Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mai Couture Blush Papier REVIEW

I've seen and heard lots of things about Mai Couture's papier products, and received a deluxe sample of their highlighting papiers in my December Ipsy bag.  The color did NOT suit me at all, so I promptly gave them to my mother, but I loved the concept of beauty products on a paper that absorbs the oils from your face and won't make a mess in your purse.  

I e-mailed Mai Couture and asked for some samples of their blush papiers, and was pleased to get a speedy reply, asking more about my skin tone and eye color, and for my address to send them to.  Pretty fantastic customer service, if I do say so!  Definitely Above Average!

The envelope came within a few days, and here is what I received: 

Mai Couture blush papiers in Prettyful and Sunset Blvd
Each of the little sample packs came with two 1/2 size sheets (I've seen the full size products).  

To apply the blush papiers, you simply fold the sheet in half, and rub the paper onto your cheeks.  And presto!  You are wearing blush!  This is a great idea for anyone on the go, and don't want to carry a large blush brush or use fingers.  The packets are very slim, so they fit in a pocket or purse very easily.  

Sunset Blvd. is a pretty, shimmery salmon color, and perfectly suitable for my skin tone for day wear. 

Prettyful is a lovely shimmery pink shade, and great for a night out, especially for my very fair skin tone.

The price on these is very reasonable, in my opinion, for a high end product: a booklet of 50 sheets (50 applications) is $17.50. The booklets include hits and tips for wear on the inside back cover, which I think is a great idea.

Mai Couture also carries highlighters, bronzers, blotters and foundations; all in papier form, as well as lip gloss.  Their products are available online, and at select retailers, although none are near me.  Boo.

I love how great their customer service department was, they replied to me very fast, and the samples arrived before I began to look for them, which is a really good sign, in my opinion.  If you think papiers will make your makeup routine easier or better, go on over HERE and check them out!

I might order more in the future, but I just bought Physician's Formula Happy blush in Rose, and I really like it, so until I get bored with that, I'm good with blushes.  

Have you tried Mai Couture's products? Love them? Hate them?  Let me know!

Disclaimer: These samples were provided to me at my personal request, at no charge.  I am not obligated to review the products, nor have I been asked to do so by the company.  The above review and opinions are my true and honest impressions of the products, and I am not being compensated in any way.  Have a product you would like to see reviewed?  Let me know, and I would be happy to oblige!


  1. I feel like these would be great to apply if you have oily skin (might absorb some oil too). I'm loving the Physician's formula happy booster blush as well!

    1. I agree with that 100% and actually meant to put that in my post, sorry, and thank you!!! The happy booster is awesome; I picked up a blush and bronzer combo package, and I am absolutely in love. Thanks for stopping by!!


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