a try yourself, Claudalie Vinexpert is available HERE, $88 for a 30 mL full size tube.  This little sample is 7mL, and has a retail value of $20.53.  I will be honest; cost will be a factor when I choose my "go to" anti aging formula, and this one is very pricey, so I likely won't choose it.  Gotta watch my budget! GRADE: 4.5/5

Mary Kay botanical effects mask foil packet
Ahh, the dreaded foil packets.  It's hard not to have a hate/love relationship with these.   I hate to pay for these, I hate they they are one time use, but I love finding new products and trying them out! I tried out this facial mask one evening, and according to the packet, it can be used up to 2-3 times a week.  The mask went on smoothly on damp skin, and dried up over the 10 minutes I was to leave it on.  I am always curious how something that looks like chaulky toothpaste can make my skin soft and smooth, but I guess some things are not for this average mom to know!  This mask did a nice job, and my skin was baby soft after I washed the mask off.  This is available HERE, $14 for the full size (4 oz).  The foil packet sample contains .1 oz, and has a retail value of $0.35. GRADE: 5/5

Raw Natural Minerals Active Veil with Sunscreen (SPF 18)
I've never really used a lot of mineral products before, but it is something that I would definitely like to try more of!  The Raw Natural Minerals Active Veil that I received is a full size product, and is available in only one color.  This product looks flesh toned, but I think it is more of a translucent powder.  I have used this to set my BB cream and concealer for the past week or so, and I really like it.  Loose powders, to me, are much preferable to pressed powders.  That being said, I typically use a pressed powder as my "go to" powder.  The Active Veil also contains a sunscreen, SPF 18, but it doesn't smell like sunscreen. 

Swatch of Active Veil from Raw Natural Minerals
 When I swatched this, it had a kind of shimmer to it, and the sparkles I saw kind of put me off.  I tried it on my face, regardless (how can you tell if you will like something just by a little hand swatch?), and I was pleasantly surprised: there was NO SPARKLES!  All of my fears of looking like i had "Vampire Fever" were squashed right away.  This powder does a decent job of setting my face; but the container has an expiration date of 3/13, and has been discontinued.  I doubt that I will run out of this powder before the end of March, but as I just took the peelie sticker off, I will probably be ok to keep using it a bit past that date.  Because Active Veil has been discontinued, it is on sale (yay!).  If you would like to try it, it's available HERE, $20 (.07 oz; it's a decent size), instead of the regular price of $25. GRADE: 4/5

Circus by Andrea's Choice, in the color Tightrope
When I was a tween and then in high school, I was obsessed with nails.  After college, I fell back into that same habit.  Since then, I go through phases where I NEED to get manicures, and then not caring at all.  Since my wedding, I've not had the extra money to maintain my salon habit, so I've been growing out my natural nails.  Because I am a former nail junkie, I have a box of polish that is pretty impressive.  That being said, I don't have a purple in quite this shade.  I LOVE the color, and had very high hopes for this polish.  The first thing I noticed is that this polish doesn't have a high gloss finish; it's more of a satin finish (In the pic above, my pinky is still wet, but the other fingers are pretty much dry).  I didn't bother with a primer or top coat, and this led to my destruction.  In less than 24 hours, my nails had chipped horribly, and looked like a bad week old manicure given by a 3 year old.  Trust me, I know exactly what that looks like.  I tried again, with a topcoat (and caviar on one nail!), and the polish lasted longer, but not really all that much.  Maybe I need a better topcoat, I don't know.  The Circus polish is available only as a set of 5 colors together; if you want to give this a try yourself, go HERE, it is $29.95 for the set.  My one bottle that is ALMOST full size (.45 fl oz; as apposed to .5 fl oz) has a retail value of $5.99.  If you want only this pretty purple (like me!), these are ALL over eBay. GRADE: 2/5

Mary Kay nourishine plus lip gloss in Fancy Nancy
I love love LOVE lip gloss!  I am not really a lipstick person, but I definitely LOVE me some gloss!  That being said, a good gloss is hard to find!  Either they don't have any staying power, or are super sticky, or had a horrible taste or texture.  This gloss absolutely hit the sweet spot for me.  Non sticky, pleasant texture, decent staying power, and a nice scent.  The color Fancy Nancy, although it has a super cute name, isn't exactly the best color for me, but I would definitely like to try this in another shade (besides the clear I also received).  I LOVE that the sample came with a teeny tiny lip wand- SO cute!  If you want to try this gloss for yourself, it's available HERE, $14 (.15 fl oz tube with attached wand). GRADE: 5/5

Be A Bombshell eyeliner in Onyx
I love eyeliners.  I love to experiment with colors and textures to give my eyes that "pop".  The Be a Bombshell eyeliner is one of the things I was MOST looking forward to receive in this lot.  I won't say I was disappointed with it, but I will say that I am not sure I LOVE it, like I did their lip gloss.  The tip of this eyeliner looks like a Crayola marker.  Don't have kids?  Go ahead and google it.  I'll wait..... Ok, see that?  That is what you are aiming at your eye, and trying to get a fine line.  See my problem?  It took some getting used to, and through trial and error, I think I have it down where I can use it.  One problem I experienced that you may too: I have crepey eyelids, and I could NOT draw a straight line to save my life with this eyeliner.  I used dots instead, and connected them, and this had a much nicer effect.  As you can see on my hand swatch, you can get a very thin line, as well as a thicker one, and you can blend it.  Once you put this on, and it dries, this sucker stays put!  One thing that I did NOT like with this product, is the cap.  It just sort of clicks on gently.  I am afraid that if the lid falls off, the marker pen will dry up easily.  I hope Bombshell works on a redesign for this product, because the formula is great.  If you are interested in this one, it is available HERE, $14 (.1 fl oz, full size, same as pictured). GRADE: 3.5/5

Stila lip glaze in lights
As a lip gloss junkie, of course I have heard of Stila.  Stila lip glazes come in a tube with a brush applicator, that you turn the bottom to force the product up into the brush.  Some people like this style of applicator, and others hate it.  I am kind of on the fence about it; I don't think it's a precise as a wand, but it's not a bad concept either.  This tube is one of a 3 pack offered (as far as I can tell) from Birchbox, where each tube is .05 oz, as opposed to the .08 fl oz that the "regular" size is.  I had to click this tube way more than I thought was normal for a click gloss; perhaps it was because it's a full size looking tube with less product in it, I don't know.  Most of the reviews I have read about this gloss is that it is not sticky, and felt nice on your lips.  Ok, I will attest to the "good feeling" part- the minty tingle is great, but I thought this is possibly the stickiest gloss I have ever worn.  I could press my lips together and literally watch (in the mirror) the gloss string as it wanted to stay connected as I opened my lips.  STICKY!!!!!  Maybe I got a bad batch, I don't know, but this definitely isn't for me!  The color was a nice nude/neutral color, and I really did like that.  I googled the crap out of this particular color, called LIGHTS, and I could only find it in a special set for Birchbox (which I don't subscribe to).  If you want to give Stila a try, their website is HERE; they have the 3 sets and full size tubes, just not in this color.  $12/3 pack (.05 oz each) or $22 full size (.08 fl oz).  My sample (1 of a 3 pack) has a retail value of $4. GRADE: 2/5

S.A.L.T.Y Cosmetics loose luxury mineral eye shadow in glamma-ZOID!
I LOVE eye shadows, and love to try out new brands!  I was super excited to receive this, and couldn't wait to try it out!  This is a full size product, the small 1 g container.  I love that they put a sifter in even this small of a container!  I love even more that the sifter pops out easily so you can pour any product that spilled in the lid, back into the vial.

Very shimmery and duo tone
 Ok, so when I was taking pictures, my camera strap popped up, and I forgot to retake this one, so enjoy a photo of my camera strap and swatch!  The swatch is very light, as it is more of a highlight color, and it is a pearlescent purpley pinky duo tone.  I LOVE this as a corner highlight and under browbone highlighter.  This shadow stays put and is very pretty.  LOVE it!!  If you want to give it a try, it is available HERE, $4.50 for this size (1g), $14.97 for the large size (2.5 g).  GRADE: 5/5

Well, that concluded my part 2 review of my huge eBay lot.  I hope you all enjoyed it, and if there is something that you would like me to give an honest and well thought out review of, please let me know!  I love trying new things!  Love something here?  Hate it?  Have a different experience?  Leave a comment, and let me know!

Disclaimer:  The items listed above were paid for by my own money.  I am not being compensated or required to review any of these items, and the opinions listed are my own true feelings.  I have not been compensated, and the links shown are NOT referral links. 


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